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  1. I wish the North division had a team that bad , no such thing as an easy 2 points , unless your playing the BlaHawks.
  2. Surely the Canucks know from thousands of shots in practice where to go on Markstrom. I hope they light him up .
  3. 17 Dallas Stars tested positive for Covid , game against Florida postponed. When will they have to ice a team ?
  4. Puck possession starts with a superior D core. Can Horvat / Hoglander dominate again ? Virtannen was starting to fit towards the end. I like what Bieksa said: ” It’s no secret that if Mcdavid doesn’t score 2-3 points every night there won’t be many wins for the Oilers. “
  5. What would be great is pin a post for the start of the PGT so it is one click to get to. thanks
  6. Those Oiler Jerseys are terrible, did they lose their regular ones and have to wear their practice ones ?
  7. Even though it’s an overpayment they really need him. He’s the motor behind that team.
  8. Maybe he invested everything into Bear Mountain in Victoria.
  9. I truly think Colorado is going to choke.
  10. You haven’t seen the last of Louie. He’ll be back. Enjoy your clever memes, que the evil laughter.