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  1. Ben Hutton: Do We Really Need Him?

    I can’t believe how wrong I was... Hutton has regressed this year and doesn’t appear to be in our future plans....the door is closing fast on him here.
  2. Michael DiPietro | G

    He could be way better than demko
  3. You don’t hear any hockey players reference the cannabis plant, while it is common knowledge that the entire NBA/NFL are stoned all the time. Do do any of you have stories of NHL players smoking the reefer? Now that it’s a more accepted practice, I figured there would be some coming out of the closet.
  4. Cole Cassels | C

    His offensive production has improved slightly this year. Regardless, he is still a minus player and still don’t see where he fits. Was surprised he wasn’t traded at the deadline tbh.
  5. Olli Juolevi | D

    So is OJ Salos responsibility?
  6. Brendan Gaunce | #50 | C/LW

    Might be time to cut him loose. His ceiling has always been a great fourth line player. Brendan Gaunces grow on trees, and we can save salary space by not extending him.
  7. Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    Heard from Craig Button that Dahlen is NHL ready. Anybody have a run down of how he has progressed this year?
  8. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    Really excited for this guy. Hopefully he wins, but I won’t be too upset if he loses so we can get him up for a few games. Winning would do do wonders for his confidence though.
  9. Do you buy into what management is selling?

    Starting to not believe in this management more and more. They will ultimately be judged with how the team performs on Bennings new extension contract. If the team gels well and certain prospects live up to the hype, they will be celebrated (cup or bust however). If the team continues to perform poorly and/or our prospects fail to pan out? They’ll be run out of town. Way she goes bubs.
  10. [PGT] San Jose Sharks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    How are all you people still watching this? Theres other great hockey, and college basketball on right now. Y’all are masochists.
  11. A Bad Restaurant

    And what if the restaurant you started to love 4 decades ago has changed drastically? Originally, the establishment was a steakhouse with a lot of “meat and potatoes” dishes. Now, it has slowly devolved over the last couple of decades into a Swedish bakery serving up muffins all day. The restaurant boldly promises that the new kitchen staff will be re invigorating the kitchen back to some “meat and potatoes” dishes. However, you have been noticing that the new team being assembled are cut from the Swedish bakery cloth. The direction that the restaurant owner is taking has become murky and unclear, seemingly contradicting himself constantly with his actions. You love this restaurant, but it seems like the owner is betraying your trust by sneakily lying to you about how long this renovation will take. That would suck.
  12. Markstrom Moving Forward: A Big Head's Take

    It is a literary technique to get your attention. I believe it is called a hook. I just thought it was cute.
  13. Question: Which is bear is best? Fact: Black bear Fact: Bears Beets Battlestar Gallactica Bonus Fact: Markstrom has no future with this team. Jacob Markstrom has always been a sort of wild card since joining the Canucks in the Luongo trade years ago. He was considered one of the best younger goalies at the time but the Panthers had given up on him. We started him out in Utica and he did great, developing into an NHL capable goaltender. This was his year to take the reigns and assume the position of starter, since he has gotten a couple seasons at the pro level to develop. He is 28 years old now, basically towards the end of his development curve. He is not getting much better. 2.76 GAA? Not terrible. 0.909 save percentage? Not good enough, especially on a team like the Canucks who give up a lot of shots. Its not even that, its the timing of the goals that KILLS THE TEAM. If I were to guess, he would have the earliest average first goal of any goaltender in the NHL. He is a fringe starter, and more likely a solid backup at the NHL level. Given that he is signed beyond next year, we should explore trading him before the draft. Either as part of a package or for a mid round pick. A team in need of a back up or 1B goaltender would want him. This way we can either keep Nilsson, or figure out how to trade for a stud goaltender, or throw a lot of money at either Anti Raanta or Carter Hutton for a couple seasons. This way Thatcher can back them up as early as next season. It makes much more logical sense then to keep Markstrom. He is quite frankly a terrible goaltender and is hurting this team more than helping.
  14. Cole Cassels | C

    He has peaked. He will not get any better then right now, which is why we should trade him. Anybody watching his development has to have noticed that he is not quick enough for the NHL game. He is also not smart enough. They don't have advanced stats for NHL but I'm positive his CORSI is awful. His epic "shutdown" of McDavid has proven to be a fluke. How do you all expect us to sign Mr Future Sami Palhsson? Who do we not sign to make room for him? We need to trim the fat of our prospect pool and Cole Cassels is an excellent place to start.
  15. Olli Juolevi | D

    His stats are a little concerning. Not anywhere near what we expect.