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  1. Dont make a thread that's designed to be updated constantly if you're too busy, I wasnt making fun of you, it's pointless having a non updated thread. Sorry to hear about g-maw.
  2. Someone who gives a &^@# should probably run this thread so it gets updated. We have had several injuries that are not represented on the front page.
  3. it looks like he forgot how to skate. Hes always reaching for pucks instead of skating the extra foot. I think he might be lazy, maybe just wants to go un-injured for the rest of his career and retire healthy. Who knows, i do know if u want him to succeed he should probably be on a scoring line.
  4. someone should email that to ep.. i think hes up to it.
  5. Since when does a fight require both parties to be willing? Thats at most an instigator penalty.. and i dont even like lucic
  6. That sounds like a personal attack to me... yet hes still here..
  7. You guys are a bunch of clowns. Conspiracy that Owner wont do this Blah blah blah It's called depth mother&^@#ers... we have it now. If you have to pick between equal amounts of offense and defence (le vs sven) you pick defence. Sven, although you may like him more is equally or less useful than le.
  8. With our &^@#ing eyes... maybe get some glasses. Then sign up for reading comprehension and finish reading the rest of my post.. tool
  9. Im pretty sure they got rid of delzotto because of his horrible DJ skills..
  10. its sad how much worse and frustrating the Canucks are to watch without hughes... Can we make a clone?
  11. He did have a slow start, and he did and still does look a step behind. Despite that, he is still putting up tons of points and almost won us the game with .5 seconds to go last game.