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  1. I honestly thought what Rian Johnson did with The Last Jedi was excellent. There were some pacing issues but all in all I thought it was a fantastic film.

    1. Scottish⑦Canuck


      It would seem that people hate anything that drifts away from nostalgia and their idea of what should happen. I don't understand why people love predictability so much.

    2. Alchemy Time

      Alchemy Time

      Especially since many of those same people hated 7 for being too much like A New Hope

  2. It wont be the first time we've fleeced Pittsburgh
  3. Terrible news...he was a great part of our team and I wish him the best in the future
  4. True. Been a long time since I've played but in a few weeks when my semester is over I'd like to get back in to it for a while.
  5. It's really refreshing to see a young, electrifying offensive threat on the team again. Feels like it's been forever. I have a lot of hope for the future these days
  6. I think this game is really fun. It's replaced league as my go-to online game. It could really use another primary healer support though. Lucio and Mercy are the only characters that are strong as primary supports. Zenyatta can work as a primary support, but he is only really strong as a secondary support. Symmetra is much more defense than support IMO. Oh and my mains for each role are 76, Torb/Mei, Reinhardt, Lucio. PC Master Race baby (cause that's what all my friends have it on).
  7. Can't wait for Overwatch to come back

    1. Tigs


      Same. Having trouble playing other games after putting so much time into it during the beta week. =(

  8. Been reading a manga called Berserk. It's a really dark fantasy story with some of the best art I've ever seen. I dread the day I catch up because apparently chapters (only about 15-25 pages long) released very inconsistently (a couple per year)
  9. How can you get a custom title? ex.JE14's "Entitled Anarchist Goat King"

  10. The TP got so unbelievably lucky this game. Also I made them pretty OP.
  11. LTCanacksfanatic has forfeit the game Townspeople WIN! also yeah Kes was BSing that LTC came up mafia.
  12. sorry I've been really busy as of late, I know that's no excuse for being the poor host I've been but yeah that's it.
  13. GFY is lynched [Mafia] Mafia try to kill Kes but he is saved by Watari Vig kills otherwise [TP]
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