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  1. Loui sits in the 8-12 scale on our depth chart, and we have the best offensive depth since he signed 'the contract' It's up to him and Green to put him into roles that he will excel at. PK is obvious as he was probably our best overall forward there. He was pretty decent on the Horvat line late in the year, so playing him with a couple of heavier forwards to do more of the board work with him making plays , finding shooting lanes and being the defensive minded line mate is the best we can hope for. With additions of Miller and Ferland, if he gets moved to the 3rd line, at least he has better players to work with. We need him to have his best year, and as long as he stays healthy i believe he will.
  2. Good that management is confident with Juolevi's knee rehab and putting him into some battles
  3. Nothing against Brock, but JB has to hold out for at least a 6 year deal and get this right. If Brock isn't signed by seasons start that will be unfortunate but when we're talking about the long game and controlling our cap, a month or so of hockey for 1 player is nothing. 6 years x 7 would be acceptable.
  4. Fantastic! The thrill of victory and agony of defeat all rolled into to 50 years. Hopefully the next 5 years is really going to be our time!
  5. " If I scored 30 goals per season, the club would turn a blind eye to everything else, to defensive actions or some other disadvantages.” I see what he's saying here , but a comment like this doesn't bode well for him. It sounds like he still doesn't understand that playing well defensively and contributing offensively will keep him in the NHL. Rather... if I score enough goals i can abandon defensive responsibilities. He's not close to Bure who could get away with this, more like a Mason Raymond who had the offensive talent but still put the effort in on the back check. All said he would be one of our most gifted players in our group as long as his lack of effort isn't costing us goals. I hope he comes in making intelligent decisions on the ice, keeps moving his legs and makes it a tough decision for the coach.
  6. Hughes, Petey and Brock in OT has to be right up there, but being absolutely no fun to play against for any team, and making the playoffs would make this wait all worth it.
  7. PP1 Miller- Petterson - Boeser- Hughes Myers You have your 3 shooters that can all makes plays, a roamer in Hughes that should throw the other teams PK into disarray, and Miller who can be the down low play maker board battler. PP2 Bo- Baertschi - Ferland- Goldy (if he's in the line up) or Pearson Edler I hope Jake shows well as he can drive the play hard for PP2, and that good mid point shooter. He just needs the play makers like Baer and Goldy for PP2 so possibly sub him with Pearson. and then there's Eriksson on PP2 as a play maker that just might pop some in from close range. He will only sub in if 4 of our top 9 go down of course. There are so many more options this year and hopefully Green can get the new guys and chemistry together quickly, so our PP clicks right out of the gate.
  8. I believe his production wont be hindered too much with the upgrade in our depth. He did score 10 times in 49 games and was a plus player on a minus team which is better than most.. outside of the stats, when we look at his heavier and more determined game than Goldy's I believe he will be more of Greens type of guy that will give them a better chance to win. as far as where he sits in the depth chart, he would be in that 12-13th forward category, getting by Goldy, Schaller, and Motte. Like Motte did last year by proving the critics wrong , Leivo may be that player with his additional offensive upside. bottom 6 Ferland - Sutter- Eriksson Leivo - Beagle - Jake These 4 wingers can move up and down the line up quite well when injuries take place. In the end it's nice to have this depth problem finally.... scratch- Goldy- Motte
  9. Unless Goldy has trained his butt off and will in the best shape of his career with a " its make it or i'm done attitude" I just don't seeing him sticking. He has the skills but must find that deep down drive to prove himself and he hasn't shown it. Outside of that, Leivo was fantastic for us as a bottom 6 guy that can sub in well for injuries and was impressive on the PP Leivo = better chance to win with. PS: would always prefer him anyway to show those guys in the center of the universe (TO) that they made the bad trade
  10. This is a very interesting game of chicken- who blinks first Predict in order of who signs first Brayden Point- 6 year - 10,000,000 sept Connor- 6 year - 8,500,000 sept Boeser- 5 year- 7,200,000 sept Tkachuk- 8 year - 8,500,000 close to deadline with papa bear very involved Marner- takes TO to the deadline like Nylander and gets 8 year 11,500,000 over pay Laine demands trade, no offer sheet given, holds out past signing period with no one wanting to touch him.... sails off to Finland with Puljujarvi
  11. Trevor should be a big part of the celebration. All JB and the Aquamen have to remember is how Pat Quinn was treated after he was fired in the 90's He felt he wasn't welcomed to the organization that he saved until Linden came back as president. If there are still ill feelings about what happened with Linden, ownership needs to take the high road by celebrating all of his accomplishments for the Trevor and all of the fans.
  12. Troy Stecher. With all the chatter about our new signings on D and O, i hope Stecher shows his leadership and has a fantastic year to cement his place in our top 4-5 at minimum and will be the default replacement for Tanev that folks will consider. The guy has heart and is shining example of what it takes to succeed.
  13. I'm glad he was extended now, as it gives the team stability moving forward instead of wondering if Jim's being replaced and what direction new management will take. But more importantly this gives fans something to talk about in the dog days of summer! Onward and upward Jimbo!
  14. yes, he did play 8 years in mostly his prime with us and he did help us get to the cup final in 2011. So did Mclean. No, because he didn't play the majority of his career with us, No, because of his #1 number and Mclean conflict No, because he was a good Goalie, not a great one. He played on a great team. This may not be popular but going back through his work with the Canucks, yes he stole games , but he also was famous for letting in soft goals. When he was hot he was great, but he wasn't consistent, and not worthy of heading to the rafters IMO
  15. Depending on who they play I like moving Miller to 3C with Baer-Leivo/JV if they want to balance out their line up for offense. If they have San Jose, Vegas, Toronto etc.. I don't mind them running 2 shutdown centers to offset a good top 9 from another team. Whatever it takes to win, but would like to see how Sutter does when and if he can remain healthy with a deeper lineup.
  16. Horvat and Monahan have been on a very similar path. I would still take Bo as he shows a better 200' game and ooozes leadership. Monahan scored 82P as a 1st line center on a contender I believe Horvat would have produced the same if he had Goudreau and Lindholm flanking him. Instead he ran through probably 8 different wingers over last year, so with our new signings he could easily add 20-30% to his point total. He is a very good 2nd Center that can easily slot into 1st line if Petey goes down. If he is ever a 3rd line center we will be in serious cap trouble.. just sayin
  17. Green's deployment overall was pretty effective. You look at the percentage of player improvements under the coach, and considering we ran top 3 again for injuries most players excelled under Green. A few exceptions would be Pouliot, Gudbranson, and Eriksson. Pouliot and Gudbranson were thrown into roles that were above their ability. Eriksson is the interesting case. In my mind he doesn't fit with Petey's line, but he does compliment a stronger, heavier line such as Horvat/ Pearson where he had success there late in the year. With Ferland and Miller added to our lineup , I really think this will bring out the best in Loui as long as Green doesn't waste him on Beagles line again. something like this Ferland - Petey- Brock- 1 Pearson- Bo- Loui- 2A Baer- Miller- Jake- 2B Sutter- Beagle- Leivo- 4 Loui in the middle 6 would be the ideal situation IMO to maximize the player and more importantly maximize his value to unload this contract hopefully next summer.
  18. With Myers added to the right side, I see Stecher's role decreased on the offensive side. Depending on our health he will not get the PP time he had last year, but he is reliable defensively and sacrifices himself for the team. One of our best team guys. A 3rd pairing RD that can support the penalty kill, move to the top 4 temporarily, and also move the the puck relatively well should earn him a 2 year contract in the 2-3 Mil range. I hope we keep him on a short term deal.
  19. we should get past Chicago, Minnesota, Arizona to knock on the door. San Jose, Vegas, Colorado, Winnipeg have all lost depth in their lineup so if injuries take their toll on any of these teams they could be in trouble. especially San Jose and Winnipeg. If we have a "normal" injury year instead of top 3 for the past 3 years, we have an excellent chance to get in
  20. Here are points totals of last years players being possibly replaced by this years, at least to start Baer, Sutter or another player may be gone so this is as of now. This can be up for debate but it just goes to show the production increase that we hope to get this year with the offensive depth added. 2018-19- points before acquisitions Granlund- 22 Gaudette- 12- may start in AHL Schaller- 10 Leipsic- 5 Hutton-20 Gudbranson- 10 Pouliot- 12 Total- 91 ___________________________ 2018-19 replacement player points past year Miller- 47 Pearson- 27 Ferland- 40 Leivo- 18 Myers- 31 Hughes- 35 projected.- he had 3 point in 5 games so had to tail this projection back somewhat as certain don't expect 50 points Benn- 22 Total - 220
  21. For all the Boeser trade/signing fear mongering happening, this signing has nothing to do with Boeser's future signing with us. We have the room, and he will probably sign for 6.5 -7.0M. The only way this impacts Boeser is the benefit of gaining a great teammate that will stick up for him, Petey and Hughes It's all good!
  22. Another reason to keep Virtanen as he is 1 of 3 right hand shot wingers while they have a 10 lefties. something has to give with Goldy, Eriksson, Baertschi, Schaller
  23. Upon signing Micheal Ferland, Canucks introduce new intro song....:)