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  1. I have no problem having Podzter sit for a game to step back and see how the game goes from the stands. They are not penalizing him, but giving a valuable asset the opportunity for a game reset, and watch his first reg season game from the stands and learn. MUST win tonight 4-1 Myers, Pearson, Petey, OEL
  2. This is what needs to get through their heads after a dumpster fire like this
  3. We revert back to poor defensive habits when under pressure still.
  4. yep, rather have Burroughs in if Quinn cant go next game... 2 righties on a pairing is better then Hunt tonight
  5. 3 hits each... lol Need Schenn to plow someone into the boards and then Garland doing Garland things....
  6. When's the play by play band back together again? Missing the fast food junkie!
  7. i Don't think so when they called the first day a maintenance day. Hopefully its just a minor tweek and back in next game
  8. Exactly , we just added 4 new offensive weapons of mass destruction this year in Garland OEL, PODz, and Rathbone. add Hughes Petey, Hogs, Brock and Demko not in their prime, yet now and the future looks very good. very entertaining!
  9. So frustrating , we were robbed tonight by the refs and Greiss. Although the goalie interference was right call (in or out of the crease a player cannot determine whether a goal is allowed) we were screwed over on so many other calls, specifically with Garland. All said everything evens up in the long run. We should have walked away with 2 points tonight easy based on our game. Garland was driving our bus today and looking forward to a good season if we keep this up!
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