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  1. Only we aren't. The deal is very buyout friendly (especially when you factor in a rising cap) and unlike some of the guys they moved, he can still play the game and fill a role even if he is no longer a top pairing D-man.
  2. I think this was a very important point. We all react with disappointment not to see the pick tonight but I would much rather be excited for the whole freaking season!
  3. Here is my take. People complaining about overpaying for short term cap space and worrying about long term cap space are missing a key point. Covid has made the cap space this year so much more valuable than ever. It hurts like a gut punch to lose the 9th overall but Garland is a known commodity (and well worth it) unlike all those players that have not been subject to proper scouting and many of whom are up to two years knocked back in their development due to covid. Only up to page 25 but this has been a crazy roller coaster ride for the ages.
  4. How much do you figure they would have to pay us in a trade to get Holtby from us? Then they have both. His value is not high right now as we need the cap space, even if he is the goalie they want.
  5. Sucks to lose Lind but so happy to see Big Mac will still be a part of our team. He has a lot more potential to give than we have seen from him so far.
  6. The other thing that kept occurring to me is this: If they want Holtby, they can get him in trade with us for next to nothing because we want the cap space. Not so for Kole Lind. They can have their cake and eat it too.
  7. The fact almost every post speculating about who they would take mentioned that the poster "hoped they didn't take Kole Lind" was enough for me to make my peace with this many days ago. It was the obvious choice for the Kraken.
  8. Anyone know how to get the name and numbers changed on your Virtanen jersey? ;-)
  9. I looked at this thread. "Don't click it, it is 90% likely to be an idiotic rant!", my brain told me. I stared at it. "I mean, maybe it is actually someone giving a balanced and coherent argument. What else am I so busy with that I can't have a quick look while I sweat to death in my office?" I regret not listening to the first voice.
  10. @SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME Wanted to say thanks for your voice of reason. Your posts are the ones I enjoy the most on CDC, bar none. You are appreciated!
  11. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Baum is good in the room and the organization has loyalty. But they just brought in better people to do his current job. He will be shuffled to something else which is a-ok with me. Glad to see a change with Brown being gonzo, even though I think his "incompetence" was grossly exaggerated. Time for a fresh take.
  12. People keep on bringing up Cody Hodgson as a "gotcha" point to not get too excited about a player with promise. The thing is, I watched Hodgson play live in the World Juniors and he was the best player on the ice. He absolutely dominated. Don't mistake a player with health or personal issues that derail their career for having been a player without promise or talent. See Ollie Juolevi for further evidence. Pod is a player with talent and promise! Get excited! Any predictions of what exactly that promise will amount to may well join many others
  13. Let's not prejudge him but I would say it is: Very Very Very Verifiable.
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