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  1. That was a great run. I love this team and I'm proud of the group of players that represented our franchise throughout the season. Finally after a lot of years, we can say: what a great season has been.
  2. Golden Knights vs Canucks - Vancouver in 7 Avalanche vs Stars - Avs in 5 Flyers vs Islanders - Isles in 7 Lightning vs Bruins - Tampa in 6
  3. After years of bottom 5 hoping for the first overall, we have just eliminated the Stanley Cup Champions AND the best regular season team in West. I love this team!
  4. 3rd jersey, yes. Home/ away I'd prefer to stick with actual colour scheme. Too many changes in the past and I like blue and green.
  5. During the rebuilding years one of my favourite Canuck was Thomas Vanek even if he stayed with us only for few months. Well, now we owe him a big thanks for his greatest play as a Canuck: bringing us...TYLER FREAKIN' MOTTE!
  6. Philly vs Montreal - Philly in 5 Tampa Bay vs Columbus - Tampa in 5 Washington vs NY Islanders - Washington in 6 Boston vs Carolina - Carolina in 7 Vegas vs Chicago - Vegas in 5 Colorado vs Arizona - Colorado in 4 St. Louis vs Vancouver - Vancouver in 5 Dallas vs Calgary - Calgary in 6
  7. Which opponent do you prefer and why? Discuss
  8. Great news. I just read a tweet that states he instantly become our 3rd best prospect. Thoughts?
  9. Bieksa. Nominating Willie Mitchell.
  10. Naslund (5) - Pettersson (5) - Bure (6) Hamhuis (2) - Tanev (1) Miller (2)
  11. Alex Burrows. Nominating Salo.