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  1. did you cry when morrison left...did you go to your mommiji and cry and say omg he had such a big wenis

  2. Thanks, It ended up turning into a naslund vs demitra thread though.

  3. why must u check my page every night ..stop touching me

  4. why do u look at my page every ???? day lol

  5. congrats on your 34799999 post you post whore

  6. nikishiz is a slut

  7. youre a ????..u never told me u were a member.. i always knew u secretley posted here

  8. I hope you die. I wanna slit your throat open and eat your heart you ???? sucking mother ????er.

  9. banned again? Please dont ask for my personal information again. Im sure you wouldnt like it either:)