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  1. How? Only heavyweight to go undefeated ... the "computer" fight, had Rocky beating Ali in his prime too. And yes just stirring the pot ... the barber sequence was the best!
  2. Didn't Burrows once fight Godzilla and save Tokyo! Pretty sure he did.
  3. Just came to see if it's still here. What about that OEL buyout? Early days yet... but he's 3rd in ice time, league wide, playing top pairing minutes and has one goal and one assist. All for 2.25 million. About what he's losing in pay with his buyout lol. Don't worry, i'm sure they are considering making Tochett a player coach anytime soon.
  4. Also where are the scrums these days? Everyone skating away. It's embarrassing. Last time i'm going to visit the CDC. Good luck. Also thanks Stawns.
  5. The one ref system changed the game, as much or more then removing the redline which I don't mind at all. Problem I had with the one ref system is that the secondary ref, felt like he needs to make a call. And that players no longer can look for the ref and then do something untoward to the other team. Know it seems brutal, but the best hockey as far as the fans go, and would argue the players and teams too, is far in the rearview mirror. Expansion ruined it too. Get it's a business, but imagine what hockey would he like today if there were 24 teams instead. Remove the fourth line and third pairings. Skill wise and for sure toughness wise the league has suffered for 3 decades really.
  6. Best uniform all-time. Bring it back. Also why don't games look like this anymore? "lose the services of Antoski for ten minutes, whoopied doo" hilarious
  7. Your hilarious! Intellivision was great fun. Can't believe my parents would buy us 3 games every Christmas at that price (one each before they kept having kids lol).. Used to love renting them .... Games we'd play just to see the colour of the screen change lol. And yes a 20 inch screen TV, had to go to grandmas when we were really small to see a colour TV too. A 26 inch screen piece of furniture, that weighed half a ton.
  8. I remember doing this and thinking it was awesome!
  9. Servers down right now for you cripplereh? Trying to sign in and that's what's coming up ...
  10. Before reading anyone's posts, just want to say, what a terrific journey it's been sharing with you all. Special shout out to my brother, the biggest Canuck fan I know. His love of the Canucks and hockey got an analog fellow like myself, onto the forum and eventually joined. Appreciate all of you, and am very grateful to have the added value it's brought watching and discussing the sport. Lots of personalities on here. Going to miss discussing hockey with Biestra, Elias Petterson (thanks for the big trip down memory lane this summer with the Gretzky thread), those folks out in small town BC you know who your are, Smithers Joe and all the elders who's wisdom i've always sought in the real world about players I only heard about play. Spook007 and other fans far away, whose input i've enjoyed almost daily the past decade. And special gratitude to the moderators, Deb especially, keep ringing that cowbell!. AJ for your interest in hockey history, those time consuming threads were a lot of fun, and thanks for the effort and time you provided all of us those summers. Vintage for being a computer. And so many others. Even the "bad" ones. A guy/gal named the Gaurdian, who's devils advocate position around our re-tool might have been over the top in the way it was presented, and some others on this site today, keeping it real. Don't like to hear it but at least the site wasn't Vanilla. Some kids who made it fun posting 20 threads in a couple days. Nice to see those balls. HKSR. Recently BobLaw adding WAR cards ... Characters like Alflives. Too many to bring up, apologies for missing a bunch. What a wonderful colourful bunch of fans, thanks everyone, for sharing your ideas and thoughts and hockey memories.
  11. Green was EPs coach when he was a rookie. So was QHs. Let's not ignore the fact, that Green is also ahead of every other coach not named AV, Pat Quin and Roger Neilson in the books either for playoff games in one season. Sure Demko made it work for a couple extra games. Nobody was sad when we beat St Loius, and Berube. I seriously think that it's a roster issue. JB traded away all our PKers, two coaches couldn't make that work. Green did as well as Tochett in that regard, and had to deal with massive roster change all at once. WD didn't coach those guys. Think that's something you're forgetting.
  12. Yep. It was 95% roster. 5% coaching. Bruce's record went down the toilet and he was also a mercy killing in the end. Don't care about goaltending. Green had to put up with an easy first goal most of his time with Markstrom too.
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