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  1. Just a clarification on Ray's comment. Yes, Rafferty leads all AHL D-men in scoring. He is also tied for 5th in +/- among all D-men in the AHL. However, his is tied for FIRST in +/- among all AHL rookies. As Kanuckfanatic says, Rafferty is having a great season. I would also like to weigh in on the Rafferty v. Juolevi comparison. Juolevi has the worst +/- on the team and his scoring is nowhere near Rafferty. Often when a player has a record like that supporters will claim that he is getting "tough minutes", "playing shutdown" etc. And especially when a coach is asked w
  2. Yes, with a big game tonight, Rafferty is making a run at being the top scoring D-man in the AHL. He is just one point behind Pouliot. And he is well ahead of some other significant names like Jake Bean and Evan Bouchard (although both those guys are a few years younger.) At age 24 Rafferty is still young enough that we could expect further development. He is a classic late bloomer. According to Dobber Prospects he was 5'6 in his draft year. He is now 6'2 and is listed at 198 lbs on the Utica website. Kind of like Chris Tanev (late bloomer) except he is heavier and stronger than T
  3. I was expecting to see a comment on Lind matching last year's point total in his 23rd game tonight. Since no one else commented, I will. Last year it took him 51 games to get 17 points (0.33 PPG) and this year his his 17 pts in just 23 games gives him a PPG is 0.74. That is a movement from a good 3rd line level in the AHL to a legitimate first line level in the AHL. But dividing last year into two halves is even more interesting and more impressive. In his first 25 games last year, Lind had only 5 pts. (He had only 2 pts in his first 18 games.) His second half las
  4. First, I agree with Nucker that a backloaded 3-yr contract would make sense. It is unlikely Seattle would take Edler for that high a price for one year. The other option would be a 2 year deal so he would not be in the draft and could re-sign with the Canucks at that point. (Of course he would like a longer deal, but the Canucks could give him enough money in a 2 year deal to make it worthwhile. The year after they will need to pay EP so the have less flexibility for that year.) As for who the Canucks will want to protect -- almost certainly they will opt to protect 3 D's. One
  5. 1. At this point in the year it does not matter if the Canucks have Baertsch on IR or not. The question is whether he plays. The team can now (after the TDL) carry as many players as they like, so whether Baerschi takes up a spot on the active roster does not matter. Also, the NHL is never going to complain about keeping a player on IR due to concussion concerns. Se whether or not he is officially on IR is not an issue. 2. Green is just doing his job as coach. He does not get to apply his own medical judgement. If a guy has been cleared to play, then Green can play him. That does n
  6. I feel compelled to respond to the bolded statement above. I don't know what evidence it is based on but it is dangerously incorrect. A good article explaining research on long term evolution of concussions experience by athletes is here: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/health/canadian-study-sees-long-term-changes-to-the-brain-after-a-concussion-even-in-younger-athletes/article31045747/ The actual scientific publication it is based on is the following: https://www.liebertpub.com/doi/10.1089/neu.2016.4531. One good thing about the stu
  7. We are all impatient to see prospects in the NHL. And getting EP into the NHL in his draft+2 year does not seem to have done him any harm. But, D's often need more time that forwards. I think it is almost certain that Rathbone returns to Harvard next year. If he turns pro, he won't make the team as 7th man. Obviously he has to play. Assuming Edler is re-signed, that means he would have to beat out Hutton or Hughes to make the team (and move ahead of Juolevi on the depth chart). I don't see that happening. That means that if he turns pro he goes to Utica. I am sure he w
  8. My first thought was that maybe Jake is ill or injured. But, Goldy was always going to get another chance and this is probably the right time as he is at risk of losing his timing and sharpness if he stays out much longer, especially with the all-star break coming up. The question is, why Jake? I was kind of expecting Granlund to sit. It would not make sense for Goldy to take Granlund's spot on the Sutter's shutdown line, but Leivo could move down to make room for Goldy with Horvat. Good call by Zhukini and Nucker on Jake's play.
  9. Good point about goal differential and goals scored. They are both in the tie-break list. Here is the list of tie-breakers (with goal differential coming first). Note that goal differential and goals for count ONLY AMONG THE TIED TEAMS. Therefore, running up the score against a non-contender like Norway has no chance of mattering. I think the reason for the structure is precisely to avoid a situation where standings are decided by who ran up the score most against a weak team. So I don't think there was any benefit at all from running up the score against Norway. I think the tie-breaker is sys
  10. Yes, DiPietro was very good. And I agree with Jester that it is not clear that Demko stays ahead of DiPietro. Of course, DiPietro still needs to show he can succeed in the AHL, let alone the NHL, and goalie is the hardest position to predict, but his trajectory so far is excellent. And, I am not the first to say it (or even the 10th) , but how did Canada not pick Woo for the team? He deserved the pick on merit and having him play in Vancouver would have great for the local fans as well. I also don't think Hunter was the right pick as coach. He got the job partly due to
  11. I am not sure what you are referring to. I have seen no indication that Gaudette is pissed about pegged as a 3C. For one thing, I don't think he is being pegged as a 3C. But if he turned out to be 3C on a good NHL team (as we hope Vancouver will soon be), I think he would be delighted. He might be unhappy that the three UFA signings have reduced his probably of making the team out of camp from close to 100% to something below 50%, but that is different. Whatever happens I think he will adopt a good attitude and work hard. And I am sure he realizes that playing a lead role on what s
  12. Pretty much every prospect for every team get over-rated by the fanbase for a while. For some it lasts a long time, as it has for Virtanen. For others, the honeymoon period is short, as for Baertschi, or even shorter, as for Vey. So I just thought I would throw in my two cents on these guys. I also like Leipsic. But what I mean by that is that I expect him to make the team next year, probably as a 4th liner. But, being tough minded, he is probably no better than 50-50 (if that) to be on the team in two years. Virtanen made a lot of progress this year. But I still see h
  13. Just jumping a few bandwagons here. First, about Kole Lind. As frequently mentioned on CDC, Benning said "Why hasn't anyone taken Kole Lind?" And Lind was a good pick at #33. Still, while a few ratings had him going in the low first round, most did not and had him as a high second rounder. And, in the actual draft, a lot of GMs passed on Lind. This year Lind was fairly close to making Canada's WJC team but did not make it, and he did not make WHL western conference all-star team. Both his draft position and his pGPS put him at about 50-50 (or a bit less) to become a good NHL play
  14. I agree that Goldy has more top 6 potential than Gaudette. However, Goldy can't, in my view, play effectively in the bottom 6. He is unlikely to ever be good defensively and is very unlikely to ever play shutdown or PK. And he will never contribute to the physical game or provide a high energy game. So it is a tradeoff. Goldy might have a 40% chance of becoming a good top 6 forward, but a 60% chance of being nothing more than a fringe player. Gaudette has less chance being a good top 6 forward (maybe 20%) but is very likely to at least be a good bottom 6 forward. So Goldy has
  15. Agree with these comments. And Adam has been unlucky not to get on the scoreboard so far. At a minimum, he is solid defensively and he provides quite a bit of energy. I see no reason for him to go to Utica next year. I have him pencilled in at 4C next year on the Canucks. He needs to add some strength and improve his face-off performance and he will continue to work on his skating. But I like his 200 ft game. He is the kind of guy who can play effectively in the bottom 6 even if he does not have a good enough skill level to play top 6 at the NHL level. And he is potentially a shutdown/PK guy
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