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  1. OK will tail back that Schenn praise for now.:) That was ugly .. twice
  2. is this crazy but does a Hughes- Schenn pairing sound good even if he's slated as an 8th man Hughes carrying the offense Schenn adding the muscle net clearing , positioning play on the back end
  3. Agree, but while he's here can Greener move him up the lineup, and throw Granny in as a defensive shutdown guy instead?
  4. You cant compare a so called Shannaplan" to the Canucks. The Canuck situation for better or worse is different that another franchise trying the rebuild. Its called having your 2 (not 1) best players arguably in the history of the franchise sitting on 14M on contract space with NMC's trending in the wrong direction. It was easy for Shannahan to dump Phaneuf , Kessel etc... to speed up their rebuild, where we didn't have that option unless we wanted a GM to come in a force the Sedins to waive their NMC or get sent down? As far as discomfort goes, not signing a top 6 player or two last summer and putting the onus on Horvat, Petey and Brock to carry the load offensively would cause a little discomfort to me. The last 2 years have been the official rebuild, especially with Sedin retirements so now we have a core that's not quite there yet. Adding Hughes and another top 6-9 pick will take us over the top and also start bringing a higher quality of UFA to the franchise. I mean who would want to sign with the Canucks in the past 3-4 years with a "stale" lineup full of NMC - NTC's.
  5. Going through Benning's history of drafting, trades and UFA signings since 2014 have come up with the following numbers 1 being horrible and 10 being exceptional Example Eriksson = 2 Petey =10 Drafting- 7.31 very good Trades- 5.57 just above average UFA signings- 5.27 just above average Not a perfect world, but overall Aquaman should be pretty happy with the results so far since he absolutely started with a dogs breakfast IMO
  6. Wow, knew we were hitting our share of posts and crossbars but we're leading the league in both categories. We need another goalies best friend I say!,gte,1&sort=missedShot$&!#Post
  7. Great GDT as usual! Don't mind the "mindless scrolling" at all 4-2 Canucks, Pearson nets his first as a Canuck on the Boleiv line.
  8. So Schenn replaces Guddy quite easily, Demko backing up , Pearson coming on board next game, and Eddie looks to be close. Gotta Boliev!
  9. Haha! you said it John! tiring to be Kesler's teammate
  10. Guddy's gone, Poo/ Goldy having good games pretty well explains it, eh
  11. If Schenn can cap the period off by creaming Kelser on the boards, #2 jersey sales are going to skyrocket
  12. OK Schenn already with a few good moves and positioning in the 2nd... so far so good its like he's calming the D down a bit