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  1. He's signed to play in the SHL so no. Contract would not allow him (similar to why Tryamkin isn't here for camps).
  2. This season should be really fun to watch. More experienced Bo, Boeser, Petey, Hughes, Demko and Jake. With support from a stronger D corps, Marky will look even better and Demko will get settled in, allowing us to move Marky at the deadline. A solid team all around, we may miss the playoffs this year but it will be very close if so. JB and Green want a team that will battle every night and this team is built to do so. Excitement is infectious and these moves are going to get the young kids excited that the playoffs are a real possibility and it will help guys like JV, OJ raise their games to another level. I see a great mix of size and skill now and I think teams are really going to dislike playing us. Irrespective of whether we make the playoffs this year or not, it’s going to be fun to watch and I guarantee we won’t be giving Tampa a lottery pick in the end. Well done JB! Go Canucks Go!

  3. They were ecstatic to get him. It was his size and probably the usual "euro discount" that allowed him to get to us. Many scouts say he legitmiately has the best hands in the draft...From the videos of the on ice workouts at camp today, he battles extremely hard, and can dangle. Apparently he was the 'winner' at the combine as well. He may very well be another steal if his size doesn't impede his ability to play in the NHL - but any kid with heart and intensity (which he seems to have) can overcome size as he's a solid skater as well.
  4. Lou's recapture is probably a good thing for us. JB Is going to have to jettison junk, try and move Schaller and Spooner (5 mil), and at worst they come off the books next year. It also means we will have to play some youth which is probably good. Move Sutter, let Gaudette play, get a pick and prospect

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    2. Western Red

      Western Red

      Nice silver lining idea, some welcome positive thoughts!

    3. Alflives


      We should definitely be playing the young guys.  Gaudette, Hughes, and OJ for sure.

      id even let Hoglander have a go.  Kid looks like a player.  

    4. Ghostsof1915


      Only problem is other teams are dealing with the cap. It's going to be hard to find buyers. 

  5. Thanks, I was wondering why he wasn’t on the list. Given he has to spend his own money to come, no reason for him to come for off ice stuff. He probably wouldn’t be able to participate in most of that either, as a lot of it is active
  6. Vasili PutGoalsIn

  7. Edler signed - TWO years according canucks facebook page. Don't know the terms yet

  8. If Hoffman is in play I can see Edmonton offering up Pool party. Hoffman can score and keep up with McJesus.

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    2. 18W-40C-6W
    3. coastal.view



      are severely cap constrained

      they cannot take on large contracts in exchange for elc players

      they need to dump salary


      florida is motivated to free up cap space

      so they can pursue their ultra secret ufa goals

      so they will not want any oiler pricey contract back


      i really do not see a fit between these 2 teams

    4. Nuck1991


      they would prob want 2nd rounder and good prospect ( goldy is jusy not there imo) or prob another pick

  9. Jumbo Joe Thornton coming back for at least one more year, says he will come back according to Sportsnet

    1. Roberts


      im assuming they titled it something like "Leafs will have to play Thornton for another year"

    2. 18W-40C-6W


      @Roberts Actually, first time in a long time I've heard Sportsnet (or TSN) not toot the leafs horn with Freidman a day ago talking about Marner. He was saying there is some emotion entering the discussions and sort of paused when asked if there was some conflict - seems Dumbass may be pissing off marner, and Freidman says he expects Marner to wait to see if teams will quote "force the leaf's hand" - aka offer sheet! He was actually quite unbiased and not painting the rosy picture baby GM likes to paint.

    3. coastal.view


      i'm gonna just continue to divert this thread


      laffs land is all unfolding as it should

      the shanaplan included signing the "key" 4 players

      and that appears likely to happen


      for a total of 40 million in cap space


      i'm sure the shanaplan response will be


      and that no one else could have managed to retain these 4

      so cheaply


  10. Rumours that Nikushkin may be bought out (Friedman). Rememeber when Canucks fans were screaming we missed out on Malkin 2.0 for who's Horvat? LOL smh

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    2. HerrDrFunk


      I’ll never forget on draft day how Craig Button declared Horvat was a can’t miss prospect 3 times in a row when the Canucks picked him. 

    3. Dazzle


      What an absolute waste of a first round pick.


      Nichuskin was hailed by Jagr to be the best player to come out of this draft. Too bad he didn't live up to all that hype.

    4. thejazz97


      @NewbieCanuckFan apparently Gillis was going to select Larkin at 6th overall too...

  11. Is it me or is hockey forums a cesspool of trolls and mods who protect/encourage such behavior. WOW just wow...I was suspended for literally BEING TROLLED

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    2. Coconuts


      And not just hockey forums either.

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Only like HF forums for their international section, and even then I just lurk.

    4. debluvscanucks


      I left the CFL forums for the same thing.  All my friends (from various teams) had already been banned, so I left with a bang.  Told the mod who was editing my posts what I thought of her, then slammed the door on the way out before she could ban me.  She did. 

      No regrets...I checked a few months later and they had 11 members...half of which were mods.

      I try, real hard, to remember how moderating killed that place.  I know I get it wrong at times...a work in progress for sure.

  12. Funny thing about Jake's point totals - they've gone up 5-6 points every year. Based on that, I expect 31 pts next year as a baseline. If he gets to 35 and even or positive plus minus that's a good year, another good step. He was only -4 last year playing in primarily a defensive 3rd line role. He's going to be a gem, they're bringing him along right. I remember at the year end presser, when asked if anyone had received calls for Team Canada, he had a self deprecating laugh and said 'ya right' under his breath -that suggested he wasn't happy with his season, that's a good thing..he's going to come back more motivated and will hit 31+ imho

    1. Rob_Zepp


      With that trend, imagine the 2083-84 season!

    2. 18W-40C-6W


      So you're saying that in 2 years if Jake is getting 40pts, playing physical, good two way hockey, and likely making an impact in playoff hockey because of that style, that's not a great pick over the invisible men Ehlers and Nylander? Jake was never going to out score those guys, he had different tools. I'd be more than happy with a 6th pick being a 40 pt player and bringing physicality.

    3. coastal.view


      well he did get most of his points this past season in the first half

      well actually even earlier in the season

      and was much less productive as the season went on

      so i'm not sure where you get the idea that he really is still improving steadily

      i think he needs yet another season to prove where he actually is at

      he is unable to play a top 6 role

      every time that is tried it is clear he is not ready

      he has an amazing tool box though

      maybe more patience is still required