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  1. I’m always optimistic and excited in August Sometimes December is a little rough…
  2. Conner Garland for future considerations to anyone? Anyone ?
  3. Going to predict SanJose will actually have a better season than last year (not by much) mainly because they will not have a stat pumping liability on the blue line. Has there ever been a worse team with a Norris trophy winner scoring over a 100 points?
  4. Trade him after the first 10 games of the season , it’s when his value is at its highest, and then he disappears except for Coyotes games.
  5. Some talent on offence but a bad attitude, sounds like an Edmonton Oiler project to me.
  6. He has the privilege of playing on the second line in Toronto and escaping the top checking line of the opposition, put him on another team where he’s the go to guy and see how he does. I’d trade him to Columbus and let him rot with Johnny Gaudreau in the basement.
  7. Detroit is in full tank mode, I feel sorry for Larkin and Seider wasting the prime years of their careers.
  8. Of the three if I had to keep one , I’d probably pick Juulsen ,he has defensive awareness I like Burroughs for toughness, but his defence is suspect , Bear is ok but not worth the price tag.
  9. I can’t wait to see how OEL plays when somebody signs him for the league minimum .
  10. If history repeats itself and Vegas has troubles closing out series such as Canucks the bubble year 2019 sanjose series dallas series this year Vegas should drop the next two games before winning game 7. Barbashev looks like he’s going to cash in big this summer, who’d have thought he would be the best trade deadline acquisition out of all the big moves this year?
  11. Even though the Hurricanes play the most structured out of any team left I can’t bet against Florida right now . They were the best team in the league 1 season ago, they went out and improved their team in the offseason but somehow dropped 30 points in the standings this season. I think they have peaked at the right time. Panthers take it in 7.
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