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  1. Goldobin is a no-brainer. I'm surprised by all of the votes for Jake. He has proven nothing to be a top 10 prospect. I would vote for Subban, Lind, or Brisebois well above him. #NeverJake2017
  2. Says who? Lots of people are posting it.
  3. I'm glad some teams are progressive enough to make these kinds of deals. A great day for diversity in the NHL.
  4. You just don't get it. He is a good player. But he is too soft. You do not win in the playoffs with Sven Baertchis. You win with pure heart and skill like Horvat/Boeser type players.
  5. Yeah they would beat me but they are getting paid to play hockey and I'm not. Swiss players are brought up to be soft. Its not a bad thing but its not what we need on this team. I was only saying that I would be totally fine with trading Baertschi. He's overrated on here. Yeah he and Bo have chemmy but Bo has chemmy with everyone.
  6. There has never been such a thing as a tough, swiss forward. Go back in the archives and you'll see what I mean...
  7. Why don't you calm down? It wouldn't be skin off our ass if he was gone. He is a soft player. Switzerland cannot produce tough hockey players.
  8. Stick a fork in him, I'm so tired of seeing this page pop up. He has been nothing for years and he is nothing now.
  9. He better make it this year. That would be huge for his development. He deserves a chance to prove himself.
  10. It better be only two years. He could just find himself in the AHL again this year.
  11. Haha that really sucks for Edmonton. I think my nips just got a little hard.
  12. I wouldn't mind if we traded Baertchi. He is likely reaching his ceiling and he is pretty soft overall. Not the best finish either.
  13. There is much debate concerning the quality of prospects taken in this years draft. There is a general consensus that it was a very good draft, with some good talent taken throughout. There is, however, concern when it comes to the top end talent we selected. I have a few things to say about the top 4 selections we made. 1. Dipietro: This kid is a beauty. His compete is phenomenal and his quickness/lateral motion are elite. I am really excited about this kid. He could honestly take Demko's spot if Demko does not quite live up to his potential. I also loved when he chirped is buddy Vilardi over his Chel skills! 2. Gadjovich: This guy is the future Milan Lucic. He will be a great power forward for us. He also happens to be a great guy. 3. Lind: I almost creamed myself when I learned that Kole Lind could become the next Versteeg, This is the kind of player we have been missing. A skilled player that can just score goals, while not being a liability defensively. We should be very happy If he can live up to Versteeg. 4. The most controversial of all, Elias Pettersson: A silky smooth, extremely skilled playmaking center. You know, the kind we've been looking for!? This kid could very well turn into the real deal, a key piece of our future Stanley Cup winning roster. Yeah, he is no Crosby, but you don't need a Crosby. He could be our Krejci, our Backstrom, etc. People need to give him a chance, it will take a couple years but he will be great. It is honestly quite sickening. A lot of the critiques I see of Elias Pettersson is "He's just some Euro" or "Another soft Swede, great!" among other harmful rhetoric. There seems to be some weird form of bigotry that Canadians use to classify European hockey players. Soft, no heart, etc. It is absolutely classless, and does not belong in a diverse and inclusive society. There are so many European players who have had great careers, and you can't tell me that they aren't tough! Sure, the kid is 165 pounds but he is 6'2". obviously he is going to fill out. And him being European will not mean he will be a soft player with no heart, like so many Canadian bigots like to spew. Therefore, I firmly believe this will be looked on as one of the best drafts in franchise history. I predict all of these players I discussed will become regular Canucks within 3-4 years. I also predict that Elias Pettersson will make a lot of you eat crow. HBH out.
  14. We'll see if he can stay healthy. If he can't, then hopefully trade him for peanuts.
  15. Any legs to this rumor?