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  1. Instead of a lottery, wouldn't it be entertaining to have the GM's vote on who picked first? After that team was chosen, the second pick overall would be chosen, etc. until you picked the top five (for example) draft positions. There'd be lots of room for politicking, intrigue and conspiracy theories!
  2. There might be some interesting candidates if you decide to go off the board. For example, even though he is unlikely to want to leave the OHL club he owns (London), Dale Hunter could be an intriguing choice. Also, current associate LA head coach John Stevens would be someone to consider.
  3. I missed this! It was on nhl.com on Saturday. What might have been... "I felt a little lost," Stecher said. "But it was a good practice today. I can adjust to the speed; maybe work a bit harder in practice." The Canucks have been using defenseman Alex Biega as a fourth-line forward recently, which is why Stecher may have felt the position switch was real. "I guess playing forward is pretty tough compared to playing D-man," Daniel Sedin said. "You know what day it is today, right? April Fool's Day, so get back to playing 'D' eh?" Then the lightbulb turned on for the 22-year-old defenseman. "I didn't even think of that," Stecher said in disbelief. The Sedins may have schooled Stecher, but they also may have awakened a sleeping giant.
  4. As announced during the Canucks-Wild game today, original Canuck Gary Doak passed away today. Here is his biography from legendsofhockey.net: Doak's hockey fire was stoked through his participation in Goderich's renowned Young Canada Peewee Hockey Tournament. But to move to higher ranks, he had to leave the shores of Lake Huron to play his junior hockey with the Hamilton Red Wings of the OHA. By 1965, Doak saw his first NHL action with the Detroit Red Wings. But after only four games, he was dispatched to the minors and then on to the Boston Bruins for three seasons of injury-riddled experience, culminating in a Stanley Cup victory in the company of Orr and Esposito. Doak's biggest career break came when he was claimed by the expansion Vancouver Canucks in 1970. Plenty of ice time coupled with fewer injuries allowed him to excel as a textbook, stay-at-home blueliner who tattooed impressions of his shoulders and elbows onto any opponents who came within range. After two seasons with the Canucks, Doak made pit stops in Detroit and New York before returning to Boston to round out his on-ice career in 1980. Doak then went behind the Bruins' bench as an assistant to head coach Gerry Cheevers for five additional seasons. He also coached for two years at the University of Massachusetts in Boston.
  5. As a Golden Knight, he'll henceforth be known as "Sir Duke"!
  6. Stealth tank?
  7. Though Boucher will probably skate on the fourth line at even strength, it looks like he'll be given a chance to use his offensive talents on the second unit PP. I find Desjardins' comments very interesting.
  8. Looks like Boucher will get his chance alongside Chaput and Skille tomorrow night. Good for him.
  9. Looks like it might be fixed now!
  10. Having this problem too, with IE 11. Firefox and Chrome seem okay.
  11. After watching Virtanen with his treatment of Joakim Nordstrom last game, perhaps they didn't want to risk Jake hitting the Nail on the head?
  12. Scott Cullen, one of TSN's analytics writers, has posted his projected top 300 scorers for the upcoming season. His methodology: who knows? His list includes a few Canucks: #39, Daniel Sedin, 80 GP, 23 G, 38 A, 61 PTS #47, Henrik Sedin, 75 GP, 13 G, 45 A, 58 PTS #84, Loui Eriksson, 77 GP, 23 G, 29 A, 52 PTS #181, Bo Horvat, 75 GP, 18 G, 22 A, 40 PTS #239, Sven Baertschi, 70 GP, 14 G, 19 A, 33 PTS #244, Brandon Sutter, 74 GP, 17 G, 15 A, 32 PTS #278, Jannik Hansen, 72 GP, 14 G, 15 A, 29 PTS #286, Ben Hutton, 77 GP, 3 G, 26 A, 29 PTS Do you think his predictions are optimistic/realistic/pessimistic for these players? My initial reaction is that Sedin, Sedin, Eriksson and Hansen will all produce a bit more than listed, Hutton will not produce as much, and the others will fall around the predicted marks. Any comments?
  13. So those numbers represent the most frequently given answer in each category. I calculated the weighted average of all reponses shown in that Province article, if anyone cares: Roster Building: 5.4 Cap Management: 5.3 Drafting & Developing Prospects: 6.3 Trading: 4.1 Free Agency: 5.1 Vision: 4.8 Make of it what you will!
  14. Yes, part of NHL Rule 78.4: ...A goal shall be scored if the puck is put into the goal in any way by a player of the defending side. The player of the attacking side who last touched the puck shall be credited with the goal but no assist shall be awarded.