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  1. Ah, thanks. It sounds like they have to sign him before June 1st from that article. But I recall him expressing an interest in coming over so hopefully they'll get it done soon.
  2. Interesting, did not know that...
  3. The Canucks have to sign him by some date in May or June or something? I can't recall.
  4. I want no part of Barker on the Canucks. I don't even know if he'll have a positive impact on the Wolves.
  5. Actually I heard he might be injured, so hopefully it's not a case of him not being good enough to play.
  6. Yeah, he hasn't played in over a month now. Wonder what's up.
  7. He's supposed to have pretty good hockey sense, so even if he isn't all that great defensively hopefully that'll allow him to improve that part of his game enough to be a viable NHL defenceman. Excited to see him come over.
  8. Right now it's looking like he has more upside than Sauve, even with the worse numbers in the ECHL.
  9. Great to see him being used in such a big role. We have a 2 year window to sign him right? Hopefully he comes over next season.
  10. Hopefully; he's been playing big minutes for a few seasons now. Next season I'd look to bring him over if I were the Nucks.
  11. Yep, to see him being used as their top defenceman and a mainstay on the PP is great to hear. I could see him putting more points than he does right now if he comes over.
  12. Btw anyone remember this picture? I know it's not impossible, but back then in '09 who'da thunk the 5th rounder would be looking more like a guy with NHL potential than the 2nd rounder?
  13. Gunnarsson seems like a good comparable. Solid defensively, can skate well and move the puck, and might have some underrated offense in him too. Don't think he'll be as physical as some of the D-men mentioned. Seems really quiet and even-keeled too, not unlike Edler's personality when he first debuted.
  14. Hope this one stays the course, unlike Myron...