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  1. quiet player. he never caught my eye in la even though i think of him as a scoring threat watching him here it's the same. rarely heard his name called. then he scores a nice goal. i will wait the obligatory ten games to see what we have when the adrenaline wears off. cautiously optimistic.
  2. the issue with quinn will be how disruptive he will be to team defence, given he will be looking to play 20 plus minutes. if he can make his d game work and/or find a complimentary guy who can cover for him and have the team maintain defensive shape when he is on the ice it will be awesome. hence they want to keep tanev. the danger is the phil housley sutuation where, as good as he was on offence, you could staple the guy on the bench with a good forecheck and he was good to allow multiple oddman rushes per game.
  3. krutovsdonut

    Sam Gagner | C/W

    plus half the vrbata contract was very good and miller may not have won a vezina but he earned his paycheck and sheltered marky. plus matthias and richardson were fine. i don't really get gagner's angle with giving interviews at all, let alone any that less than 100% positive in tone. talking to the media is not going to force a trade that can't be made and is potentially going to hurt him with other teams evaluating whether to bring him into their room. nobody is going to take a chance on the guy if they think he's going to be a drama queen if it does not work out and they'll have to read adn hear about it. plus if he ever succeeds in pissing the canucks off they are just going to bury him. benning might be a nice guy, but aquilinni is the kind of guy who will leave your company car in the parking lot to rot after he fires you until the tires go flat "pour encourager les autres".
  4. krutovsdonut

    Sam Gagner | C/W

    any team that wants sam gagner can have him for future considerations. he's also been given a place to play where canucks management cannot interfere in anyway. the canucks would even retain or maybe take back a troubled asset to make a deal. so if sam gagner is still a canuck at the end of the year, that's going to be due to sam gagner not being attractive to 31 teams, not just 1.