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  1. Petey needed to just skate right through Rinne there and bring the puck into the net with him.
  2. Of course. No hand passes, no goalie interference, and no whistles.
  3. I don't see how Watson didn't take Marky out of the play there. Let's see how biased the refs are.
  4. Don't you want to see the Storm Surge they'll do with the Cup hoisted over their heads? Cherry would die from 10 simultaneous brain aneurysms.
  5. Aaaaand another, because we wouldn't want Nashville to lose in their own barn would we?
  6. Yes, and if the refs say anything about "intent to blow the whistle" it's just another massive indication of NHL officiating's hypocrisy and incompetence.
  7. Right? This is almost a new level of throwing out the rulebook when we start questioning whether whistles stop play.
  8. Nah he didn't really, he had the stick up high in the armpit but Granlund wasn't winging on it.
  9. The only explanation we got was "the puck was still in constant motion", which makes no sense at all. Even the Nashville announcers didn't think it should have been a goal.
  10. Currently watching the Nashville feed and even their casters can't believe that no-goal was called back. Both announcers were saying it was just a bad break for Nashville, but one they'd been on the other side of a few times recently and really didn't understand why it was called back.
  11. Multiple-round playoffs capable team within 3 years. Cup contender within 5. Ideal but doable.
  12. I would happily get into a K-I-C-K-A-S-S chant :D
  13. Unexpected but deserved. Anyone who watched the game knew it was a direct result of JV's hit going unpunished earlier.