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  1. I have agreed in certain cases it may be able to be justified. I get that it must be a hard decision, and one that I would never want to make, however I do believe in many of the cases there probably is a far better option
  2. look pal I have already replied to your attacks on me, OMG I have a different opinion as you cuck baby killers, i must be a single guy right, would that be akin to me saying oh Blunt likes to kill the unborn perhaps he/she gay?
  3. personal attacks? really, well I have been happily married for twelve years, got two great children, all after my wife miscarried twice, it was awful by the way. but back to the topic, the small percent of rape victims using the abortion method, maybe slightly I could agree with, however using abortion as an after thought form of birth control is asinine.
  4. true however killing a baby as a form of birth control cannot be justified
  5. Could her choice not have been to keep her legs closed
  6. Imagine how many more medals Bruce Jenner would have won, damn, Mr Jenner, could have been the most decorated women athlete in history, if it wasn't for that nagging penis between her legs.
  7. did you all know you can save on insurance as well as become top end athletes if only you tuck your parts, put on a dress and have a great imagination. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/change-gender-identification-insurance-alberta-1.4754416
  8. I might pretend to be a poodle and see if I can't hold my own in a dog agility competition, I mean they are fast, but I may be less distractible. Is there big money in the dog agility circuit these days?
  9. Why bother even keeping score? just let everyone win
  10. and everyone gets a first place ribbon and no scores are kept, no fragile feelings get hurt. But seriously I agree with you
  11. I have no problem with people pretending what ever they want, but are the trans people (dudes) dominating women sports kind of taking away from real female athletes? And would that not set back women sport in general if you just let men in skirts go win the sport? Besides if they just gave every one a medal or trophy everybody would be included, YAY 2019!!