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  1. Where will it end...

  2. It is Crombeen. IMO the best with the sequence is the all out chirping by the Canuck bench.

  3. hey I have a question about your sig pic. Who Raymond shoving around there?

  4. I have 2 bottles of Naslund sweat.
  5. Europe needs a whole conference if this is going to work.

    In Play Off you mix in teams from the three conferences. I guess all of the games between teams on the two continents has to be made at a big tour at the start of the Season. Say 4 European teams in East and West Conference and 7 teams from these two conferences on a start of season tour in Europe.

  6. Keep the aim Daniel!

  7. lol, I'm off finding a" Is this new guy Ohlund worth it" thread to bump.
  8. Keep the sig no matter what! It is such a good sequence. Especially as Ruttu did hit Phaneuf rather nicely just before. :D

  9. I'm from Edler's region from start, but I have lived close to Stockholm for some years now. Yes German tank's was ok, but it was the conceptual use of them which made them dangerous (French tanks were for example better in most aspects 1940, but they los

    And you are from where in Germany?

  10. it was norwegian. lol

    where are you from sweden?

    btw- german WWII Tanks were awesome.

  11. Hehe, yes I know about the German Halftrack. I thought it was fun with all this talk about "Bandwagons"

    I guess it was a babelfish attempt at Swedish your second msg TGC? "I slaget bortanför skogen"? Perhaps?

    "In the battle on the other side of the forest".

  12. i slaget skogen borten for?!

  13. thanks but this are all germans. there are some guys in the AHL. may they will play in the NHL soon.

    btw-you have a german tank on your profile. lol