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  1. Geez, we are going to need a Tuckin' Poolman to clean this cesspool of a thread soon.
  2. Schenn is likely a 7/8th dman. Depth for injuries. We have a lot of left side offensive talent, so keeping the more defensive style right side talent allows for easier transition in case anyone is hurt.
  3. Both guys are 6'2 approx 200lbs. Both have been playing top 4 minutes and are RDs. Both players throw over a hit a game pace, but Poolman last season was way above the hit per game pace. Offensively Hamonic has a higher career PPG. Both guys PK and don't play PP time. Looks like Hamonic gets into more of the scraps. However Poolman rarely takes penalties it seems as he only had 2 PIMs in 39 games (perhaps part of the Tanev comparisons) and had 0 PIMs in the playoffs. There are some similarities to their games, not identical players, but not a whole lot that separates them as distin
  4. Brad Hunt could likely as well, unless he's one of our NHL extras. But I'd like to see Rathbone get some solid minutes to develop his all round game and Brad Hunt would be the guy he would have to beat as his motivator.
  5. Unfortunately you can tell the minds have been made up already no matter what he does. All they are going to look for in his game are his errors (which all dmen will have some). There's always a scapegoat (or two or three) every year and Poolman is the clear frontrunner already. Unless Poolman puts up 50 points and throws devastating hits every night, the minds won't change.
  6. If the contract slides going to the KHL, then I'd send him to the KHL. Would be the best developmental path IMO as long as he goes to a team willing to play him decent minutes. Give him some time to learn some English (if he isn't fluent already) and prepare for the adjustment to come to NA after a year. Then go to the AHL the following year and give him a real chance to crack the NHL roster after that. Make sure he understands this development path that we have set for him.
  7. Wasn't his fault that Scheifele got himself suspended.
  8. Garland? Miller, Petey, Boeser, Horvat, Hoglander, (even Pearson) fill the rest of the wholes, so why would we be looking for more first or second line guys? If you're taking defense, we added OEL and re-signed Hamonic. Poolman played 20+ minutes in the playoffs for Winnipeg.
  9. Now that he's signed, he can be loaned to the KHL right? Does that burn any of the contract years? Perhaps its more favourable to have him play in the QMJHL and slide his contract a year. I think I'd like to see him in the KHL playing against men. Could do the same in the AHL, but I don't want him thinking he's got the short track to getting into the NHL.
  10. I think Luke has a bit or gratitude for our club that he's willing to take on a cheap contract and be a depth role player for us. Before we traded for him, he was basically AHL fodder. He came here and became a bit of a fan favourite after finding a niche for what he should do and got interest from Tampa and now is a two time Stanley Cup champ. His name isn't on the Cup if we didn't "revive" his career.
  11. OEL-Myers Hughes-Hamonic OJ-Poolman Schenn Battle between Keeper and Brisebois for the last depth NHL spot. Rathbone will be playing big minutes in Abbotsford rather than sit in the pressbox, but is always a solid call up option if needed.
  12. I imagine we didn't offer as much and contenders didn't have the room to offer it. They paid a premium to bring in a vet. Also, he probably wanted to stay on the West Coast.
  13. Thanks Eagle for everything during your time here as a Canuck. I'll even be happy if he gets his 100th career goal against us!
  14. Based on how many pages this has hit. I predict Poolman will be the guy that is dumped on all year. Prove 'em wrong kid!
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