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  1. Jordan Subban hasn't grown an inch after being drafted?
  2. With Hammer, Edler, Sbisa manning the left side it would make no sense to acquire another left handed defenseman unless solely for depth purposes. In the past we've seen how horribly things have gone wrong when we switched Sbisa and Edler playing the right side. Only makes sense for the Canucks to get a cheap defenceman for the right side. Franson is a possibility but Benning would need to wiggle some capspace.
  3. Hey guys, how does Baertschi compare to Vey in terms of the overall 200 foot game? Will Baertschi translate better in the NHL than Vey?
  4. Remember last year Benning didn't want to move any defenceman for Garrison unless we recieve a defenseman back in a trade. So im speculating moving a centre for a centre!? Bonino + for Kadri?
  5. So much deadweight in that contract, i personally would rather Benning acquire for a top defenseman instead.
  6. Calgary has so much young talent. I'm happy for them
  7. This is just my personal speculation. Emerson Etem had a similar first year in the AHL piling up 16 points in 46 games. Given a couple of years, I think Shinkaruk could really make a showing for himself. If the Ducks haven't gave up on Etem yet, why should the Canucks give up on Shinkaruk? Patience is virtue!
  8. Hey guys, ever since capgeek was down what other sites can you recommend me? I can't seem to find a good one.
  9. If I was Benning i wouldn't trade Shinkaruk either...
  10. On the WJC, This is where Will Acton comes to play or hey... Vey might slide in that fourth line slot perfectly.
  11. I see a younger Eberle in Shinkaruk. Obviously, the injury for Shinkaruk has set him back a littl , but regarding the size, skill and draft position. I see various similarities.
  12. This makes me appreciate the Canucks and Flames organization with the right coaches, management and team heading towards a bright direction.
  13. You can put anyone with the Sedins and you'll have their numbers elevate. History tells i.e. Bernier, Pyatt , Carter.