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  1. Again, your post doesn’t address my points and simply makes an ad hominem attack. This is the sign of someone who’s well aware they’ve lost a debate. Just because one cannot handle that the points made to counter their argument are valid, does not make one making the points condescending, what it makes them is right and the other side incapable of accepting being wrong, and your response proves it. A verbal attack followed by “I’m right because I say so”. Please enjoy hockeyforums, it’s more your style.
  2. They should have done a raptors clippers preseason game - that would have been smart marketing and a way to maximize revenue
  3. All I see there is a big dman who is mobile, can walk the line, has a snipe of of a wrist shot that can get through, sees the ice incredibly well, almost bouncing passes off guys sticks into the net, and that knows when to come down low and take a risk. Certainty looks like a top 2 dman to me lol. 99.9% of the bashers on here will avoid dealing with what’s in that video and above. Thanks for the post, you made me even more excited to see this kid in our lineup.
  4. They can mutually terminate it. Which is what will happen if they send him to Utica, he will ask.
  5. They’ll move Sutter in feb for a late first if he can be bubble wrapped and stay healthy. Law of averages says he’s due to have a healthy good season. Erickson won’t report to Utica and will void his contract imho. My bet is his agent is already talking to teams and trying to set that up.
  6. He looks to be in good shape and is just enormous, I can’t wait till he’s back in March!
  7. Stecher is a Swiss Army knife RD. Benn is old and can play both sides, he’s here 2 years max. OJ Is a LD, Try can play both sides. Woo will see AHL time before NHL 1-2 years and be a depth guy initially. Troy will stick around and be at worst our next Biega but better. Edler Myers Hughes Tanev Benn Stecher In 2 years years, Edler and Benn will have aged out, Hughes Myers Juolevi Tanev (if resigned although I think he’ll be traded if Tryamkin is signed in march) Tryamkin Stecher Woo
  8. And potentially the season prior. If you recall he injured his back in training the year prior and it hurt his chances in camp. He’s had two untimely and unlucky injuries in two years - but our haters love ignoring that. apparently OJ should be good enough to make the NHL and dominate as a top 2 because of his draft position despite injuries . If you’re 5th overall you should be as good as doughty on one leg and a messed up back according to their logic. Lol
  9. Probabilities based on what? Not putting up points from his couch with a torn up knee? Ok smh
  10. As I stated above to Alf your response is typical of those who want to bash our prospects. http://forum.canucks.com/topic/377676-olli-juolevi-d/?do=findComment&comment=14982796 You say 6 years but you ignore actual facts behind his development, yet a few posts prior try to pretend you incorporate it into your thinking. 6 years are not really “6 years” when 2 of those years have been effectively lost to injury are they? And guess what? Who cares? If he’s a number 1 or 2 by 24 years old is that a big deal to you? Lol. But let’s also not forget you have to add in a year or two, or a year if you want to argue over it, for the strength he was known he needed to gain. So that’s what 3 years? You people think just because a player gets hurt in 2 of 3 years post draft he’s not lived up to his draft position. Even a MORON realizes evaluating an injured player on what he can be Doesn’t work since, drrr where are the data points? You and your cohort say oh I know he was hurt then go on to act like he wasn’t hurt and he’s played 240 games since being drafted and performed poorly - since that’s the only way one could make an assessment such as yours. Umm no, he’s been hurt, so how do you say he’s not living up to his potential? His potential doing what? Rehabbing? Is he not rehabbing fast enough? Ok sorry talk to the medical staff about that! AGAIN, Roman Josi took 5 years to become a top 4 NHL dman. Not even a top 2 (Weber was ahead of him). Al Arbour, who knows a hell of a lot more about hockey than you ever will, stated it takes about 200 games in the NHL to know what you have in a defenseman. But I guess you and your “circle of friends” from hockey forums know better than him from what? watching a kid rehab? Was he not scoring enough from the couch or press box when he couldn’t walk? Was he getting burned wide by guys on the ice while he was in the Utica press box eating popcorn watching? Did he not live up to being a top 5 pick because the Canucks chose not to call him up and play him with a torn knee ligament? Damn what a bad pick!! He should be able to be as good as Doughty on one leg! He must have no heart! The Canucks wanted him up on one leg but he passed right? Smh Move on, and when you learn about hockey come and chat. Until then I have better things to do than educate you. I find it ironic and humorous that EXACTLY how I explained how the trolls act on this site, you end up doing exactly that! Go figure! Lol
  11. Who said that? How long did Josi take to be a top pairing dman? 5-6 years right? By 200 games however we should be able to see what his ceiling is. Perhaps take reading comprehension from grade 6 again.
  12. Talk to me after 200 games in the NHL as to whether he was worth a 5th overall. That’s generally a good barometer. Enjoy Hockey Forums, it’s more up your alley
  13. I don’t hate other teams. I just think it’s early to say OJ was not worthy of 5th overall given 1. He was known to need time to gain strength 2. He looked to be developing fine then got a couple of unfortunate injuries. None of that suggests he wasn’t worth the 5th overall. Those complaining are basing their assessment on “speed to nhl” and ignoring 1 and 2 above yet saying they aren’t ignoring it. Their position is not logically consistent with facts or even their own statements
  14. It sure is. But it’s hard to get results when you’re injured isn’t it?
  15. Cool story. We disagree. Now what?