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  1. We're all n00bs again....n00bs! For one brief moment I had the most posts on cdc, thanks to early early white noise.
  2. Errr, I'm late to this 'party' but i would like to add my pleasure at Willie's firing. Nothing against the man personally but he just seemed to me to be a 'vibrating penguin' who just couldn't get the best out of us. *resume normal transmission* edit: I seem to have lost about 15,000 posts! Meh, they were all rubbish.
  3. Went there today and had a look at the scrimmage (and fin.) A lot of energy in the game but no one really stood out as amazing. Not saying bad...just saying...well I've said it. 2 x 25 min periods. Penalties few and were a penalty shot (no 2 mins) After the periods they did a 3 on 3 'overtime' Anyway, t'was fun to watch.
  4. RIP Richie Benaud. Very good cricketer, captain, and a world wide much loved and respected commentator. The best.
  5. woohoo! What a great performance by the world's best team. Maybe NZ should have played at least one game outside of nz before having to play the final in Aust. Don't care that no one on here went for aust (soda exc) and that all my posts are glossed over by you noobs, it was more enjoyable seeing pure class dismantle everyone's favs! Tis a pity that sportsnet/tsn can't get either countries flag right, we dont put a gum leaf on your flag! Well tried nz, it was good to see you there though, but you have a host of other trophies (rugby, rugby league, big bash, etc) so nice to share something! woohoo!
  6. woohoo! Go Aust. Great match and strongly played. Love it when all my India supporting friends make comments like "this is India's tournament to lose" after only the quarter finals!!!! Really? You guys underestimate aust and new zealand that much? lol at them. Still India never an easy match and NZ still the well deserved favourites and good on them! Going for Aust , obv, but can happily handle a nz win as they are playing brilliantly, and have never really won much before. 95 run win......bit of a kicking.
  7. Yeeeeeeeeeeeees!!! Well done Aust! Not really ever in doubt despite the efforts of one bowler clapping like a circus seal. I dare say it will be a sth africa v new zealand semi, and the other aust v India should be a cracker! c'mon aussies!
  8. lol, suck it england! lol woot! Good job Bangladesh to get to the quarters whilst making the poms book an early flight home to what is going to be a nice welcome in the media.
  9. sullivans cove named world's best whisky
  10. Pakistan just gave the aussies a lesson in both playing and bowling spin. Biggest test victory against the aussies. they better sort their poop out if they wanna keep the ashes! aussies 20/20 team just wrapped up the series against sth africa 2-1
  11. Today when I ordered a drink the bartender asked if I wanted ice with that. I said yes, but gimme some of that fresh ice, not that frozen stuff!
  12. Jack is pretty good. Just been drinking some "Gentleman Jack." and it's a lot smoother. I like Jameson as well. Somewhere in the cupboard I have a bottle of 21 year old chivas regal....that I got way back in about 2001. Maybe I should crack that open. Johnnie walker 'blue' label is damn fine. Can drink it like water. Finally understood what smooth was when I first tasted that!
  13. You can now buy bottles of this 'elixir' that has been specially analysed to closely replicate the original.