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  1. is that gaudette at the end in a suit and tie with a toque?
  2. i wonder if it is as simple as motte being hurt in camp and therefore not being waivable right now. he gets healthy and switches seats with barrtschi assuming gaudette stays up. meanwhile, canucks are carrying 7 centres right now and utica is one short.
  3. quiet player. he never caught my eye in la even though i think of him as a scoring threat watching him here it's the same. rarely heard his name called. then he scores a nice goal. i will wait the obligatory ten games to see what we have when the adrenaline wears off. cautiously optimistic.
  4. i agree he is fairly complete but he needs to upgrade his skating to really impress me. i see a strong straight liner who played a power game in the ncaa that he is likely not big enough for in the nhl, but i don't see a guy yet who can out turn a dman or beat him off the boards. the thing i like most about him is his obvious drive and focus to be better (as opposed to being just an energy guy). that can move mountains and is why he stands out to me.
  5. nice to see him make stuff happen. you get the feeling he has the drive to overcome the shortcomings in his game.
  6. the issue with quinn will be how disruptive he will be to team defence, given he will be looking to play 20 plus minutes. if he can make his d game work and/or find a complimentary guy who can cover for him and have the team maintain defensive shape when he is on the ice it will be awesome. hence they want to keep tanev. the danger is the phil housley sutuation where, as good as he was on offence, you could staple the guy on the bench with a good forecheck and he was good to allow multiple oddman rushes per game.
  7. the volatility of goldy's minutes game by game is very surprising as is the lack of media attention it has received. i don't know if regularly having ten minute or less games is baked into the media expectations of goldy, or if they are intentionally laying off him for some reason. either way, his most recent minutes suggest he is on the bubble with the coach and is trending in the wrong direction. hopefully it is just a case of green's tough love.
  8. he played well again. had two excellent scoring chances. tough to say send him to utica when he has games like this.
  9. krutovsdonut

    Sam Gagner | C/W

    plus half the vrbata contract was very good and miller may not have won a vezina but he earned his paycheck and sheltered marky. plus matthias and richardson were fine. i don't really get gagner's angle with giving interviews at all, let alone any that less than 100% positive in tone. talking to the media is not going to force a trade that can't be made and is potentially going to hurt him with other teams evaluating whether to bring him into their room. nobody is going to take a chance on the guy if they think he's going to be a drama queen if it does not work out and they'll have to read adn hear about it. plus if he ever succeeds in pissing the canucks off they are just going to bury him. benning might be a nice guy, but aquilinni is the kind of guy who will leave your company car in the parking lot to rot after he fires you until the tires go flat "pour encourager les autres".
  10. it's definitely amazing how many goals arose from goalies coming way out to challenge the shooter because they and their gear were so small that if they didn't do that you had half the net to shoot at. you can also see how easy it would be for a goalie to lose his angle coming out so far. the flip side though is the sticks. gretzky had that mnemonic top shelf slapper dialed in because you couldn't get a consistent killer wrist shot off in those days unless you were brett hull with arms like a gorilla.
  11. that was mesmerizing. i had forgotten how much he relied on that slapper. i have never before watched gretzky footage for the purpose of comparing him to someone. thanks for that unique experience.
  12. i love that someone is doing a serious considered gretzky comparison without getting completely hammered. just the fact that is possible makes me happy.
  13. krutovsdonut

    Sam Gagner | C/W

    any team that wants sam gagner can have him for future considerations. he's also been given a place to play where canucks management cannot interfere in anyway. the canucks would even retain or maybe take back a troubled asset to make a deal. so if sam gagner is still a canuck at the end of the year, that's going to be due to sam gagner not being attractive to 31 teams, not just 1.
  14. he had a good game and he's showing progression for a few games now. he's beginning to find time and space and he is not just grinding it out but is working on details. but he's not strong enough yet to play his game. his passes lack zip , especially on the backhand, and he has no ability to separate himself using speed or strength. those things will hopefully come. what is missing for me are those brief moments where you see full potential. he looks sufficiently overmatched that he can't get to those. that's why i still think he should go to utica.