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  1. One whole assist! Lööääd wattawegonnado! Heeeeeyyyy How ‘bout that Garland guy…
  2. Screw Gillis and his sweaty golf a$$ He ruined our team with his arrogance.
  3. Did you… did you just… …compare Petttersson to Virtanen and Juolevi? …how peculiar…
  4. Petey’s gonna figure it out. He’s 22 years old.
  5. What did he do? If you hate watching 36OA14 Demko, 23OA15 Boeser, 5OA17 Pettersson, 7OA18 Hughes, 40OA19 Höglander, if you’re not excited about what 10OA19 Podkolzin is going to bring, if you don’t think drafting six superstars in the making in eight years is good enough, then don’t let the door hit you on your way out of here.
  6. @b3nnyb Still a completely and utterly useless thread.
  7. I just want them all to go more faster. I like more faster.
  8. Have you noticed how #57 is being praised for elevating his game while playing more and more with OEL? Have you noticed how much Benning has cut losses all summer by dumping useless player after useless player? Have you noticed that? For God’s sake. So much stupidity in this post I feel dumber by having read it.
  9. Well hopefully that’s now over with this trade. Salo was litterally bitten by a snake when he was younger. And he was snake bitten his entire career. I wonder if it had some effect on his physical strength. And he’s Juolevi’s trainer. I just…. I mean… … the irony…
  10. Apparently Juolevi is injured again even though he still hadn’t played a game for Florida. Juolevi placed on IR
  11. Because Benning and Green haven’t degraded this team. Gillis did.
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