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  1. Pastrnak and Karlsson no longer being on that list is frightening, combined with the fact that Detroit mentioned they've made a franchise biggest trade.
  2. I agree with @Tony Romo in that if you're able to build a roster that is "stacked" within the cap boundaries or luck out because players have excelled and taken their game to another level giving a team more "depth", that should indeed be a reward for a GM that is able to do so. So I believe what he is saying is that if we are basing on making it as "real" as possible, you don't see top end teams needing to sell off players because their team is too good, but losing quality will occur when the team is too good for too long and the cap forces them to make moves. It is the challenge for other GMs to keep up until eventually their reign will end due to cap or not having the assets to compete with other team's offers. But again, I haven't been in this league long enough to know how difficult it really is to topple the giants. I think it's much more easier to blatantly tank than it is to build a long term stacked roster though. Icing a full roster really shouldn't be a challenge though. I've been rejected far too often with my free agent offers to know there are plenty of moderately decent players that could be signed with relative ease.
  3. Yeah I agree with the draft part. Just trying to come out with a way to even out the teams that try to sell everything for picks, but it seems there's already warnings in place. Good to hear!
  4. This holds true if there are also teams that aren't blowing it all up for draft picks and barely icing an NHL roster. The more teams doing this results in less teams for quality players to play on (or they simply sign players to flip for picks). So there will be competitive rosters that will try and snag these available players because if it isn't me, then it'll be my competition and the goal for most of us is to try and win. Now I'm relatively new here, so I don't have the experience of knowledge of the history of the league, but that's my perspective. A team that has stacked themselves is because they were willing to pay whatever cost it was to do so (whether through cap or young assets). So if stacked teams are to be warned for building a top end roster by whatever means and somehow fitting it in within the cap, there needs to be something done at the other end of the spectrum (maybe limit a team to have a maximum of 6 draft picks total prior to a draft or be punished by losing any picks over that amount starting with your highest pick or something along those lines). Parity would require evening things out from both ends of the spectrum.
  5. Gotta get into the playoffs first for a playoff roster to even matter (or it could be a wasted year of talent if you don't make it). Reilly has put up decent pool points so far as he's given the ice time in Ottawa.
  6. We interrupt this intense roster debate with short commercial... Is your team battling for a playoff spot? Do you have hot competition on your tail? Are you looking to add a dman? If your answer is yes to any or all of these questions, then we have an answer for you. Philadelphia is currently shopping Mike Reilly. He could be had for one (or two) low payments. (Supply is limited and price subject to change) Get it while it lasts! We return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
  7. I figured there would be no waivers for calling someone up, but that's what it sounded like in your explanation lol Just trying to understand all the nuances of the league so I can take full advantage!
  8. So as long as you ask to initially have the player in the minors, they do not have to clear waivers first. Interesting.
  9. The Justin Dowling signing went straight to the main club. So if a non exempt waiver player is in the minors after signing is called up, they have to pass through waivers before being assigned to the main club?
  10. I noticed he went straight to the minors. Does he need to clear waivers to be sent down?
  11. Unlikely. Has a full NMC on his one year contract. He specifically chose to sign here because he wanted to be here.
  12. Where is the "OJ is a bust" crew?