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  1. Yep - this exactly. People forget that fans, media and players alike were complaining about the clutching and grabbing all the way back to 90-91. It took the league over a decade to resolve this. Hull, Mario, and Roenick were particularly verbal about this, but they were far from the only ones. When I read stuff like the league is bigger and stronger now I just shake my head and think you have no idea how it really was. All I can suggest is just go back and looks at some Mario and Lindros highlights. The league is smaller and faster now. Those athletes had speed to burn too back then, try making an extra pass with five players blocking up the neutral zone they were allowed to do things that would be egregious and penalties today. The best way I can describe it is today’s playoff second round rules approximate what it used to be played like. Minus the enforcer element, the red line (which I love - the new rule) and hitting. Bure would kill it in today’s game without the type of obstruction he dealt with.
  2. I didn’t expect much other then a steep decline which didn’t take long. Was losing patience with him until he made those trades too - and if there was a pivot in his tenure that for sure was it. Overall he’s done a good job. Not many media types are hard on him anymore too, and a lot are singing his praises.
  3. Gretzky and Mario are a tier above everyone. When Mario was owning the league he had to do it with three players hacking, slashing and draped all over him, doubt McDavid or anyone today for that matter, would find it easy to play under the old rules. Gretzky outscored the stars of his day by 70 plus points year after year ... Hawerchuk and Stastny would be considered the same way we do Crosby, Ovi, McDavid, Kucherov, McKinnon etc back then if they didn’t play in WGs shadow. Past the mid 90’s WG became a mere mortal ... just a regular star and finally packed it in after 20 seasons of pro hockey. Even then aside from his last season, he was still a top five pick in fantasy pools. In the 80’s Gretzky’s points were divided - you could pick him twice, and get his assists or his goals, and even then it wasn’t that fair (winning the snake draft and going first and getting WGs total points was pretty much a guarantee to win the draft). Anyone who wasn’t there to see some of the things he did ... feel bad for you. And it’s not like he had an all-star team every year - the LA team he took to the cup in 93 wasn’t loaded at all. His bar has only being met once for a forward and that was Mario. Those two were unbelievable, and if you take WGs first 700 games or so and compare it to Mario’s it’s not hard to tell who was the greatest ever. .... seemed like Gretzky had five point nights every two or three games. Edit: On Nichols. The management lied to him to - in the off season after he got 150 points he asked him if he should buy a house because he wanted to stay...he said yes and not to worry. It really was too bad ... WG and Nichols made a good duo.
  4. Best way to compare players is how well they played against the next crop of stars in their 30’s. And work your way back. As far as defenders go they are faster - wouldn’t say bigger or stronger though compared to the 90’s D’s. The league’s actually getting smaller, it’s a lot closer to the 80’s then you might think, especially with D’s. That to me at least works pretty good - and agree we won’t see anyone score 150 points again anytime soon, 200? Virtually impossible to do without an all-star cast to work with - under the cap. Curiously WG did most of his damage 5 x 5, that’s one area specifically I couldn’t see anyone come close to touching.
  5. Hey no worries Stawns, your a teacher and anyone who gives easy marks out is doing their students a disservice. Have to say it reminds me of another teacher who was a tough marker. His name is Mike Keenan. Have a mag from the 93-94 season. Paraphrased : “first in penalty kill, first in PP...leading the league in points...have to give the team an A and in a tough marker”. This was around the all-star break. I like Myers too and am absolutely stoked we have this guy. Really think he has a lot to offer, and proved his value last season - last night he had a great game. Didn’t get on the scoreboard, but stopped some very good EDM plays, killed Edlers penalty and was his usual self adding some offense which didn’t get him on the scoresheet. Ive also taught too, not like you but get some of the trade. Three years at the University level but for trades red seal program. So get that nothing is free and that there is a responsibility we have to push students to be their best selves, equating to no trophies for participation. Still, as far as last nights game went - A for effort...something TG usually gets from his troops, but wouldn’t include Myers as an underperformer. Same with the entire fourth line. The rest - no issue with but I will differ to your judgement because like I said - I’m probably a huge homer.
  6. Ha ha .. Myers had a 1:48 shift and even the announcers took the time to commend his PK .... the first two PKs they had zero shots ... against the best PP ever for the Oilers last season. Motte was part of that - and his line had four good scoring chances...two for Beagle, one for Motte and one for Sutter. Hamonic went to the box - smart play given whom he was containing - easy goal for that guy without some interference- you take those odds everyday, plus broke up two very good scoring chances for EDM too. I didn’t see the same game as you did. As in I didn’t think any Canuck deserved to have the not so good. Guess I’m a homer.
  7. On the game: Horvat’s line has teeth like it did BB first year. If it keeps up all season Horvat might win his first Selke. OJ was mostly good. Lost the puck which cost us the first goal against ... but look who he was defending against, could of happened to anyone. Got better as the game went on. Solid first regular season game opener for him. Schmidt and QHs only got a couple PP reps in - massive improvement on puck moving from the point. Impressive. QHs lying on his back passing the puck to BB (more on him coming) was the play of the game. Myers was an absolute beast on the PK and stepped right in where he left last post season - looking very legit as a top four. Holtby was solid. Markstrom wouldn’t have faired any better, plus I wasn’t as anxious with him in net and McDavid/Drasaitl double shifted the entire third period...didn’t feel like - well here we go as much lol - as in late goals - comeback is coming... The first two periods our team defense was better then it’s looked in a long time. After all given the quality of the top six they were up against hungry and ready.... only one defensive breakdown against theses guys really. Third they pushed and thing got a little messy - but we contained them fairly well all considered. Hamonic made some Tanev plays, Schmidt looked great, OJ more poise then you’d expect from a rookie. Hoglander. Loved the between period comments where “yet another year and yet another great rookie coming in out of Vancouver, and he’s not a first rounder and had to fight for it etc”... Bieksa’s ribbing of Stewart was great - as was the props to TG for letting him keep the spot he earned. Finally it looks like we have two legitimate lines. When’s the last time we could say that? Kesler and Samuelson probably. Pearson. This might have been one of his best games as a Canuck despite not getting on the score board as much as he could have. Was involved- took hits to make plays and looked darn dangerous with Horvat and Hogs. It’s the first time I’ve thought I might miss him next season. To be continued on that front. Boeser had an excellent game. He was every bit as skilled and dangerous out their on both sides of the puck as EP was. Couldn’t ask for anymore from him. Earning his contract. JV. Made some really good defensive plays, kind of all over the map in the offensive zone. Missed Miller but the effort was there for sure. Hope tonight he’s a difference maker. AG...well his goal was deserving of the number he choose, a goal scorers goal with the puck on edge, excellent shift for him too. Motte/Sutter/Beagle. Beagle ... line could of scored three goals. They had their chances, which bodes well for secondary scoring. Overall id give the team a solid A for the first game of the year. It was exciting, we did have the edge in play despite playing against two of the best lines in the league last year and like always the effort was there - TG should get a hat tip for that too. Sure it’s only one game. What a great way to start the season ... two points.
  8. Definitely should get the chance. One of the worst reporters starts ever - cringe worth how he had no concept of personal space and leaned in on players cheek to cheek with inane and ridiculous questions post game and between periods is no one of the most respected hockey media types in the world in Elliott e Freedman. Eventually he got better, and it was obvious the players respected him - and now he’s probably the most influential media guys out there surpassing Bob McKenzie. Personally I did notice a few times he was behind and it wasn’t polished that’s for sure - but mostly I didn’t notice, was too busy looking for at how our individual guys performed - especially seeking out OJ, JV, Schmidt and Hollander.
  9. Yeah I had a hard time with some of it too. Erhoff was more of a symbiotic thing given the team he played with at the time - same could be said about a few others. Adrian Aucion is a notable obmission, playing on some not so great teams he filled the net more then any Canuck before or since on the power play (and I wasn’t even much of a fan at the time missed the old guard ... Sopel wasn’t much different)... Also Bieksa led the league one year on even strength scoring ... 5 x 5 that is ...starting at 20, well I’d have him a little higher. Have zero issue with Jovo at the top, for a few years anyways he looked to be the first number one all around defenseman ever ... 2002 was his golden year, representing Canada and also doing it well at Salt Lake plus what he managed for sure is the best year a Canuck has ever done....he was a beast and part of the gold medal clinching play. To be a top six Canadian defenseman is no small thing regardless of era, he did it in the dead puck one. Do feel a couple guys are missing. Murzyn 93 season ... team leading record plus minus (tied with ... gulp Dixon Ward ha ha so maybe not - but the best a D has managed and probably won’t be broken for a very long time yet plus 34 I think). Snepsts maybe he wasn’t the best but he was one of the better defensive defenseman in the league during his tenure and one of the best fighters we’ve ever had. Lumme... well he was very good all the time. And then there is Babych who’s PGP playoff record stands alone as one of best performers. Seems like there could be a little recentcy bias ... Lidster’s season at 12 seems a little suspect. Personally if I had to rank our best D’s Erhoff’s name wouldn’t make the top ten, but get that this has to do about best seasons. Bieksa or Erhoff? Sorry Erhoff not a chance there. Hughes is a tough one. For sure deserving of top 20...but not that high, defense is a big part of being a defenseman. Maybe 5-7 seems about right and expect he will eventually hold 1-7 by the time he’s done.
  10. I also hoped Motte would get more recognition. TG probably wanted to move him up, but them who’s going to replace him? Still wish he did. Pearson and TT... lucky them to play with Horvat/EP. Would love to see what Motte could do with their minutes on a trial run.
  11. Laziness. Have to say though, one has to wonder if Demko came in and played just ok, say around .900sp, and our team actually pulled through until game seven and we lost because of a goal here and there in each game if Markstrom wouldn’t be here right now - with exactly the same contract. Factually Markstrom was our MVP the past two seasons. Not happy he’s in Calgary- but looking forward to creating a proper rivalry with them again. And not at all a fan of his contract. JB did the right thing for the teams window for sure.
  12. NHL.com has been previewing the upcoming season and TG was a close second choice for the Adams as far as their predictions went. We need your good luck - where is the FIRE GREEN? Lol. We need you ready to go .... you were a good luck charm throughout the playoffs. Be ready ... if they score first.
  13. Yes they beat us in the alley. No I didn’t like that. That said - going back to my original comment that obviously went straight over your head, losing to Boston wasn’t as tough as losing against the NYR, and again maybe that has something to do with the two teams and having gone through it once already. Both teams were great - but two very different scripts. For sure they got away with some things. So did we. It happens ever playoffs. ALL the players know that everything won’t be called - as do informed fans. Sucked being on the other side, can say that wasn’t the type of Canucks hockey I grew up with, that type battled just as hard and wasn’t beaten in the alley. Still felt we had the skill to win - like I said earlier 70% Thomas (most saves most shots against in a final ever) 30% because they figured us out. Didn’t help that they scored more short handed goals then we did power play ones did it? We were lucky it wasn’t 3-1 .... as I mentioned, the ANA team was even meaner - they rolled over OTT and the best line in the world at the time in five - and did it penalized a lot more because they were doing a lot worse. ANA is the closest thing to what hockey used to be like growing up ... the rest is pretty tame.
  14. Considering that group was all in the cup money range when Coffey and then Gretzky left (they’d won four when most teams would just be in the sweet spot for getting to their first final) .... and that the 86-87 teams were their best - they were still getting better in other words, hard to imagine them not winning more cups right through to around 94... Gretzky himself arguably had his best post season in 1993...including one of his best games ever against TO in game seven of the conference final. Messier was at the peak of his powers, Gretzky too...Coffey went on to do great things in PIT and Detroit winning his last Norris in 95...compared to the MTL and NYI dynasties, they were just kids their first crack at a cup, and given their durability and greatness could have easily kept winning if they were together, right until their mid-30’s.