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  1. He for sure will be paying for this for a lifetime. The only way he’s making the NHL is if he’s that good - and even then ARI will pass him on like a nuclear bomb about to explode with extra Leipsic to hide the fuse that’s lit - IF they think for a second he’s still a racist scumbag. Kids don’t grow up racist - it’s a taught thing.
  2. All I can say is that this isn’t a bad or a good thing for ARI and the times we live in. BLM and second chances both matter, how that balances out is subjective and nobody is right or wrong. What Miller did was an act of evil, and he might as well have been punching himself and hitting his own head against a brick wall, will carry it for the rest of his life and eventually have to explain that to his kids. A heavy load for sure. Nobody knows but him how he truly feels so won’t buy into why he hasn’t personally reached out, maybe it’s he just can’t confront it yet. Can’t assume on this from lack of media data. If I had to pick one it would be the side of forgiveness, because without that nobody ever wins and the cycle continues. Hard to forgive, hate the sin, not the sinner and all of that. It’s a sad story, I do wish ARI didn’t draft him and he slipped right out until next year. That said I do understand why they did, and hope that all involved will heal over time. The only way not to be at constant effect of bad things that have happened is to forgive. Some things seem unforgivable but this wasn’t an adult. Society pressures and upbringing play into this as well. Definitely not a good look for ARI.
  3. For the the owners should consider the quality of the product and the ability teams have under the cap to create decent rivalries/ strong teams more and the ones to “pay for it”. Cap split was rolled back three times to get it to the 50/50, why not take it back 54% for the hockey players and assign that 4% to something like this. I’ve talked about a hybrid cap as well, maybe one marquee player per team cap doesn’t count - but I know that’s a slippery slope - GMs will just spend to the cap if allowed every year, and salaries would inflate quickly to gobble that up. But surely there has to be a better way. Good teams are constantly punished under the current system. Win a cup and instead of rewarded - lose their key support guys or a blue chipper or two... As for something like this Biestra makes a good point. In a way good drafting is its own reward. That said they need to review the lotto, teams past ten shouldn’t be winning a top pick, and no teams past say 7 should be in the lotto for the first overall at all. This new system doesn’t promote not tanking, if anything MORE GMs decide to let the chips fall without improving their lineup when they should be. It’s like the old system was broken when yes some teams fans cheered when the other teams won (Buffalo) because McDavid was coming up, it worked long enough. I’m happy the hockey gods worked through JB and Co despite that stupid gut punching time - because we ended up with massive wins 2/3 times when we slipped...still PLD, Heiskanen, Hughes would have been a mighty nice line-up for us too.
  4. The only guys that the KHL will continue to attract are league minimum fringe guys. Their max salary is set at 1.5, not exactly a place players go to rake it in, escrow/Covid is the only reason a 700k salary here is less then a 325k salary there. Linden Vey was a PGP guy there last year - that’s the quality of “stars” they attract.
  5. For the net gains and losses are a wash on paper, the team hasn’t gotten better, but it also isn’t worse either, about the same, maybe a baby step forward. He took two steps back then leaped just ahead of where we were ha ha. Schmidt for sure is an upgrade, and Holtby a downgrade, albeit that’s a fickle position and hard to really gauge. I agree we could for sure make the playoffs and have another great run - BUT and this is the but - like last year a lot of things have to go right. Where the two steps or progress was made for sure is not getting mired down in another 10.5 million dollars of contracts paid to 30 plus players for the next 4-6 years, and that’s hard to say given I really like both Markstrom and Tanev, JB did well to stick to what would work for the team, and not budge from there. I’d call it more clearing trail ahead then anything, and really happy he did it. On that note all of this will be for nothing if JB makes a bad trade to make a bad signing just to compete this year. By that I mean prematurely clearing cap for the cost of futures. Nothing he has said or done these past few months suggests he will. I’d be shocked at this point if he does say blow the farm to move LE and sign Hoffman. Aside from a minor tweak here or there to get cap compliant and to have someone other then Myers or Schmidt to expose at the ED (at this point it’s one or the other, nobody else is signed long enough but them and played the minimum NHL games) I truly hope he’s done. Hard to say for sure but so far a very successful off-season. Holtby was the correct target of those available and it’s for sure a good contract for the team, and of course Schmidt was a home run of sorts. That’s what you can do if you have the cap space. Hope he keeps that huge chunk of change in his back pocket for the following two seasons as other opportunities will be available.
  6. You’ve nailed it on the head there. It’s already started with guys taking less term and money. Plus vets that likely could get more but already have brinks sized bank accounts just signing to keep playing. Something tells me next year will probably be worse with a flood of guys hitting the market on one year deals. Great time to clean house if your ready for it. Sutter and Pearson won’t get great offers next year, same with everyone else expiring.
  7. The AHL used to be the second best in the league and was forever until the SHL upped their game and the KHL came around. Yes things have changed. The SHL climbed above them and the KHL at one point conversion rates were as high as .75. Not anymore which was my point, they’ve dived over the past 3-4 years. And the AHL has stayed pretty steady. Think you missed the point - it was that the KHL is no longer what it used to be. The AHL was the second best league until the WHA came around right up until the KHL was formed. There was some debate early on at who was the better at the time. Not going to get into it - but usually NA leave when they no longer can get a job in the A and look to play on Europe. The talent level is still very high.
  8. Lou’s doing a pretty good over at NYI right now, hiring Trotz of course one of his best moves...but yes his best work was for sure NJ...Ken couldn’t get Detroit far after their 20 year run finally died, but deserves some slack - the same way JB does, paid steep prices in picks to keep that team productive for a long time (as did MG both in clauses and picks/the ones he kept too ha ha). Both Detroit and Vancouver headed into rebuild territory a year or so apart with Horvat and Larkin picks. Now Yzerman is cleaning up the mess. Not sure why Mad Mike is on the list..Milbury made some of the oddest moves ever. If success is measured in post season games like it should be JB got his first feather in his cap this year. Four years past between post seasons, and only Horvat, Edler and Tanev we on the 2015 team. We then missed four in a row, and the rebuild is almost wrapped up given the cap space soon to be available and who we have on the team, and still in the pool, that’s well within current acceptable ranges, more so with top teams with nothing to trade and no pool. He’s done better then I expected. Wonder how fast OTT and the NYR will get back to it. Some teams like EDM, CAR, CLB had almost a decade between playoff appearances, and in all three cases are on their second or even third rebuilds over that time period. EDM and CAR are both in their second and look to be in good shape to make the post season for long stretches now, especially CAR. Personally I’ve stated several times, I’d actually welcome a down year and another lottery ticket. As an aside there is rumblings GMs are going to tweak the first three overall slots - go figure ha ha. It’s a win win in my books though, if we don’t make the post season then one more player for 2-3 years down the road could do wonders for us when Miller and Horvat are up, if we make the post season then I’m convinced he’s completed the rebuild already and we are on the way. Because we will be using our D prospects this year - and with Covid and the ED and 1-2 more years of some experienced expensive placeholder contracts still on the books it just makes sense to go with what we have. What JB does next for sure will determine if he’s indeed a great GM or just average. He’s moving from drafting and development as the priority, to trading and signings. With that in mind I definitely can see why some could have trepidation. Fortunately so far he’s done just fine with all his RFAs, including a ridiculous ask by BB’s agent on a long term deal which he fully intended to do. And UFAs won’t be singing here at an extra premium anymore...or at least one can hope, that started a year ago and should only get better.
  9. Biestra, said it best. Ronning was a playoff hero before 94...Linden wasn’t made a C until that run so the team had an answer for Otto. A selfless move, both me and my brother believe he’d have ended up in the HHOF or definitely be close if it never happened. Even still when he retired he was was in the top 100 all-time. His playoff abilities are unquestionable, where as Naslund and Bertuzzi’s are, they both had enough kicks at the can. The Sedins were underwhelming aside from two runs, and only one of those did they match their regular season production. And they did have chances as a second, sheltered line behind Naslund and Co right? Linden was our best forward just before retirement against Dallas in the Luongo/Turco battle....he was always game come the post season as were the majority of the guys I picked for my team. I get what your hypothetical is. This is just for fun and who really knows.
  10. Yep. Ronning has as many goals in less playoff games and of course he had the tough match ups too (as the Sedins I meant to say)... Second lines often do, just ask Horvat. As do first lines. Ronning, Babych, Linden, Courtnall and Adams all had the “it” factor. Was tough leaving Babych off the team. I’m going back and changing it.
  11. Yep. Hopefully he can add some consistent play to his game - he said as much after he was signed. And given JB comments about how he was disappointed in his performance I’d expect he’s been given an ultimatum of sorts. That said he’s ok as a third or bottom six guy. Just hope he can figure it out. If I had a hundred bucks for every post on here that said something along the lines “just wait until the playoffs, JVs game is built for that” id probably go buy a nice new truck or something. At the end of the day I’ve already accepted JV, he’s a good support player, maybe nothing more - it’s not like his cap hit has ever hurt the team one bit though. And I doubt it will this year either even with the raise.
  12. Yep. Or Rafferty becomes the top four D Craig Button - who’s credibility is top shelf expects him to become - which is a top four NHL D. It’s entirely possible IF JB gets another NHL D in the system that when the ED happens we will lose out on something hidden within our current system. Sure hope he doesn’t and that it gives our team a chance to see what’s coming up.
  13. I doubt that. The league KHL maximum salary is set at 1.5 million...it’s nothing like the money grab some former NHLers enjoyed. And as a curiousity, Vey was a PGP last season which also shows how much the skill level is fading over there. At one point 10million dollar contracts were handed out to marquee guys trying to compete with the NHL and bring home their players ... not anymore. The SHL and AHL both have a claim at which is the second best league in the world now.
  14. He came in with some fire this playoffs and even made quite an impact. Had a great defensive play stopping a high quality scoring chance, had a fight and screamed lets go to the bench after which I of course loved, and scored a high skilled goal with their goalie cheating off the goalpost and nothing else to shoot at. Then of course he faded. He’s a little like Kovalev used to be but nothing quite as skilled. That guy had the tools to be the best players in the game and always left his teams fans wanting more. For me because we’ve seen what he can do when he hits why not use that on a nightly basis instead of a couple times a season. Stats show he hits often enough but that’s more finishing a check then doing any damage. I still think his draft slot bugs fans as much as anything .... funny thing is he’s right on par for that too. 400 games is the scouting departments expectations for a 6th overall pick. Less then that he’s a bust. Unless injuries get in the way he most certainly surpass that and it’s reasonable to think he could get another 2-3 year deal after his current one. Rarely do the entire top ten overall picks make it. And often some don’t even play more then a handful of games. The team still needs reasonably priced guys to do what he does, and he’s already proven to be a bit of a Swiss Army knife for TG. LE gets more minutes on the second line because he just works. That said the bar is set low enough and given JVs off-season commitments and one year contract I’m pretty sure he got an earful about his current expectations. Hope he can make it work.