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  1. Thanks for clarifying... 10 mins a night in the A would definitely be a head scractcher.
  2. I don't see how this kid is going to have success if he in only playing 10 minutes a night in the AHL. Another JB disaster. Just on a side rant - JB was brought in for scouting - when you compare the draft success of JV and OJ to Nylander and Tkachuk it just futher reminds me we should have brought in an experienced GM. In the future Aquillini has to learn not role the dice on a junior coach/rookie gm/rookie prez. It only adds to the whole "ownership control" theory. Somewhere Mike Gillis is laughing his ass off...
  3. I still remember when his agent (Rich Winter?) got him that 6 year $24M deal in Buffalo. Agent of the Year.
  4. and get rid of Linden too... Just because you own a gym doesn't mean you are a good president. Linden is Terrible!!
  5. This trade was officially the moment I stopped defending Benning. I have been kicking back and laughing on Team Tank ever since. Problem is Benning will find a way to screw up the draft as well. Fire Benning
  6. So pumped about the pick. Although I believe it could be for 2016, 2017, or 2018. Columbus has until June 1st to decide. Thanks Torts!
  7. [Rumor] Ryan Miller to Vancouver Thread

    If the Canucks are going to add a few verterans to the mix to support some young players then I hope they sign guys like Miller, Iginla and even Ehrhoff to 2-3 year deals. Ideally: Sign Miller 2 Years - $13M Sign Iginla 1 Year - $6.5M Sign Ehrhoff 2 Years - $7M Dump Hansen. Opening Line Up Sedin-Sedin-Iginla Jensen-Bonino-Burrows Higgins-Horvat-Kassian Dorsett-Richardson-Sesieto Vey Hamhuis-Tanev Edler-Ehrhoff Stanton-Bieksa Sbisa Miller Lack Markstrom If they add these guys then at least they can take a run at the playoffs and do not have to go through an "oilers" rebuild... Signing these vets also gives time for Shink and Virtanen to recover from their injuries and get some games in at the A and Dub levels. McCann needs another year in junior as well. Corrado may also need more time in the A. Shouldn't the goal be to make the playoffs every year? They have the Cap Space and short term contracts would not cripple the team.
  8. you can't be serious? To outbid 29 other teams the Canucks are going to probably have to offer between $6.5-$7M on a 1 year, or $5.75-6.25 on a two year deal. And guess what? They have the cap space so why not do it? He would be a better mentor for Horvat, Shink, Virtanen, McCann, etc ... then the Sedins would IMO.
  9. Who will Benning draft?

    *Fantasy Trade Alert* Benning Trades Kesler for DSP and 10th Packages the 10th and 6th for the 1st Drafts Ekblad... Canucks finally have a #1 Franchise Defensman. City riots following draft. Canucks win cup in 2015. City riots again.
  10. Anyone see Richards light in up tonight? The guy still has plenty left and has always been a playoff warrior..... Except last year when torts used him on the 4th line and eventually made him a healthy scratch. Great coaching torts... You may be good at sound bites but you aren't fooling me in terms of what a garbage coach you are.
  11. ^This nails it. The dilemma is that he is also our only decent forward right now. To make matters worse, there is literally no direction or plan in place for where this team is heading, unless you count the basement of the Western Conference
  12. [Rumour] Team1040 Doug Maclean

    MacLean heard the Kesler rumours long before Dreger and McKenzie. He also didn't like them and knew Van fans would be upset because, as a few people have mentioned, Kesler for Sutter and Depres is ridiculous. This is why MacLean didn't mention any names or teams. I personally really enjoy listening to Doug MacLean, I think he is refreshing and has a lot of contacts in the NHL. I also believe he is very respected around the league, despite having limited success as a GM (Brule>Price lol). I really don't understand the hate for him on these boards. While we are on that, Kypreos isn't as bad as people think either, and he was the first to report the St. Louis rumour, which the player himself indirectly confirmed today. Meanwhile, I'm personally getting very bored of TSN's Dreger, Lebrun and MacKenzie who have been spewing out the same crap all year. Even Lebrun's side articles on ESPN have *edit* become* stale. Sportsnet>TSN
  13. Great hire! Lets light a fire and get going! As much as I'm not a fan of Bieksa, Torts sorting him out may bring back the tougher Bieksa that used to fight and play hard. Ballard gets a fresh start too, hopefully. Time to trade Edler?
  14. Glad Bowness and Brown are gone as well... The D and PP were both BRUTAL this year
  15. MG is feeling a bit of heat... But the Canucks still brutally underperformed given the talent AV had