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  1. With 2 more back to backs, a realistic record would be 1-4 and end up with a top 5 pick. yep, can live with that at this point
  2. He will play, you know he'll play.. next gam just needed to get some skates in first after 7 days in a hotel
  3. to "Fire Green or not" ..... the debate goes on I'm of the Keep Green , Fire/demote Baumer camp, and wondering if that is holding up his contract negotiation?
  4. Too bad the 'Gadjet' isn't playing tonite but looking forward to the Bonesy, Hogs showing their stuff. Highmore/ 'Raovac' on the D side as well as they make their push for a position in our bottom 6
  5. I like Highmore's game. He may not stick due to his production, but his positioning is very good. Calm in the D Zone and very aware defensively Team guy for sure
  6. 250K is a drop in the bucket. Still glad NYR made their statement against a ridiculous 5K fine, and I'm sure they are too.
  7. Quinn needs to dial it back in the D zone and just make safe plays for awhile. forget about
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