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  1. NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO well GG and OMG SOMA IS IN THIS GAME and he died GG guys GG
  2. oh screw it vote bassi
  3. Mafia reasons Otis, been too quiet this game, hasn't done too terribly much and joined jazz vote late Fox Mulder, has barely done a single thing with late jazz vote and his moving is done so why isn't he active gbassi, not great vibes from him and hasn't reasoned anything WW, not feeling right about him
  4. List of people BaerOxHitman - TP Where's Wellwood - Mafia Master Radishes - TP Intoewsables - TP JohnLocke - TP Kakanucks - TP HastgagNucks - Baka - TP g_bassi - Mafia Mikeyboy - TP Foxy Mulder - Mafia Peaches - TP Otis - Mafia Dr.Strangeglove - TP Aladeen - TP Just my assumptions
  5. Is mafia just people accusing each other of being mafia?
  6. No
  7. Could the new power be Cult?
  8. or alternatively
  9. I have feelings you know
  10. No we don't
  11. Just read the thread and oh my I'm Oreki Houtarou, a regular TP Now Horvats vote is just random because he is random in all games he plays I'm very honestly nooby at this game. I usually just post videos and gifs related to the theme. I'm young and don't really know what to say but I find themed games more fun. I really only play themes I like and I like anime so I wanted to play. I'm TP and I really don't want to die so vote jazz
  12. I think It's both
  13. In, and since I like themed games these next few are quite exciting