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  1. Don wont work for sportsnet, i think hes very clear about it these days, but hmm, idk.
  2. Pettersson's my favorite player, but if top players on other teams are held accountable, he should be too. Seems like he's trying to force the play way too much rn. Let it come naturally. Miller to some extent as well should be talked to about the turnovers in his own zone. Rathbone needs to be quicker on the breakout, hes great though. Hoglander, Garland, Miller, Horvat, Myers, Poolman, OEL looked great out there. Boeser had some rippers. Its Seattle's home opener, they understandably came out hard and wanting it. Nice to see us come on top.
  3. Much better game than previous recycles. I also have a PS5. New Frostbite engine is really nice.
  4. Chek TV Donnie and Dhali is my fave. &^@# this toronto media.
  5. I pay no attention to people that aren't as educated as me when it comes to the sport.
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