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  1. Yeah and "Benning" and TG this and that. Maybe - in some universe maybe just let it go man. That's a lot of hate that just spews onto the forum endlessly in the blame game. Just enjoy the hockey instead. I'm a long time fan and have been frustrated for a long time. But am willing to wait to see how all these balls drop before passing judgement. Wanted Hamonic on the team, they did too or wouldn't have offered him a deal. They can't control it though. It is what it is. Now they can make a trade. Cap space is King right now.
  2. AV, the CDCer who looks at lemonade and turns it into $&!#.
  3. For me, before the season and injuries disclosed, it seemed like we could create three actual scoring lines using Miller as the 3rd C.
  4. Man my brain is done. Yes your correct. Guess i was into the mad 80's-early 90's zone. For sure thanks for the post. 32 x 3 ... plus the same, plus the same again. In that regard, 30-40 points is the range where we want to be. Edit: It's why i mentioned AG/JV as doing their job two seasons ago, and how badly we needed that secondary scoring last season...and only Sutter came to play.
  5. Yes i liked him/her a lot too. Seemed to really get the Canucks as much as actual fans did, really invested in the team and our forum. That said at least we have Alf back! Pom-Poms and all! This season has the same feeling as the one a couple years after Luongo arrived. Made the show - missed - then went on a run of great seasons for the franchise. Even closer to the early 90's. Will the OEL/Garland trade work out the same way as the Butcher trade? Or was this the Nedved trade? Either or ... put on your seat belts folks! Going to be a fun ride.
  6. I loved the Ronning. Called him "Radar" because with his helmet on he looked a lot like that M.A.S.H. character. If Garland is the next "Ronning" a total coupe by JB. Got excited about Garland when i read about how much ARI was disappointed to lose him lol. For sure stats wise, JB took a risk on a player with so few games. Guys got some Martin St. Louis in him - a gigantic chip on his shoulder given he was passed on the first draft, then after leading the entire CHL in points was drafted....but not really where he probably should have gone. If Ronning is his low bar and St. Louis is his high bar, by far the best signing JB has ever, ever made, and one of the best in club history. So far so good!
  7. Gotcha ... that sure would be great wouldn't it! Also think Motte does too...can't wait for him and Sutter to come back as feel Motte - Sutter - Dickinson could take heavy PK minutes and D starts for the team, plus add some goals against the best of the best. To me that's a 10-12 minute defensive fourth line waiting to get its chance.
  8. Me too. Tough to start without BB, Motte and Sutter though, that's 2/3 of one line and a key player in the top six out. So far the effort is there and he has the room so willing to not pretend i know more then he does about what's going on in the room or on the bench day to day. Sometimes players are more on then others .... Motte getting 18 mins some playoff games for example.
  9. No worries. Right now we really don't have the components for a 3rd scoring line with BB, Motte and Sutter out. Once they are back we could do that though. With the existing guys can't really complain much with the effort, 23 shots in one period even against Detroit is pretty awesome. For sure before this season, we haven't had the right guys to make three scoring lines, it worked out decently with JV and AG two seasons ago though. Your right to say exactly that too, 20/20 is where we need to get to be competitive as a depth team.
  10. 40 would be nice ... 20/20...Id consider that very good third line numbers...the elite guys are middle six ones, that can move up and produce more like Miller was in TB playing 14mins a game and getting close to 50 points - but they are very tough to find. Usually it's the rising stars that get the most bang for your buck as third liners. It's nice to have the depth including a vet that deserves that type of money, Stastny in his mid 30's making Miller type money cantered Vegas 3/4 line for example. In TB they had the luxury of Tyler Johnson for a long time too. Spreading out the offense makes it tough to defend against - was hoping we kept Gadj that would have given us 9 middle/top 9 players with him as the wild card so 8, and used Dickinson with Motte and Sutter and roll 4 lines ... 4th could play 10-14 minutes some games if needed (to keep a lead for example). With BB, Motte and Sutter out ... guess we will have to wait to see what this team can truly ice. So far all considered, i'm happy with how they've played. Edit: 30 points is decent though. What you should hope to get from guys playing 14 mins a game. We didn't get that last year from our bottom six and it killed us. Only Sutter produced. Edit: On Sutter. Aside from his injuries he played decently enough for us under his last contract, close to 20/20 prorated often enough, even last year he was on pace for decent/good third line production. Sucks he's not ready but sure glad to have him in the wings, and even 50% is good value for what he offers at one million per year. Motte same thing. Can't wait until they are back. Same as BB as that will bump a guy out.
  11. I read some nice things about him that Dallas had to say, that he's a good player that's going to have a long successful career - in other words the usual pleasant things you say about a player that you trade, that you wouldn't if you weren't stuck in the cap mud etc. The only thing i can say about Dickinson, was that he was noticeable against Vegas, a lot of Dallas's players were not, Vegas held the edge on play most of the series (not as much as against us but it was still obvious), Dickinson reminded me a little of Ferland out there - bashing and banging everything that moved when he could. A guy that can play 17-18mins, and only get 25 or so points a year must be good at something, for him it's defense and PK. Not much to find about his offense, but he is in his prime so who knows.
  12. I voted yes. I know we've only had 2/3 firsts the last few years, but for better or worse, this core is in a win now mode and like Janis stated it is one of the teams few remaining weakness's. I like Manson/Mitchell types...it would be a huge compliment to our PK and our 5x5 playoff performance. Only thing other then this would be to re-set the rebuild very soon, like COL did with Barrie and Duchene ... meaning trading Miller and one other player, and hope for the best three years from now building around QHs,EP, Hogs etc. Think our team could pull off a trade with our first for Manson but it would have to be a trade and sign - if we can dump Hamonic for the rest of the season. So far all our trades for firsts have worked out brilliantly, one more could be the cherry on top .... of course it could all backfire down the road but it is what it is. Edit: As for trying the COL route ... a few things. They got extremely lucky with the OTT trade, no way were they expecting (nobody was actually!) for a team with Stone, Zinbanejad, EK, Hoffman, Anderson etc that almost went to the final, to unravel and end up with Byram as a result (actually best odds for first overall!)...Sakic was more likely expecting a player in the low 20's back for that pick, and IF we trade Miller it will be to a fringe contender as well, one with enough cap space or to an actual contender with an injury. So a Hogs/Rathbone back is likely the best we'd get, and that would be good drafting.
  13. Nobody ever said he had that. Only that he was a strong defensive player, which he is. I said this when we traded him several times, don't expect a scoring line with Dickinson as a third line C, and he's probably best suited on Sutters and Mottes line to create an awesome fourth defensive line. Play Miller as a third line C between Podz and Pearson/Hogs or whomever. Your not seeing it, because it's not there. Nothing wrong with 12-15 goals and 20 plus points on a defensive shut down line either. Edit: The "nobody" in this instance - were the experts.
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