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  1. The Big Irishman , no question A players GM but scary as he$$ when he needed to be Naslund steal Bure draft steal Mclean trade and best overall trade to improve team with the Ronning, Courtnall, Momesso, Dirk blockbuster to make us a contender
  2. You try to look at both sides , but besides people that are at a health risk for vaccinations, the other reasons (human rights, political, religion etc) don't outweigh the risks for everyone else by a country mile.
  3. and Alberta who have more issues with vaccinating but have released more information to the public then BC show 1% of ICU patients fully vaccinated.... NUFF said
  4. One question. Where does ones Canucks Shrine go?
  5. Jimbo's done every he can this year to be competitive and we will be if our core including gets 'r done, and doesn't suffer any catastrophic injuries. A reasonably healthy brock, petey , hughes, bo, miller, demko, OEL with decent complementary players on paper should make the playoffs for sure and make noise like they did in the bubble. Just sign on the dotted line Petey, and then pass the torch over to Hughes to do the same. One big happy family
  6. We're at 62,385,659 after moving AHL'rs to Abbotsford and Ferland on LTIR Petey- 7,500,000 bridge Hughes- 7,000,00 bridge Dickenson- 2-3 mil should enough left over for a cup of Jo for start of the season good show me signing for Juolevi... Would love to see him turn into Edler lite at least.
  7. Travis and the Canucks staff did everything they could for Jake. The only mistake the team made was to hi-light him in that first season piling pressure on an 18YO that was at a 14YO maturity level. They thought Bo handled it, so why can't Jake. They realized it and pulled back the reins adding years of development to avail. Simply put his didn't have the IQ or heart to excel at this level.
  8. Was sad when Schenn left. Great inexpensive add if true. I thought he played the perfect role with Hughes although he will slot in with Juolevi or Rathbone. Not a great skater but positioning was very good and wont take crap from anyone.
  9. Good, Rather see the club proactive on this and move on quickly rather then wait it out. Better for the room and the up coming season.
  10. OEL actually reminds me of an old #19 from Van in his interview. He has Pettersson and a couple swedish twins in the hood so he should be energized! If he can produced 40+ points without a ton of PP1 time and take care of the other teams top lines reasonably well he's worth 7M for the next few years. Garland is the icing on the cake though IMO as he solidifies our forward group now. Now move Schimdt and Holtby, spend some cash on some RHD's and I think we are finally ready to be taken seriously.
  11. 1. Orr all the way, Totally controlled the game like no other. 2. 99 3. 66 4. 9
  12. If Pods can hold his own like Hogs in the top 6 and Pearson moves to the 3rd line we are a playoff team with an average injury year IMO
  13. Have we ever had a franchise D man in your opinion? Ohlund, Jovo? its usually been by committee with our successful teams.
  14. Captain o Captain as well considering he helped to do alot of the navigating through this trying season, his shutdown role and still put up the points
  15. With 2 more back to backs, a realistic record would be 1-4 and end up with a top 5 pick. yep, can live with that at this point
  16. He will play, you know he'll play.. next gam just needed to get some skates in first after 7 days in a hotel
  17. to "Fire Green or not" ..... the debate goes on I'm of the Keep Green , Fire/demote Baumer camp, and wondering if that is holding up his contract negotiation?
  18. Too bad the 'Gadjet' isn't playing tonite but looking forward to the Bonesy, Hogs showing their stuff. Highmore/ 'Raovac' on the D side as well as they make their push for a position in our bottom 6
  19. I like Highmore's game. He may not stick due to his production, but his positioning is very good. Calm in the D Zone and very aware defensively Team guy for sure
  20. 250K is a drop in the bucket. Still glad NYR made their statement against a ridiculous 5K fine, and I'm sure they are too.
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