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  1. Liked Benn as a bottom/7th Hope he goes deep, ill be on the Jets wagon against TO anyways Hope Benning packages some of these picks and drops a bloated vet contract. Next years cap still looks ugly
  2. He also said 'there's still a few days left so we'll see what happens, if something makes sense' I don't know why you people are having such a hard time with the full quote
  3. I was mad at this trade, but I've cooled down.. AG wasn't having a good year, I always thought he played hard and had tons of potential, but maybe the team saw something more worrying in his slump? Maybe Highmore was needed to expose? Maybe he's better than he looks on paper... I don't know, but I don’t think its worth the vitriol for some bottom guys. I think what bugs everyone the most is he wasn't one of the inflated veteran contracts we WANTED to see go. I'm more mad at giving Pearson above market value, as well as expansion protection for no ##($ing rea
  4. Idk, quite frankly Twitter is worthless garbage and I wish everyone stopped using it as a means of communication. Nobody needs 1 sentence social media updates from nobodies
  5. He also said there's a couple days left and if something comes up that makes sense... Don't just cherry pick one part and parrot it as fact
  6. Thanks for trying BJ. Hate to join the quitters but I honestly won't have the time until fall, unless covid 3 comes around haha. Been a blast, but fishing and camping more important on my limited time off coming up. Real shame to break on 3 wins in a row as town, 3p and mafia
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