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  1. Who here actually feels entitled enough to tell Jake Virtanen how to live his life? If you're answering yes. Go see a therapist or prove to me how you're related to him.
  2. things like this are why down votes should exist.
  3. I agree, I think Boeser, Pete, and Virtanen pick Stalock apart. W W L L W W - Canucks in 6
  4. Voted Boeser Nominating Markstrom
  5. Voted Boeser Nominating Malhotra
  6. Boeser is 100% a keeper. Is value is priceless
  7. Vancouver doesn't have a wealth of scoring... The Canucks finally have 5 top 6 players, if anything they need another winger to replace LE21. Hall for Larsson is a great example of why not to make a trade like that
  8. All the people who want to trade Boeser are the same type of people that thought trading Hall was a good idea. Canucks Forums: WE NEED MORE GOALS Boeser: Scores goals Nobody: Literally No one: Canucks Forums: We should trade our 21 year old near point per game winger
  9. Voted Hammer Nominate Boeser
  10. Voted Butcher Nominating Boeser
  11. Voted Butcher Nominating Rick Rypien
  12. Matt Cooke Jannik Hansen Odjick and many of these other guys weren't even the greatest Canucks of their generation
  13. Voted Smith Nominate Aaron Volpatti
  14. This list is way out of whack now...
  15. I actually live with Tigers best friends son. Unfortunately his Dad passed at 52
  16. Ooo, I forgot about Reinhart. And yea Salo, and Burrows are too high
  17. Voted Butcher Nominating Rimothy Jimothy Chumburger Also, Bo is getting in waaaaay too early. There's a tad too much modern homerism on this list. Also, I actually nominate Jeff Brown. People here don't seem to remember who kept dishing Bure all those sweet passes in 94
  18. Skriko should have been in before Burrows imo.
  19. Voted Courtnall Nominating Matt Cooke