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  1. What the &^@# Burkie, "Gavi needs to try to block that shot" after he takes it up in his neck area. Come on bud.
  2. You'd be right, the guy in the very front with the grey beard and toga is the senator. All the others are legionaries.
  3. At least the Canucks logos don't just lie to try to justify their team name like Ottawa. The Senators don't have an actual Roman senator as their logo. It's an optione (it's unlikely that the designer actually knew the difference between an optione and a centurion). Senatorial rank was a societal rank and political office, but not a military office. You had to be of senatorial rank to be an officer in Rome, but that didn't make you an actual senator. Also, can we talk about the helmet for a second - Roman military helmets didn't have visors. The "Senator" is wearing an adult version of this, with the addition of Corinthian-style cheek protectors. It's a historical nightmare. An actual acting senator in the Roman Senate would be an old man in a toga, possibly with a scroll. If we're talking logo accuracy, something that looks like this guy would be more appropriate: Also, notice the difference between Roman military uniform and Roman senate dress, easily illustrated here. Guess who the senator is (hint: he's in the front.)
  4. If you're the POTUS and you're giving a speech at a time like this you'd better make sure that the words you say present a clear and unassailable point that can't be easily misconstrued. Too bad the current POTUS doesn't care enough to actually write good, non-rambling speeches that have actual substance. Maybe when you die Trump will use you as a sideshow prop in one of his speeches too, won't that make you feel like a big shiny boy.
  5. I don't know about that, T/K always seem to find that next gear and are able to rally their team behind them in the playoffs. The Oilers don't really have that, though they undeniably have the firepower up front. I could see Chicago taking it hard to Edmonton and closing out a short series against them.
  6. That's not true, Babcock couldn't get the Leafs to be anything but soft.
  7. And the paper itself is about the 2011 run, which is my point. The note mixes the two Cup runs together.
  8. Re-read the note, it says we lost to Boston in New York. The note makes no sense and there's no way someone in the Vancouver newspaper industry gets those details wrong - we lost the Cup in our own city and had riots FFS.
  9. Why would the unattached caption be the incorrect thing though, especially when a "mocked-up frontpage" could easily have unrelated text used to fill text boxes. It's just someone's silly personal joke. If it's actually on official display somewhere there's no way it says Vancouver beats Boston in New York.
  10. It's fake, read the caption at the bottom it says we lost Game 7 in New York. It's like a weird mashup of '94 and '11.
  11. Good thing we're still in a playoff spot right now then. Missing the playoffs in the very first year that you were reasonably expecting to be able to make a push for them is not the end of the world.