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  1. What kind of bad contract equates six years @ $8,500,000? None.
  2. You mean to say that Eriksson can actually be dethroned from His title?
  3. Yeah whereas in chess, careers really take off at around 47. Dude. Hockey.
  4. I don’t understand how people think the life of an athlete stops at 30… Except when one’s perspective is that of a 14 year old boy… Then it makes sense.
  5. Take your self-riteous passive agressive circus show behaviour somewhere else bud.
  6. The Canucks should be dismantled almost completely. No way does everyone play the same after contacting so much Covid. One or two players on a team, fine. But 90% hit, unrecoverable.
  7. Eriksson, Virtanen, 2nd. Take it or leave it. Start clean. That neck is a serious detriment to the value this player may have had.
  8. Imagine Edmonton without McDavid. Perpetual operational deficiency as they may be, the fact that they are making the playoffs now is a testament of how great that one player is. God forbid he ends up in Pittsburgh…
  9. I’d be shocked if any of our forum members are right with their proposals without concrete rumours. I think we’re collectively 0 for 0 on that one.
  10. That +/- sure is attractive… lots of big numbers…
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