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  1. Back to the OP. That was a lot of work and thanks. JB tenure for sure is all about his picks more then anything so far. Next year i expect Hogs, EP, Demko, Pearson (McAan), QHs, Podz, OJ/Rathbone and of course BB to all play key roles. We've been a little spoiled (as we for sure should be) with three Calder finalists and one winner in a row, then Hogs plus OJ/Rathbone's tryouts. I have high hopes for Gadj to make the team and of course Podz will. Yet another year where we have one or two rookies making a difference. Demko did. QHs did. EP did. BB did. So did Hogs. So did AG his
  2. May 21st 2014 - present. That's 7 years plus a couple months. That's a FACT. Count them. Lol. Yes your impatient. When do YOU think the rebuild started anyways? We've also made the playoffs 2 during that time another fact. Want to hear some more FACTS. It takes almost decade under the cap, on average, to go from a top team, to make the show again. CAR. Ten. EDM. BUFF. Made the finals and blah. DEF and VAN and SJ. Those three teams won more games over a 14 year span then anyone. One won a cup. All three went to the finals. If your going to compare teams compare
  3. So far, i've never seen four of drafting as good as Milfords. It's possible but unlikely, that we could take any four consecutive years of JB drafting in 20 years and say he did better. Close though. It's doubtful he will get more games then Milfords picks did - and he also traded a perrenial 50 goal scorer away he drafted in Rick Vaive so JB for sure isn't the only one who has made mistakes with some of his picks and nothing like that (yet thank god), but some fans might say we did just fine with that trade anyways given the fan favourite that came back. Over 10,000 games from four y
  4. So...ten percent on the roster. Add Pearson it's a FACT that McAan was drafted and Pearson is on the roster as a result. That makes it over 10%. Ignoring the quality of the guys who are on the roster, we've also had many guys get games. Lind, Rathbone, OJ etc. Podz is going to make it six, and JB already stated that OJ will be in the starting lineup if he gains his weight back he lost during Covid. That's 8 players as fact. Gadjs has a decent chance too. Forsling is also playing in the NHL which is a FACT. That's 9. We traded him sure. For what i don't even remember but is
  5. When JB arrived the fanbase and team was kind of in shambles and a heavy cloud of disappointment hovered over us. Clauses up like an iron tank with little choices i get why they organization decided to re-tool. What he never gets credit for, is going out and finding the best possible Luongo/Schnieder replacements right away in Miller and Lack. We'd be doomed from the hop without it, tried hard to get the best forward too in Iginla, instead settled on Vrbata the second best. Not that i felt we were going far but it's hockey and you never know. We bounced back hard in 2014. Of cours
  6. Delmore pushed hard for EP which is why he was given public credit. And some made assumptions that credit included "discovering EP" which of course he did with his contacts (and the organizations). Delmore has been in the organization as a player and a staff member for how long now? I also corrected some posters that it wasn't Delmore that discovered him, but rather took a phone call from an ex staff member to come take a look. Which he did.
  7. Hey look at us agreeing on something again. I'm also hoping we finally get rid of the two line approach and 5 x 5 roll three lines and a shutdown line. Keeps all the legs fresh too. And over a long season reduces chances of injuries. We have 8 legit top six and or strong middle six guys now. Hogs EP BB Pearson Horvat Garland Gadjs?? Miller Podz Motte Sutter Dickinson. To me that's how you balance out the goodies.
  8. As tough as it will be to miss another round of Olympic hockey, i agree this is something to consider. China might be squirrelly in their dealings with others and their own people, but if you keep an open mind one could understand they might view the US as pretty bad too. And Russia for that matter. Censorship of 1 billion people is very difficult to do in a digital age. We've had two exchange students live with us, they sure were a lot like modern Western kids, except even more stuck with their devices. And their parents were lovely people. Olympics are supposed to bring countries t
  9. If you say something ridiculous i don't care if it's pro or anti Benning, it's just exactly that. I'm not pro or anti Benning and never have been, i'm pro Canucks. If you have to know i think he's done a good-decent job all things considered if it makes you feel better, we sure could have done worse. Arrow really i'm not trolling you, but those are some brave statements and i can't tell if your even being serious or not when you make some of these "bold Arrow prediction threads", or if it's just a platform for discussion. Don't get why we can't just support the team and need to be pro-
  10. Pretty how much i feel too. I defend JB so much i'm sure some folks might think i have a poster of him in my room or something. But i only do it when i see something that really doesn't add up which unfortunately is all the freaking time on this site. Just because we didn't get a certain UFA at that price means absolutely zero IMO. One the players actually had to want to be here, and two is he even part of "the plan" which of course every single GM has. Comments like Benning or Uncle Jim or whatever are totally unbelievable. There are ONLY 32 jobs like his in the world, and he's
  11. That's just one guy saying BS. Myers was our more consistent guy last year and moved around a lot. Nobody in the league was saying Myers isn't a top four D when we acquired him, Burkie thought we did awesome on that deal and really likes Myers game too. Guys killing all the penalties, and relied on for getting us back in the game all the time (when behind a goal). OEL... well don't know what to say about him. Earned his deal and flopped so far - on a total crap team. Four years in a row a top five Norris guy BEFORE his prime. For sure JB took a gamble on him, and 200% he's an up
  12. Delmore deserves a lot of credit for EP in how he took the call, went and saw him and agreed that he was our guy if he was their at 5. And pushed for him.
  13. Of course JB wasn't in Sweden scouting these guys, if he was what a stupid waste of time and really an abuse of his position. But he did back what his scouts had to say, and if you go back and see what the "experts" said about EP none of them had him going in the top five. A lot were pissed we didn't pick Glass. Or Valardi. Excellent prospects that could play all over the ice and do a commendable job with size. I know the origin story as do you. A lot of folks think Delmore discovered EP because JB publicly gave him credit. The credit was about how hard Delmore pushed
  14. Oh boy best friends determine a persons work future? I what world do you live in, and how do you know EPs thoughts about this anyways? Dahlen was his teammate and friend, just like QHs, BB and the rest of the crew are now. You know this kid wants to win, he experienced that in the SHL. The team did target Dahlen, I even went to a couple of his games in the AHL. Has the same build/look as Bure kind of. But isn't that good. He's still not there yet although he's an excellent hockey player given where he is playing. Gino and Bure were best friends literally while in Vancouver. Di
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