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  1. Because he cannot put up points or kill penalties and nobody is going to claim Macewen even if you put him on waiver wire let alone expansion draft.
  2. 1) I believe dahliwal already said Tryamkin salary is 1 mill tax free. 2) Theres also the 50% salary escrow which next year and this year there will be no kickback. Canadian taxes is 42% which is 420,000 so that is 1.4 mill canadain. Since there is a 50% escrow it would mean for tryamkin to make the exact same amount in the nhl as khl is 2.8 mil caphit for 2 years.
  3. looks similar to vanek and mott trade to me could have gotten a 4th round pick but choose a guy who has speed, good work ethic, physical and show atleat at lower level to have offensive talent.
  4. Your right the article I used as reference had him listed under forwards. It's Jimmy Vesey
  5. The person has to be on the active roster so it has to be one of benn, miller, boeser or Vesey. Who ever got it will also miss some game minimum 10 days from testing positive.
  6. I would claim vatenen adds another pmd who can play both sides and takes pressure off edler. But one thing to keep in mind caunucks are at 48/50 contracts and I assume one of the is for podz it would essentially mean that is the only claim we will make until and we need to make sure we have enough bodies ready by Friday. Unless there is a trade for a player and picks.
  7. No need to worry benning could potentially draft him this year .
  8. Actually according to crow Tryamkin is lefthanded but is a RD similar to kevin connauton.
  9. I hope your wrong because if its after the trade deadline we will not be able to send him down to the AHL. For example, Zalewski in the 2013-14 season.
  10. Never-mind the KHL cancelled it due to economic reasons.
  11. Nope All teams that miss the playoffs play in another tournament where the winner gets the first overall pick
  12. He could do that but then again do we really want a guy who doesn't honor his own contract that he signed. That says allot about his character in my opinion.
  13. This can happen only if the KHL team agrees to void his contract otherwise we would have to wait until a the KHL free agency period. Another option would have been a transfer of contracts by paying a fee but no transfer deal exists between the KHL and NHL. Also if the team misses the playoffs then they would be the favourite to win the cup of hope. which is a tournament between the bottom teams where the winner gets the first overall pick so his season could be extended quite abit.
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