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  1. Yes we have a glut of RWs... makes the Pearson singing all the more sensical.
  2. Other GMs did inquire about Pearson. So they are interested (Dubas). I get that it's fun to be right, and maybe you will be, but there is zero evidence you've used to justify your stance. I asked right way to show me a comparable who's getting 2 million in this league (a UFA who's 28-29 winger who's produced at a similar rate). Couldn't find any right? Again this is totally debatable from a should JB have done this cap wise. But no way he wouldn't have found a home on a team with limited LW depth for much less. And debatably more. The only UFAs JB not done well with is LE. H
  3. To me a coaching change should happen if TG loses the room or the team underachieves horribly for the rest of the year. The start of the year was just bad, that said the ship was righted and the team clawed itself out of the hole and right into the range most predicted we'd be at the start of the year in this division (4-5). I'm skeptical that a new coach would do any better then TG and the team has done since the 15 game mark. Without EP for 10ish games we clawed back with a good winning percentage given the roster. Our bottom six needs an overhaul, and our D is still two top four s
  4. Funny how when JB talks about TG it's all praise and he's always said they have alignment in how they see the future from ownership, to management, to the coaching staff. Didn't mind how TG managed OJ's minutes, at every level it took some time to gain traction - in the AHL for quite some time he was all over the map (good games, followed by games he'd end up benched). Playing him in all situations 20 minutes from the hop could have backfired. OJ himself said it took several games to become comfortable with the higher pace. They obviously feel he's ready now, not only
  5. This a good post. I am more optimistic about EP and QHs signing then most, don't think your far off on them for bridge deals or even medium term ones. Not a fan at all of buy outs, unless it's for a critical position or rare opportunity, it just prolongs the pain. I'd be shocked to see Edler at only 2...but if he really wants to stay here there isn't any harm in going low...feel he'd get a job on the market for at least 3. Sutter probably 2.75-3.25 as well. Lowry would be a great add, that's something worth going after, hard to say yet if he makes it to market, a lot of
  6. Cap was 56.8 back then, which works out to around 11% of overall cap for the Sedins ... I don't think anyone was expecting a one season explosion from either of them... and for them to stay as a pair most teams couldn't afford to not split them up via free agency 22% cap hit for two players required a ton of work to get to. 17 million in today's money for the pair. Deal was fair to them and the team really. And their final deal made up for the one season they exploded. Yes Marner and Rantenan are overpaid. But both also have managed a lot more production at the same age too. Don
  7. Yesterday the first person me and my wife know personally passed away after a month long battle with covid.. Leaving a wife of 45 and three teenagers. It's not something to take lightly and Doubt the doctors or the training staff would let any player play if they aren't cleared. I also know people who had a fever and the sniffles for a day and that was it... JB loves QHs. "Slam dunk".,,, Maybe some rust to expect but that's about it. Otherwise TG and the training staff won't let them play.
  8. The only indication media wise, that we might have an issue with AG was his comments when we re-signed him. Seemed very typical millennial discourse. Like he was destined for greatness but hadn't made up his mind yet and once he did "watch out". I'm not at all concerned about this, JB has preached character since the start, and made short work of anyone who didn't fit the mould (McAan, Dahlen and now AG). Yes if he was a "team guy" you'd think there might be some backlash. Anyone who's played any sports knows that modesty goes a long long way as far as teammates go.
  9. If the right player wants to play here, like Hamilton, then heck yes cash out. But JB doesn't need to save 2-4 million next year just to plug a hole or two with meh like UFAs. I'd be extremely disappointed if he that unless it was a short term thing as in a one year thing, in which case i suppose it makes some sense. JB IMO should be banking cap at this point, why i wasn't super happy to see Pearson re-singing at the time (since then and held back because when your assume anything, often you just make an ass of u and me when it comes to this stuff because we don't have close to all the
  10. OR maybe Lind is deliberately been hiding in the weeds like Rafferty. I'm pretty sure management decided months ago that this is a year to get another good pick, and to protect prospects. JB has done a good job of strategizing with the ED. I highly doubt if it came down to protecting JV or Lind at this point that JVs getting it.
  11. True story. Seattle won't waste a spot on either of them only to find them to go to whomever they want. Why JB staggered his contracts to protect Edler this way.
  12. Decent chance of coming back to bite us in the most unlikely way. Because JB's freed up a spot for the next up to bat and that's the entire point of this trade. Should have said that too (again). Decent chance to come back and make people mad or disappointed well that's already happened. I'm 100% ok with this deal Stawns, but AG is still a decent tweener and you just never know. Said in a different post that not too long ago I doubted he's going to make it. Before the trade. Decent odds only means to me that he it's not beyond the realm of reason that AG can turn things around.
  13. We don't need the cap space anymore. I truly hope JB doesn't buy LE or anyone out and doubt he will have too. Yes i understand a lot of false news on this site scares people "we now only have 17.4 to sign 1000 people". QHs and EP simply aren't as good YET as some folks think. EP had a bigger sample size but is 19th in PGP and a lot worse in actual points since he came in. QHs doesn't have a two way game yet. JB knows he's got the cap space. He also knows things we don't - maybe Seattle has already made a deal, maybe not. Looks like we will be fine, even with long term deals.
  14. For sure. AG has a decent chance of coming back to bite us. Feel their is a character thing going on that doesn't with the team, some of his comments made after signing rubbed me a little. McAan didn't last long after rubbing them the wrong way either. Eventually we will know more, but on paper CHI looks to have won this trade. Get it with context of opening up a spot. JV might be next, or even get waived if his production doesn't step it up. But not until next year-after the ED.
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