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  2. ZOMG benning wasted a pick to trade this guy. Assetmanagement fail. /sarc
  3. Last summer Tallon wanted to add a defensive D with physicality. Tampa is still their biggest rival and watching CBJ beat them in round 1 - it's probably even more the case now. A bid body that can wear down and hit their skilled forwards - that's not Tanev. Kruger was Quenneville's shutdown C in Chicago - they even re-aquired him after moving him for cap reasons. He's a UFA and wouldn't cost an asset and is younger than Sutter.
  4. Agree with you on MDS. I like his philosophy overall about the game and as a communicator. The future though will remain a question mark, not because of MDS, but because nothing has really changed with this ownership and management group. If anything, the way they've messed up this whole 2008 woman's Whitecaps controversy gives me even less confidence in how this team is run. We'll find out when the next international transfer window opens up how committed this organization actually is to winning.
  5. Well done! Your turn to pick a former player
  6. Preeclampsia, placental (and membrane) rupture, infection, hypertension, chromosomal defects found during 2nd trimester screening where abortion is, for whatever reason, delayed, and a whole bunch of rare ones that I can't remember off the top of my head.
  7. There are multiple reports that Trouba has zero interest in signing long-term with a Canadian team. He wants to play for an Eastern US team (my guess is Philly). So there is no reason to even talk about him as a possibility.
  8. Plus not being on the world's too. Interesting time to go stealth mode, especially last year of his contract.
  9. William Karlsson is still a RFA - there's probably several teams interested in trading for him. With Vegas so close to the cap it's likely for picks/prospects. They are going to have to move some players - at the top of the list Cody Eakin and Colin Miller before Karlsson. Dumba is indeed untouchable. Owner Leopold in his video message to season ticket holders talked of how much they missed Dumba and how the only positive is that he will be fully healthy next season. GM Fenton in his end of season presser repeated most of the same. He is a core player for them. They are at risk of losing Spurgeon to free agency in a year and don't have much coming up in the system on D.
  10. More crazy talk I see. Did you know that in the last 20 drafts that the average draft percent success for the 3rd round and on is 13.2 for finding players that play 100 or more NHL games? That’s works out to ten players in 19 years, or little over .5 per draft. Buffalo ranks 15th and here’s their lists of late round gems.. Dennis Wideman Andrej Sekera Gaustad Clarke MacArthur Paul Byron Brayden McNabb Nathan Gerbe Marcus Foligno Patrick Kaleta Of those 3 are 3rd rounders. Benning could literally give every single pick past the first two away and it would be a coin toss that we’d even get one player out of the rest. And the NHL leader in this catagory is PIT, they actually have done great, struck gold in 23% of their picks past the second round, good thing too as they needed them given they’ve been a contender for at least half that time. We have 7 guys and a 7.1% success rate past the second round in the last 20 years. Its a crapshoot. Plus looking through the list of names 300 or so names here’s what I’d call actual impact players. Yandle Marchand Gaudreau Byfuglien Pesce Slavin Barrie Liles Atkinson Benn Franzen Trocheck Dadonov Quick Visnovsky Falk Gallagher Rinne Ekholm Hornqvist Nielsen Lee Lundqvist Callahan Stone Elliot Hoffman Dzingel Sharp Ghost Letang Muzzin Murray Guentzal Moulson Bortuzzo Bishop Parayko Pavelski Erhoff Bonino Point Palat Cirelli Stralman Edler Bieksa Hansen Holtby Oduya Hellebuyck Reimer Fifty-two total. This works out to about 15% of those guys that played 100 NHL games, most of these guys are top six or top four defenseman but and have been starting goalies at some point. Some are stars or even superstars. It also means that every team averages less then one of these guys every ten years. Of what’s most of them about half are two contract or less players, the rest character guys that carved a decent career. I included Hansen, what a gem. Of course you can’t win if you don’t play, but this does show how bad the odds are to find a gem that can make an impact. I have high hopes that Madden will be one of them, THN calls him a steal that should have been picked a lot higher already.
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  12. How about you respond to my previous posts rather than run around erroneously saying the Taliban has won? I'm sure it feels great for you to believe that since there are people who can't stand the US. That doesn't change the fact though that the US accomplished it's main goal, but is finally giving up on trying to rebuild a country that doesn't want to help itself. The Taliban offer stability and they are willing to negotiate mineral and lithium rights with the United States. When it comes down to it, the Trump administration never cared about their citizens and the US public stopped caring years ago. Trump is also trying to begin a war with Iran so in order to sell that to the public, he needs to pull troops out of either Iraq or Afghanistan. Iraq would split up and go into civil war if the US left it completely.
  13. So you’re new to hockey and know absolutely nothing about it. That would make sense.
  14. I’d love to get Wilde but I think we’d have to offer Gaudette to get him.
  15. Maybe if this was 2015. Even if tanev manages to stay healthy this year every gm knows that body has alot of miles on it. Hard miles. At most o see tanev being worth a second round pick. And I wouldn't be suprised if sutter had negative value.
  16. Too much. Let them pan out first, no point in swapping lottery tickets and having to add more on top of it.
  17. Congratulations, you're the first to be accepted into my prestigious ignore list! Enjoy your prolonged stay.
  18. That doesn’t even go through in be a gm mode with trade sliders on easy.
  19. I roared, that was funny. I don't dispute there are GM's who would not touch Looch with a ten foot pole. My point is, It does not mean Edmonton will pay to get rid of him. The cost hurts the team. More than $7 mill in cap space helps them.
  20. Finland - Germany 2:56 min left in the 1st period SOG 14 - 1 Score 1 - 1
  21. Looking at the last game between St Louis and SJ, Caufield came off my list of options. Just not fast enough to be a small player in the league, IMO.
  22. Myers' wife is from B.C. That and the old Benning/Buffalo connection is kinda scary, I wouldn't want to give that guy very much money.
  23. If the cap goes to 83 million, then, and only then, would I support a 10.5-10.6 million dollar offer to a guy like Panarin or Karlsson (if we’re using Ovechkin’s cap hit as an absolute maximum as an appropriate percentage of the overall cap for team’s aspiring to win a cup.....the cap was 75 million in 2017-2018 if I recall correctly).
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