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  1. More like Plane ticket Philadelphia to Vancouver $600 Plane ticket Vancouver to St Louis $625 Being a complete loser tool douche bag and harassing porn star Lisa Ann to the point where you're humiliated on Twitter and have to block her and then riding the pine to be pittied a name engrave on the Stanley cup - priceless There are some things money can't buy for everything else there's MasterCard. Edit - sitting in press box not riding the pine. Don't wanna give him credit where it ain't due guy wasn't even near that bench all playoffs. Must feel weird to have a day with the cup when everyone around ya knows you had zilch to do with it. I'd be to embarrassed to accept it let alone my name engraved.
  2. I like your take on that. It will pan out either way I am just not fully convinced yet. I am a fan and like Chabot as a player. I think he is the real thing that being said I would've waited until at least January to see and if that caused any distractions, perhaps wait until the end of the season. I do agree though as the cap rises it will at worst be a reasonable deal and seeing it that way isn't as bad, it's not as if he will be even close to the age of slowing down. I'm just not sure if he is a perennial 50+ point dman tho. But touche. Worst case scenario he's a million or two overpaid but he is in Ottawa long term.... Not exactly the most desirable market.
  3. Risky move. Kid looked good last year and put up solid numbers , has been labelled a beast. Anyone remember Tyler Myers 48 point rookie year and the cliff he dropped off immediately after? I remember my buddies in I in 2009 talking this guy up. Saying he's gonna be a Norris winner one day. No knock on Myers or Chabot but who's to say he can maintain and grow on those numbers? Stupid move to resign him to 8M after one good year. Offer sheet scared or Speculation of him being offered one? I doubt he'd be offered much more than that anyways at which point they could've just matched or raked in picks and the Sens own his rights to begin with as he'll be an RFA. This ownership group baffles the mind. Anyone good they trade to avoid paying and then they go and toss 64M at a kid who's yet to show consistent production. Yes he had a great great year. Key phrase there A YEAR. I like Chabot, Ottawa better hope he can keep it up otherwise this is gonna haunt them for the next decade.
  4. While I usually disagree with what timrafan says I gotta agree with this post. He may find a spot and it's worth trying at his current cap hit. Worst case he doesn't and we waive him by mid November. If it pans out tho it's a win/win situation
  5. He shouldn't be gifted anything but fact is he's a 6M cap hit. I'd try one last time to have him turn it around and stick him strictly with Horvat and Miller hoping it does so. 20 games or so isn't the be all end all. I'd rather try to showcase this guy in a pure offensive role and move that cap. Just my two cents. Also I never said guy was or is a beast.
  6. Actually 3 hits if we're quoting stats. While I dont care for his playing style and want to see a separation between him and the Canucks I will put aside my opinion and look at his overall skill set. I believe Loui had a bit of bad luck and was signed heavily to play with the twins. When that didn't work out as we all hoped to no fault of his or GM JB he showed his frustration with poor play and a lack of drive. We can't blame a guy for signing a contract he didn't draft up. That's on our management and that being said it has benefited us if you look at JBs approach in recent times. Live and learn move on. I don't necessarily think LE buys into and fits into the brand of hockey TG is selling. Is Loui a bad player? Probably not. Is he a bad person who deserves the treatment or comments spurs in here, definitely not. I think given more OZ starts and some PP deployment he could easily net 20-25G and 50PTS. It's probably best for us as a franchise to use him in an offensive role where he's set up to succeed so it increases his trade value. This is a guy who's had success everywhere he's been except here. Willie D was a garbage coach there's no denying that and he hasn't exactly been given consistent linemates or opportunities in an offensive role under Green. Pretty sick of people still whining about this guy. He's on the team and if he is given a final chance (albeit on a short leash, and he should be) it's best for all involved. If he can turn it around we can squeeze a pick out at the TDL or make a sound hockey trade. Pretty sad fan base sometimes reading the crap on here. We get it he's under performed in his 3 seasons. Make the most of it and it be nice to see our fans support our guys. Even if he isn't the same player he used to be it doesn't warrant constant negativity and uninformed comments. Guys an NHL player on ALOT of teams. It's just a poor contract in a cap era. Period. I'd deploy a line up to showcase him and try to place him for success give him 20 games or so and carry 14 forwards and 7 D. At the end of those games dump one of Goldy or Baertschi or simply at that point waive Loui if it hasnt improved, Rousell will be back shortly after anyways and we need to move someone but given our cap structure were fine to do so on our own time. Ferland Petterson Boeser Miller Horvat Eriksson Pearson Sutter Virtanan Baertschi Beagle Leivo Motte Goldobin Edler Myers Hughes Tanev Benn Stetcher Fatenberg. Call up Joulevi first injury. This thread is a total joke at this point. *Yawn*
  7. Top 5 players: 1 Petterson 29G 51A 80 PTS 2 Boeser 38G 34A 72 PTS 3 Horvat 31G 36A 67 PTS 4 Miller 24G 28A 52 PTS T5 Virtanan 23G 22A 45 PTS T5 Ferland 25G 20A 45 PTS Demko supplants himself as starter by mid February Eriksson is traded to the Detroit Redwings by the end of November. We finish the season with 94 PTS and are eliminated in the second round of the playoffs.
  8. Don't worry he has the worst punishment of all. Remember as children when parents would send you to your rooms if you behaved poorly.... Well he's being sent to Edmonton. If that isn't punishment I dunno what is. I'd personally rather be beat relentlessly then spend any time in that **** hole
  9. Ya I agree wtf does this look like the Laffs where we just cave in and pay our guys whatever the **** they want lol.
  10. If you do trade him who replaces him as 3C? Miller? He looks good with Bo. Guadette?? I for one am not convinced he's an NHLer.
  11. Your a good sport bro hahaha I'm sorry man I couldn't not lol.
  12. Not as good as your mom !! hahaha sorry I just couldn't resist
  13. If Eriksson does it I have no problem with his albatross salary. It will have been earned. Just go out there Loui and t-off on that little b**** haha
  14. I'll probably catch alot of flack but I don't think Gaudette is an NHL player really. I just see him as a career minor league guy. Just my two cents.