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  1. Hello there.How u doin how's it going.:)

  2. asian female hockey fan?!

  3. I'm loving your -'s :D

  4. shane is playing his best hockey right now....sorry, i don't think that way about guys...girls, yes.

  5. Oh gawd, what are you doing creeping out convo :(

  6. that one's pretty good too..u listen to lloyd? girls around the world's been on repeat for quite a while now haha

  7. keep me warm on christmas is the best, haha fits with the occasion too =)

  8. yea hes got some pretty good songs..listening to one love right now

  9. Yeaaah I know. I talked to TP (guy who banned us) about it. Oh well!

  10. heeeeeey!

    long time no talk. that stream link of ours never works for canucks games anymore ):

  11. Heeey you!

    What's up?

  12. Set cho status guurl!

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