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  1. The savior has arrived. This is the the guy who scores the cup winning goal.
  2. If Boeser wins us every game the rest of the year I will be so happy but so pissed at the same time.
  3. Mike Gillis really wasn't a bad GM.
  4. In before all the Juolevi fans flame you. There's pages and pages of this debate in the prospects thread.
  5. "Defend The Tie"- AV
  6. I was definitely bummed when the trade happened, but boy was I wrong and I am not afraid to admit it. Although Granlund has been improving a lot, I have to think that he is nearing his ceiling, which isn't bad if it is a 25 G/yr player. Still, he has really become an excellent player who can play in the top 9 consistently. On any line. Shinkaruk has been an utter disappointment. I think most were excited about his cockiness/enthusiasm, but now he just looks like a tool. This evaluation must have been a slam dunk for Benning, as he was never high on Shinkaruk, or at least never really went out of his way to compliment him. Looks like Shinkaruk is going to be in the AHL for a while.
  7. You can't just pick and choose what is and isn't funny. Everything has the potential to be made fun of in good humor. That is, unless you're a liberal snowflake cuck.
  8. May as well tank haha Where's the video of Tram destroying Benn?
  9. A Canuck legend. Thanks for the memories.
  10. Was Megna benched after his gaffe? Judging by the response on here he was probably given extra icetime afterwards.
  11. It is more aerodynamic.
  12. He may have a big head but his heart is even bigger. <3
  13. Yeah, so I'm saying he's a 5-6 D. AKA bottom pairing D. Easily replaceable. You would have realized that if you could put two and two together. Also my name is HBH not HBK, so I think you're the one who needs to work on their reading comprehension.