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  1. The point is the Oilers purposely tanked their team for a plethora of #1 picks forcing the NHL to completely change the draft and screw over teams that are/were actually bad and needed a top pick. We got screwed by the new lottery rules immediately, while Edmonton - YET AGAIN - wins another 1st overall. After all that, including the embarrassing mismanagement of the top talent they acquired, they are rewarded with the next Crosby/Gretzky. There is no God, and I can't cheer for McDavid.
  2. I'm back to the drawing board as well. Drunk and topless didn't save us in the 3rd, might try sober and naked tommorow
  3. Click the stickied post at the top, where it says "go to this post", takes you to when the game ended. I thought it was a good idea by Vintage now that I've seen it. Just make a couple extra clicks and chill
  4. PP needs work. The first one yesterday looked amazing, last one was looking better but gotta capitalize
  5. I hate McDavid That was a bad penalty for Hughes to take, not the time, not the guy who should be doing it
  6. You guys are welcome. Took jersey off and cracked a beer just before that goal Guess it's gonna be a topless 3rd
  7. Oh boy you sure got him. 2018 pics of him at a club, they should just fire him out of a cannon for enjoying life
  8. Yeah so done with this biased commentary. Every play there's an excuse for the oilers. Pettersson bobble the puck "mcdavid with amazing defence, I don't think the puck would have even gone into the net anyways" "the puck took a dip before it got to koskinen it looks like" "he has to exit the zone because of sticky ice" "he shot it right into demkos glove"... YOU MEAN A GLOVE SAVE? No wonder oilers fans are so delusional, anything they do good is pure skill, any mistakes are flukes