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  1. Philadelphia Flyers Playoff Roster N Foligno - Rask - Zuccarello Parise - Hartman - M Foligno Zajac - Bjugstad - Hathaway Bokk Brodin - Petry Schultz - Mayfield Reilly - Soucy Wolff - Bortuzzo Fleury
  2. Utica signs a deal with the Devil http://www.uticacomets.com/news/detail/new-jersey-devils-sign-ten-year-affiliation-deal-with-utica-comets
  3. We can still win a lottery pick....oh who am I kidding, you're right, there goes our chances
  4. You know why right? That isn't the benchmark price.
  5. But how long will that 3rd line last before it bursts into flames?
  6. Fair enough, I guess like I said, it'll depends on border and quarantine rules as that could delay him being home when needed as opposed to staying in Canada. I don't think it's a lock that he signs here, but I suspect he would want to stay in Western Canada assuming the world hasn't drastically changed in the next few months.
  7. Depends on border closure and quarantine procedures down the road. Outbreaks can/will happen anywhere. Say even if it is a possibility that he's willing to go to Seattle, well if what we lose in expansion is a pending UFA that didn't want to sign here anyway (for the reasons you suggest), then I consider that a win in not losing a valuable piece that wants to be here in the first place. If wants to be here, he's in full control by taking himself to UFA.
  8. Seattle can approach him if they want, he needs to sign the contract still. If Hamonic wants to stay here (or in Western Canada at least), then it's unlikely he will agree to terms with them. Technically Seattle can try to sign Edler as well, but we all know he isn't going anywhere else if he doesn't have to. Hamonic likely already gave up a ton of money from other teams to stay close to home, so I don't think that will change. There would be more risk for Hamonic to re-sign and be kept unprotected if he wants to stay here when he has more control remaining as UFA until past the expansion.
  9. Taking calls for Joonas Korpisalo
  10. Here's the commentary when I opened up discussion about a month ago. He's a bit pricey, but I would consider it as a buy low option as long as we can work out the cap situation. Move Roussel and Virtanen for Domi and a low pick. Podkolzin/Lind could take Roussel's spot as a cheap forward and would pretty much balance out the cap. If we can get them to retain a bit as well and forgo the pick, then even better.
  11. Seems to be a lot of this when it comes to Tryamkin.
  12. These reporters are probably "fans" of the Canucks, much like a lot of "fans" that we see here on CDC.
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