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  1. Trolls can do what they want, they're actually way more of a minority than people who are active on the internet give them credit for. If what you're saying is true Trudeau would never have been re-elected.
  2. Showing an understanding of the severity of their actions and apologizing publicly and directly to the person(s) without the addition of legalese, excuses that detract or deflect blame, or hiding behind a corporate curtain. I'm all for giving people another chance when they demonstrate that they understand the errors they've made and own up to them fully, without trying to worm out of them at all, and show that they've changed the way that they conduct themselves. None of the coaches so far have done those things.
  3. That's a good question - why can't they? Because they're not apologizing in any meaningful way.
  4. Sure, but those people also need to acknowledge their mistakes and take responsibility for them. Peters, for example, did not. Taking responsibility also means understanding that if an organization wants to sever ties with you because of your past actions (if they didn't know about them when they hired you) that's their prerogative and completely fair.
  5. Most of the hothead coaches that I can think of that have won Stanley Cups haven't been the deciding factor in their runs (ex: Babcock with his all-star Detroit team). Coaches who lift their players up inspire them to play hard out of love are the ones who get their team to make unexpected Cup runs. Those are the coaches that actually make a difference rather than just being carried by a cast of all-star players.
  6. There are moments in your adult life where you experience pure joy and wonderment the way you did when you were a child. Moments that surpass just being happy or excited, moments that cut through the fog of old memories like the first rays of sun through morning mist. They are few and far between - maybe a handful in a lifetime - and they stay with us, each time they are conjured from the past appearing as fresh as they day we experienced them. Your first kiss. Holding your child for the first time. Watching Burrows slay the Dragon.
  7. Not at all, I just find your ignorance hilarious. To think that all lawyers do is sue people shows a massive and almost shocking lack of knowledge. Lawyers being hated as a profession isn't evidence that supports your claim that "all they do is sue people" either. It would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic and sad.
  8. With every post you showcase more and more of your ignorance. Pretty soon you'll need to buy a new display case to show it all off.
  9. You have no idea why he acquired a lawyer, and there's just as much of a chance he got one to defend against a potential libel suit if Peters decided to deny the allegation and fight about it.
  10. This too. People ITT are frothing about how he's looking for some payout when there have been no credible reports that that's true. It's silly because they're just making themselves angrier about something that's not true.
  11. That's what's called a strawman and is a logical fallacy. As such it doesn't even bear taking the time to actually refute. Try harder next time.
  12. Exactly. Because we have evidence of absolutely appalling things happening to young players in locker rooms. If you cultivate a culture where coaches and/or veterans are treated like gods and behave like tyrants and there is no room for young players to speak out without being punished then you're opening the door to a very dark place. We're not talking about unsavory jokes, ribbing about getting laid, or laughing when guys choke on their first mouthful of chew. We're talking about kids getting stripped and humiliated, getting spat and pissed on, getting sodomized with broom handles and left in closets, getting tied up naked and left at center ice. These are things that we know have happened, and these are the things that won't get reported in a "don't ask don't tell, boys will be boys, give your balls a tug, leave it in the locker room" culture. That's simply not an acceptable thing to allow.
  13. Screw that though, honestly. It's one thing to say it when there's nothing really bad happening in the locker room, but it sets a terrible precedent for when something serious does happen.
  14. I disagree. You can see the spit nearly go into Guddie's mouth and it was a big gob of foamy, phlegmy spit, not just a light spray. That's foul and Hathaway deserved the punch and more.
  15. Nothing says you're a caring person like proclaiming that you are on the internet. I'll take my order of empathy without the free side of self-indulgent masturbatory smugness please.