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  1. Best thread of the night... Good mix of humour, shock therapy, controversy, WTF moments yep, best thread..... Thank-you
  2. Move Jake to 3rd line with Sutter - Roussel for the McJesus shutdown program along with B's line as a back up if there's a line match game , this is it and Sutter is our best shutdown center Demko in Anybody but Loui in the lineup All good GCG!
  3. 3 D zone,. 4 Neutral and no Ozones. Normally they run around 40% considering their role and Zone starts , so the 11.7% score was pretty lopsided. Certainly dont want to rain on their parade after a 5-1 win, but I'm sure this has Green thinking about changing assignments or rotating LE and Jake out of the line up with other 3 lines rolling pretty good
  4. While we had success last night, the Beagle line had a brutal Corsi game of 11.76 with LE being the worst They miss Tyler Motte big time
  5. Stick to the game plan in da turd. and if you chase Marky from the net... well that would make the week!
  6. Hate to admit it but I miss Marky especially. Demko's doing ok , but there are 4 teams in the north that have better goaltending right now, and Calgary's one of them in the end you need a goalie to steal a game when your sucking wind and that hasn't happened...... yet Dare an armchair coach makes an opinion here (lol), but this coach would ride Demko until we get a win. No B2B's for awhile so why not. That last 2 games were absolutely winnable so carry on
  7. Agree on the serious hate on Tkachuk. He's a talented player, but would be embarrassed if he was on our team from all the dirty crap that he's pulled over the few years and gotten away with much of it
  8. I wonder if 3 days between games here, no b2B's for the rest of the month, not facing top 2 teams in Canada ... will impact this team predict we will play above 500 against teams in our own league for the rest of Feb anyway
  9. Baumer , Green, JB may get fired this year or tomorrow, but we played a good game and should have won it. Lotto and 3rd line were 80% CF or better This is a game to build off of for sure
  10. Would be nice to see some light on Hamonics upper body injury as we can spare a number of lefties but having only 2 legit NHL'r RD makes it tough
  11. Right now I would love to see Torts there cursing and breaking s@#t after losses like these
  12. And who would that be , Miller Edler Myers, Schmidt? I don't see it and still think Horvat is be far our best option in the long game
  13. Everyone is looking around for a spark and nothing doing they have lost their compass right now. Somethings gotta give here