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  1. That's using your head. Maybe he gets the horvat treatment...opens up the year in the AHL.
  2. They've only had 8 years to work on the chemistry with burrows and almost a full season with vrbata. These guys are consumate pro's and if they feel they need more ice time to prep they're going to let Willie know.
  3. I'd rather have a wrecking ball flying around out there instead of a cerebral pylon.
  4. Time to show and prove, roster spots on the line tonight. You can be sure for Saturday's game they will be going with as close to the regular season lineup as possible. Stoked to see what the young'ns will do tonight
  5. He's 24 and has had 3 seasons in the A. He needs to prove his worth in the NHL, this year.
  6. What happened to Nurse? I haven't followed the Oil this preseason, is he looking like he will stick around? I value him higher then Reinhart.
  7. http://www.vancitybuzz.com/2015/09/new-vancouver-art-gallery-design/ Really like this the more I look into it and hope their plans come to fruition. Being built on the parking lot east of Cambie.
  8. I like it, Vancouver needs more unique architecture. Looks like a modern pagoda.
  9. He meant that Miller will mentor Markstrom next year and then Markstrom will mentor Demko when he's ready. Not necessarily in 2 years.
  10. If you flip the title to "who is the most overrated" you get all the same names...brain pain.
  11. The Hundred Foot Journey--8/10 Made me want to eat indian food and then indian inspired french food. Also made me want to move to a small village in southern france and live a simpler life. Good story, good character development, liked everything except the ending.
  12. For your price range Sports Exchange on Burrard is by far the best option. Canadian Tire is not an option.