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  1. Green said himself, with Quinn's effortless skating technique, he's able to skate miles without really exhausting himself. I believe he has a lot more stored reserves than Petterson or Brock so he should be fine as the season veers towards the playoff season.
  2. Which means 8 out of every 100 kids are transitioning to cigarettes after vaping. Wonder what the percentage of youth that start off smoking and stay smokers are. I also would like to know of the 27% of youth that vape, how many would've tried cigarettes and stuck with it if vaping wasn't a thing.
  3. Bad habit yes, but there really hasn't been any concrete information out determining cause of these serious respiratory illnesses of late. I'd guess that those that have fallen ill are either vaping black market products or attempting to fill vape cartridges with their own bootleg products. I'd put the blame on lack of law enforcement geared towards the black market vape products.
  4. I'd be saying that too if I wanted to keep my job. What else would I say? I certainly wouldn't pubicly say anything that goes against my bosses MO. So your saying you'd take Benning's word for truth while also agreeing that Aquilini is full of crap? Wasn't Benning a Linden hire?
  5. I don't understand the hard stance that you guys take carving up JB like this. There have been and still are substantial rumours coming from all parts of the hockey world of how the Aquilini's insist on interfering with the direction and day to day operations of the team despite FA's repeated denials. FA didn't want a rebuild. Let me repeat that again... FA DID NOT WANT A REBUILD! Wanted the playoff $s. So I'm of the thought that JB has/had his hands handcuffed to a certain extent this whole time. I'm also under the impression this is the very reason why Trev left the organization so abruptly. If he, as team president, did not have full control steering the team forward with his vision/plan because of the major speed bumps thrown here and there from ownership, his reputation as a savvy team builder and life long dedication to the city of Vancouver would be compromised permanently. Exactly what is happening to JB right now. You'd all be throwing TL under the bus as well.
  6. I certainly do. Jimbo is walking a fine line right now trying to save his own butt getting into the playoffs next year whilst attempting to not leave the cupboards too bare for him to work with once he gets a new contract signed for himself. I can't imagine what it's like to work for someone like FA who obviously likes to meddle with executive decisions while stating otherwise to the general public. Jim has no choice. He'll get it done.
  7. In two years time, We'll have Tryamkin back there mixed with either one of Gardiner/Myers or whomever through free agency/trade. We'll be ok. TWIN TOWERS ACTIVATE!
  8. Personally, I have the opposite opinion here. After reading the turmoil with Canucks prospects last year in Utica and their management's penchant to sit Palmu, Lind, Jonah, etc for long periods of time, I'd rather Hoglander go the path that Petey took for now.
  9. I think you mean it'll be a real treat to watch Pettersson and Hughes leading this team to success NEXT MONTH.
  10. To be fair, Gretzky had Semenko and McSorley there to remind opponents of what would happen to them if they looked at Gretzky the wrong way.
  11. Yes, but for "all things being equal", how was Gretzky's fitness level compared to the elite hockey players today? Did he train and specialized his diet during his hey day? I honestly don't know myself.
  12. I think he's figured it out already. If he played any other way, i don't think he makes it out of Utica... EVER!
  13. To be fair though, If Biega were playing on a regular basis, his play would more than likely deteriorate due to wear and tear wrt his playing style and small stature. Coming in and out of games allows him to play that "bulldog" style when inserted into the lineup.
  14. I can't see Petterson surpassing Bure as my own all time favourite Canuck. You have to remember that EVERYTIME Bure was on the ice, both live or on tv, I literally was ready to stand on my feet in anticipation of what he was going to do with the puck at lightening speed. This was literally happening from day 1 of his NHL career (against the Jets). You also have to remember that Bure did all this during the "dead puck" era where clutching, grabbing and interference should've been in the official rule book since the refs refused to call those types of infractions. Bure made every single defender he faced look like they were doing their best impression of Dana Murzyn (lovingly known as the pylon back in the day).
  15. I honestly look at it as luck. It was fortuitous that we drafted fifth overall instead of. First. My gut says Vancouver doesn’t come home with Petterson if we won the lottery. my point being that the lottery actually helped us. We got “screwed over” in a good way.