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  1. Is it just me or “female dogging” is more politically incorrect and sexist than the connotation which “bitching” invokes? asking for a friend...
  2. Demko.... I’m really worried about Demko... Demko at 100% demkoes. Demko at 95% wins games. Demko at 90% is a tragedy for the Canucks. Add Covid...
  3. I’d say we’re right on par. For the first three years management was trying to get the Sedins a Cup, and didn’t want to admit a rebuild had to be started. However, drafting Pettersson, Boeser, Hughes, Höglander, and trading for Miller, made up for those seemingly lost years.
  4. Protect Virtanen ans Gadjovich Lind won’t be picked Pearson is a perfect signing for Seattle (does his NTC do anything against the ED?) Exposing a player doesn’t necessarily mean he gets picked up. Podkolzin is taking Pearson’s spot within the next season. If Pearson doesn’t get picked up, he’s an excellent 3LW.
  5. Virtanen is break out next year. If he grows up.
  6. Watch the movie and you’ll know the reference. The GM of the Oakland A’s forced Moneyball players on the coach by trading the coach’s favorite players away.
  7. ... you trade him because you got a Höglander of a surprise, and Podkolzin coming in.
  8. Every day is a beautiful day. My days and my emotions don’t revolve around hockey. Depressive and negative people do get to me I will admit, for I do not understand how merely being alive isn’t in merit of utmost gratitude. Getting emotional about things one cannot control is kind of a waste of time when there are so many other variables in a person’s life which are in need of attention.
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