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  1. Disappointing day for me , I liked Gaudette and we still have our “foundational” boat anchor . I will especially be sad if Benning resigns Sutter for term and more than league minimum.
  2. I’m sure he will put up some points in the last 10 games of the regular season so he can sucker a team into paying him next year. Seattle bound .
  3. I don’t see Pittsburgh making it out of the first round. I don’t think Carter has anything left in the tank.
  4. This is the kind of guy that makes a difference come playoff time. Great move by the Leafs. The biggest mistake a team can make is going for the flashy player like a Taylor Hall . Whoever picks him up will be a first round casualty.
  5. Oilers have all their eggs in one basket and no RNH tonight. It doesn’t get much easier for Calgary.
  6. Colorado gets so many injuries because they don’t have enough toughness to protect their skilled players, they don’t want a repeat of last years playoffs with a fourth string goalie. Tampa wasn’t able to go to the cup until they filled out their roster with the likes of Coleman ,Schenn and Maroon. Colorado needs to get A guy like Foligno from Columbus.
  7. So the Canucks are itching to resume the season and everyone is on the mend but Benning won’t be making any moves at the trade dead line out of consideration for the players and their families. I’m sure there’s some missed opportunities there.
  8. If Montreal (who are hit hard by injuries ) lose 4 Straight the Canucks could come out of this in a pretty good position .
  9. I’m pretty sure there’s better options in that price range that would improve the team. I don’t mind Pearson, he’s a smart player, but wish there was a little bit more there, a bit more hitting, a bit more size, a bit more scoring, a bit more hustle, a bit more hunger.
  10. I would find it amusing if Gaudette wasn’t even the first person within the team to contact the virus , just bad luck to be the first test back from the lab. Let’s say Baumgartner was host , would that make any difference?
  11. Are the Canucks even going to be able to ice a team for next Thursday? The Top line could feature Baertchi Miller Ericksson, maybe a hobbled Beagle centering a couple university players, then what ?
  12. I was hoping they devalued themselves enough this year that we can lock them up long term for cheap, but I’m sure their agents want bridge deals to bring their value back up. If we could get at least one of them to ink a 6x6 it would be so good for the team. I truly don’t care if they’re underpaid.
  13. Money ahead of human safety. how many hundreds of millions does a city have to bribe the Olympic committee just to consider their city, than they build venues that cost 100’s of millions. All with the hopes that tourists may pay for some of it.
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