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  2. Exactly right.........I have no idea why anyone would flipping out over LE at this point.
  3. When our guys are injured, they're called "excuses". "A good team has depth". Etc. So to pretend they're super heroes to deal with stuff that every team does? Sure. Ask the league's top face off taker last year what a grind it can be. We have our own warriors and this team knows enough about injuries to write a book. So we don't need to defend the Av's. We have guys in the line up with the ugly face of cancer in the family pulling at them and Marky still went out there with a brave face. So, for me, it's about us not them. I don't give a rat's behind about their tales of woe...we have enough of our own. Funny how when the Canucks have "reasons", it's thrown out there that every team has them. So the shoe now fits. But we're not Av's fans, we're Canuck's it makes sense? It's not our battle to fight for them. It's fine that Nate was talk about the officiating, not that one team didn't deserve the tie. Sometimes we face the same adversity but it's funny how when it's the other guys, we're supposed to be so pc and concerned. Deal with it..we've had to. I don't like what happened to that's not to be misinterpreted. But as for their injuries and excuses? Save it. Don't care.
  4. I hate the Orca but don’t want to see the jerseys changed again. The skate should remain a throwback.
  5. In all fairness Sutter didn't seem like he was putting in the same effort his last few years. This year has been a revelation for him imo (as far as his Canucks career goes) Hope to get him back soon.
  6. The Leafs subreddit is now dedicated to actual leaves:

  7. It’s a tough rule, but it keeps the rats of the league (of which there are way too many) from faking injury to stop the play. The Avs players should shut up. They have one of the worse rats in Kadri. I’d love to see Bo do to Mak what Jovo Cop did to Deadmarsh. The league is losing a lot of its fan support, especially in the States, because of the lack of the rough stuff.
  8. And is that the only thing we do in Aladeen’s basement?
  9. Gaudette is looking good! First in cellys, first in nicknames and third in overall mane. Thatchy D with a rough game but he'll get better because of it. They really need to overhaul the strategy in overtime.
  10. LE is not the player he once was and never going to be the player people seem to expect him to be. We are riding out his contract. He's stepping in as the extra forward, playing his minimal minutes and stepping up on the PK while generally coming in cold from rare shifts. He's not complaining (anymore) and saying the right things. We are fine for cap space for the time being, so he's here and not a "problem" until we have a healthy lineup and it will get resolved at that point.
  11. Could this party merge with the bloc, and form a party that is about what’s best for all Canadians - and not just those in Ontario?
  12. Done. It never really worked for fish anyways, the sand dollars were too heavy to carry around and it was hard to keep track of electorate eligibility with them swimming into other fishes' waters. I want it all, I want it all, I want it all... and I want it NOW!
  13. Reading the responses to the OP has almost restored my faith in the CDC gang...I was prepared to come in here and then facepalm after reading all the "trash Sutter" metoo comments, thrilled that it wasn't necessary. I find that too much facepalming gives me a headache.
  14. Ugh. Bad style.. MAGA hats and t-shirts that threaten hanging of JT. ...and the name 'WEXIT'. It's like someone thought, 'whats the worst images, slogan and name we can go with?'
  15. He was concerned for Calvert and it didn't sound like he wanted to discuss the game. The Canucks hadn't scored a goal yet that period - the comeback from 2 goals down started with the Calvert injury. Colorado had scored earlier in the 3rd. Colorado was particularly mad because it was the 2nd time in two weeks. Zadorov has also taken a puck to the face with blood on the ice and the play hadn't been stopped. Johnson via Clark: Erik Johnson on the Matt Calvert incident: “It’s a &^@#ing joke. You want to protect a guy? Guy’s got a family at home, he’s laying there bleeding out of his head and you don’t blow the whistle? It’s a complete joke. An absolute joke. They should be ashamed of themselves.” “I think it obviously hits home more when it’s your teammate but it’s like, ‘Come on!'” Johnson said. “This is twice now. It’s bigger than the game. This is your life. He got hit in the head and he’s bleeding out of his head. Let’s use some common sense here and blow the damn whistle.” via Date on twitter: Nathan MacKinnon on no stoppage re: Calvert: "Calvert's a tough guy. He's not looking for a whistle there, faking it. If it's a puck off the foot, let him lay there. A broken foot isn't, you know, serious, he'll be fine. But a guy's bleeding out his ear? It's pretty dangerous."
  16. These guys might even be more insane than the Reform nutjobs. Splitting the vote on the right will be good for the rest of the country though.
  17. To the untrained eye, I saw the Avs do something that was effective though. On the rush (on the pp?) they skated with the look of a drop pass situation but used the puck carrier to just steamroll skate in with the puck. So the guys defending were focused on the possible recipients of the drop pass that never happened...meaning enough of a delay that the puck carrier entered our zone pretty much unchallenged. With speed and conviction. So we should really mix it up and use that more often. We, too often, do use the drop pass and teams wait for it. We need to carry the puck more, especially if our passes aren't connecting or are being used too often. Hire me as coach. I have zero knowledge and experience, but damn I'm all in.
  18. The Avalanche’s IR list was as long as anyone’s ever has been, not to their 4th line agitators and depth players, but to all their goalies and most of their top lines. Like you, I also look forward to a rematch, and a game not steeped in controversy and an AHL-studded Avs roster. I value the spirit of sportsmanship above all else in anything sports related. Have you seen an EP interview yet with comments concerning his unloading a wicked wrister into the earlobe of Calvert? EP showed sportsmanship on that play. In all of my time watching hockey, I’ve never seen a play NOT blown down with an opponent wildly gesturing for it under the circumstances I saw last night. Especially given the magnitude of risk EP took at that moment to protect Calvert. I’m proud of the kid, while being disgusted at the refs. If I were Nate, I’d have said the same things. Had that been Miller laying on the ice, Canucks fans would have absolutely rioted. I know why refs are reluctant to blow whistles, but EP was all but demanding one there. Of course Nate was pissed. Would Horvat have been? I hope so.
  19. Its a process don't you think Alf? Green is pretty even keeled from what I see. He rarely singles out anyone. Even defends LE. If I am right and serious CUP play is 3 seasons away then that is a lifetime in sports. Green has to nurse this group along the way. A maturing process. That said the odds are that he won't be the coach at that point simply because the tenure for coaches doesn't last that long. Right now I am happy with the job he does. He is a old Jr. Smoke Eater which carries cred in my world.
  20. Yeah, we usually go down to Aladeen's basement and sing Gregorian chants the night before it starts.
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