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  1. Reigning champ of whaT?
  2. I need to know the biggest differences between Blackberry( mostly 9700) vs iphone 4
  3. i have been able to do 12 year deals worth like 100 million, front loaded as well
  4. looks like someone just found out about wingsofredemption's video on youtube
  5. just played a game of sabotage... 6 harries, 4 pred missles, 1 chopper gunner and 3 emergency airdrops....
  6. yo thats nothing, i'll own your ???? donkey if we play s&d, i'll pull a clutchjob on you like you won't even believe it
  7. fack, so hard to get a decent killstreak without the good guns after you prestige
  8. 6 AC130s today. I feel proud
  9. i'm interested in boosting chickenftw
  10. my psn is LSG- chopper gunners are so fun
  11. anyone done that one level in the campaign with the oil derrick.? its really hard when the heli comes in...
  12. damn ps3 servers are down....
  13. woah new forum

  14. 4 years with gatineau, still no presidents cup.... fack
  15. 3 years in with my gatineau olympique. gonna try get a job in the AHL or something after this season