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  1. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Baum is good in the room and the organization has loyalty. But they just brought in better people to do his current job. He will be shuffled to something else which is a-ok with me. Glad to see a change with Brown being gonzo, even though I think his "incompetence" was grossly exaggerated. Time for a fresh take.
  2. People keep on bringing up Cody Hodgson as a "gotcha" point to not get too excited about a player with promise. The thing is, I watched Hodgson play live in the World Juniors and he was the best player on the ice. He absolutely dominated. Don't mistake a player with health or personal issues that derail their career for having been a player without promise or talent. See Ollie Juolevi for further evidence. Pod is a player with talent and promise! Get excited! Any predictions of what exactly that promise will amount to may well join many others
  3. Let's not prejudge him but I would say it is: Very Very Very Verifiable.
  4. When my 180 day wait period expires, the new user VforVasili will be born.
  5. So y'all are making the argument the team is worse off than when Benning took over? That is unmitigated bullpucky.
  6. People seem to constantly forget on these forums that the sign of a good GM is not that he never makes mistakes, but that he makes more good decisions than bad. Benning has done that. He isn't perfect and has taken risks that didn't pay off. Big deal. Put it to bed like a cranky toddler.
  7. That's funny. I am glad Benning is back despite his being human. I think Green is a good coach but if they need someone to fall on their sword then I think the coaching staff would be the ones to go. Green IS a good coach but there are lots of good coaches. I am ok with seeing him back and will be ok if they decide to go another way (aside from nuclear options like Torts or Babcock). I think they will interview the players and decide accordingly.
  8. "I Don't Like Benning" does not equal "You can't like Benning". That is what you are missing by just insulting everyone who disagrees with you. Particularly when you bait people and label them as having extreme views when they have openly stated he is not without his faults. Benning has done more long term good than harm. I am glad he is back, even though he has made mistakes. So in your eyes I am a blind follower and "Benning Bro" who isn't worth talking to. Which of us is the one who is blind to reason in that scenario?
  9. Agreed. It happens so often that a GM gets fired and the guy who comes in gets to claim all the credit for the builders work. Glad to see they aren't going that road. It would be foolish. There have been setbacks. There have also been pleasant surprises. It takes time to build a contender.
  10. I think it means a LOT to the players to not come in last and not go out with a whimper. What is likely to make a bigger difference? A motivated team heading into off-season feeling good about their chances or a slightly better chance at a draft lottery? I think at this stage the incremental improvements of all our talented young players is the most important thing of all. Anyone who watched the start of this season saw what a difference psychology makes, as our talented wonder kids started playing scared to lose and that lack of confidence spread like the coronavirus. It matters
  11. This grind is a disgrace. Games are completely pointless. And yet I continue to watch.
  12. I have liked the look of him but I have noticed a tendency to overpass instead of shooting the puck this game. Rookie nerves I imagine.
  13. I think the Canucks have largely ceased to see the point of this charade of a road trip full of make up games. Engaged when they are in a tight game but nothing left left in the tank for mounting comebacks.
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