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  1. I love the first 5 picks haven’t looked into Forsell. Klimovich looks like a player and the NHL panel had the expressions like “Vancouver got another one”. Guy tucks NHL level goals.
  2. They drafted one with the 140th …I think…
  3. How does Benning find these guys…I’m a little worried now. Lol! seems like a players, klimovich
  4. Hey Deniro, who?? I think you got the wrong quote!
  5. Watching this draft like how the &^@# they wont talk about how good the canucks are now...
  6. Hahahah man i just cant. Just laughing. Somebody go visit the Alberta forums and see how much $&!# their talking about us rn. Also, the NHL hates us again for giving Arizona a pick.
  7. But they have Markstrom Leivo and Tanev, and shortly, Edler. Id say any team with those guys are a shoe in.... To draft Conor Bedard.
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