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  1. They can mutually terminate it. Which is what will happen if they send him to Utica, he will ask.
  2. They’ll move Sutter in feb for a late first if he can be bubble wrapped and stay healthy. Law of averages says he’s due to have a healthy good season. Erickson won’t report to Utica and will void his contract imho. My bet is his agent is already talking to teams and trying to set that up.
  3. He looks to be in good shape and is just enormous, I can’t wait till he’s back in March!
  4. Russian teams are broke so if they know they will lose him, they'd probably be happy to take the break fee to let him loose before our season. If that happens wow!
  5. I don't think Stecher gets enough credit around here. He is a terrific young dman, who has only thrived with more ice time both offensively and defensively. I think given his NHL experience hes better suited (and has paired well) to stick with Edler. You then have Hughes Myers as your second pair and Try on the bottom as he needs to get acclimatized to the NHL again.
  6. Watching Ferland is going to do wonders for his game. He will see how effective he can be even when not scoring. Ferland is streaky points wise but he doesn't take a night or shift off. Jake will learn exactly what he needs to be this year, and I suspect he begins his trajectory to what many hoped this season
  7. I’d leave our the Elton John and go with hard rock Hell’s Bells Welcome to the Jungle Rock you like a hurricane
  8. Or even Ohlund, he wasn’t a fighter or mean but he could sure hit with the best of them.
  9. I think Jake doesn’t realize how powerful he is yet that’s the issue. When you can consistently level guys, you don’t need to be mean, it’s actually just becomes fun doing it. I played football and loved hitting but it wasn’t anger that made me enjoy a big hit, it was legitimately just the fun of leveling and guy and knowing he was intimidated. The idea that you have to be some mean ogre to be physical is actually false. What he’ll learn from Ferland is that hitting is “one of your tools” to help the team win and create space. Not that you have to by hyped up on AC/DC before every game and wan
  10. Cleaning the toilets in the dressing room
  11. Ferland is going to create Havoc, room for Petey and Boeser imho. Just as he did for Monohan and Gaudreau in calgary. That and make sure no one even looks at Petey the wrong way going forward Ferland Petey Boeser Miller Bo Pearson Baer Sutter/Guadette JV Roussel Beagle Motte Goldobin, Leivo
  12. They won't JB was quoted as saying Ferland's acquisition should be a big help for Jake. They see him as a mentor for Jake as well
  13. He's signed to play in the SHL so no. Contract would not allow him (similar to why Tryamkin isn't here for camps).
  14. This season should be really fun to watch. More experienced Bo, Boeser, Petey, Hughes, Demko and Jake. With support from a stronger D corps, Marky will look even better and Demko will get settled in, allowing us to move Marky at the deadline. A solid team all around, we may miss the playoffs this year but it will be very close if so. JB and Green want a team that will battle every night and this team is built to do so. Excitement is infectious and these moves are going to get the young kids excited that the playoffs are a real possibility and it will help guys like JV, OJ raise their games to another level. I see a great mix of size and skill now and I think teams are really going to dislike playing us. Irrespective of whether we make the playoffs this year or not, it’s going to be fun to watch and I guarantee we won’t be giving Tampa a lottery pick in the end. Well done JB! Go Canucks Go!

  15. I will start by saying I am a JB fan. I am sure this thread will attract a lot of the JB haters but amongst those of us who appreciate what he’s done for the franchise given what he started with, I do think we need to address a major issue / weakness of his -signing and trading. JB came in, had no prospects, had a team with the Twins that the powers that be felt were owed a chance to keep trying to win a cup, irrespective of their lineup. This was a set of handcuffs for Jim and we don’t know if it was ownership, him, or just simply that you can’t trade the twins and loyalty m
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