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  1. Come back and preach when he does this consistently for 5 seasons at a better rate than he currently is. Comparables being willy nylander and ehlers. #Virbusten
  2. Virbusten hitting the pads when he coulda roofed it to make it 4-2
  3. I remember when everyone laughed at me and locked my thread when I said once we stop scoring 5 goals a game we will lose. LITERALLY exactly what I expected. Markstrom lets in a first period softy every game he plays in, then a second goal. Does anyone even remember the last Canuck shutout? Or just let it one goal?
  4. How many times are people on here going to be okay with Marky boy allowing a goal on less than 10 shots? im done
  5. Almost 2 per post. Like markstroms 2 goals against per game
  6. 1 GOAL ON 5 SHOTS LOLOL. I told you guys and no one listened.. baddie markstrom
  7. So my other thread expressing MY OPINION about the canucks current play got locked because I was “trolling”? What kind of forum is this where we shutout voices who might disagree with our own view? That’s crazy. If you disagree with me then have a conversation (hence the point of the thread) don’t complain to mods and have it locked.
  8. Heaven forbid we allow 0 goals in a game! Just once. Good ol' marky has had 3 shutouts in his whole career
  9. First rational person on here. Exactly my thoughts