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  1. Well that makes it easier for us to "protect" him by still exposing him anyway. And if this is true, then makes sense why Benning structured Holtby's contract to force them into a decision to see if it's worth picking him at all. Wouldn't be smart by Seattle to reveal their hand like that as it takes away one avenue of leverage they could pull.
  2. Why not? He's no Loui Eriksson. He's a top 4 dman with size and can skate. Depending on the options available, he could be a solid add or at worst, they could retain and flip him for good value.
  3. I think our puck movers could use solid defensive partners. Tanev was very good defensively, but he was smart in moving the puck and when to make pinches. So I wouldn't say no to players like Tanev at a more affordable rate (to be fair, I would've given Tanev the contract he got, but we no longer could afford it after adding Schmidt). I think Tryamkin could be a "defensive" dman in a similar mould to Tanev, but obviously a more physical version. I don't know about aggressive counter attack, but I think maintaining more possession will be beneficial to us. I think Hughes was excellent not because he can rush the puck up, but more for his ability to control the play.
  4. Hearing all this Demko talk, I personally think Green deserves a bit of credit here. We were getting outplayed by a better team, there's no doubt. Now some would pin that on the coach instead because it's the easy thing to do. The simple fact is that we were facing a powerhouse that had more rest than us in a very condensed schedule. We just lost our regular starter to injury. Green made the choice to go full defensive and play the counter game which will rely heavily on the freshest player we have going into the last 3 games of the season, which was Demko. Now I'm not discrediting Demko here either, he came through in spades, but our system was to bunker down and while we were allowing shots, we wanted to keep those shots on the outside and when they broke through, Demko needed to stand on his head. It made them push forward to attack us which allowed the counter to be more dangerous. This isn't a system that you would run an entire season doing, but we had to make an adjustment to try and win and it damn nearly worked (potentially a Boeser post away from destroying their morale altogether). It's not pretty but it did almost work (with the requirement that Demko stepped up to the plate in which he did). Now how this relates back to Schmidt is that hopefully with him, we don't have to resort back to that system. Our best and only puck mover that could get the puck out and maintain possession was Hughes. He was targetted in the Vegas series. Now we potentially have another, so who do teams target and how much more of a possession game can we play with this singular move connecting the defense and offense? Add in Juolevi/Rathbone who have that attribute as well and we may not need to resort to a bunker down strategy anymore. I think this was a major shift Benning wanted when he wanted to revamp our defense.
  5. I thought hosing off was required when leaving this thread instead.
  6. it doesnt work of your website

  7. do you have that bertuzzi video up anywhere?

    I cant find it on youtube :(

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