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  1. Would you go 2 for 2 ? Eichel and Dahlin for Pettersson and Hughes. I would if it wasn’t for Eichel’s uncertainty, an artificial disc will probably have ongoing complications for the rest of his career, but healthy he’s right at the level of a Mackinnon. For me it all depends on the money they want, a trade might be cheaper than a pair of 8million contracts.
  2. I like the roster, my biggest concern is Our defensive strategy employed by Nolan Baumgartner. You’ve got to slow entry at the blueline, not the face off circles.
  3. Trade his rights to either Tampa or Toronto, they love the LTIR.
  4. If they ask too much maybe Eichle and Dahlin are adequate replacements.
  5. The only thing keeping him from getting the same contract as Makar is his small size and poor defensive play. Other teams target him , he got creamed a few times last year, now he hears footsteps every time he has to turn back for a puck. He’s a PP specialist at best right now, he has to evolve his game to elevate it.
  6. I have nothing but optimism for the new season, the Canucks are on paper the most improved Canadian team. Maybe my favourite acquisition is Schenn, I truly applaud Jim’s removal of dead weight, I still can’t believe we got rid of those 3 . I have heard Poolman is a clone of Tanev but younger and more physical. OEL is the biggest question mark but I’m hoping he finds his game, really if he plays better than Schmidt, I will be happy. I think we make some noise this year.
  7. This has got to be his last kick at the can for his career.
  8. Prediction: Anderson is going to have a better season in Carolina than Any goalie In Toronto.
  9. I hope Schenn can break his own Canucks record for hits in a game.
  10. Happy we got Hamonic signed. Its been a 2 year transition away from Tanev and Edler . It has to be better than last season.
  11. At least we are finally paying him what he’s worth.
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