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  1. So when do we start migrating back here?
  2. Forum survived longer than the Canucks did lol
  3. Forum survives a playoff series win!
  4. Survived long enough to see us clinch the Pacific!
  5. So does anyone know what's going on with this forum?
  6. I feel like the forum is just waiting for April fools day to be like "we got ya, this was a joke this whole time!"
  7. I've seen this for classic games where they cut a game down to like a half hour or hour viewing. I suspect they don't want to provide this as then more will opt to watch this way and therefore not watching live/full game and losing ad revenue.
  8. I can't believe this is still open lol
  9. Why pay to host a forum (even if it's peanuts to them) when not many are using it anymore? Maybe it's time to make it a liability again!
  10. I mean it's still up and people haven't been posting here regularly lol
  11. Another end of the month, will this still survive?
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