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  1. Why do you think another teams going to give us anything valuable for a goaltender right before the expansion draft? This isn't an EA video game
  2. Game and series over. You don't win a game 7 with 13 shots and squandered 5 minute powerplays. Great run boys, still got some room to grow though
  3. These powerplays are pathetic. Like step up boys, show some spine for Motter
  4. Reasons I don't read 'The Athletic' "Thatcher, what time did you go to bed?" "Brock, does a night like tonight mean anything to you?" Are you &^@#ing kidding me?
  5. Lame reason to suspend one of the only outlets for people to enjoy. There's been enough "awareness" risen for BLM, that it's to the point where I'm supposed to feel guilty for being white. You know what? I'm not white, I'm a 3rd generation Russian Canadian. More importantly I'm a doukhobor. My people were chased out of their homeland by their own country for their religious beliefs. Starved to death, enslaved and conscripted. This is just another form of the new SJW meta. I've never been a racist, or have I expected anything from anyone of any other background or race. But I'm goddamn sick and tired of being expected to hold some form of white shame because of what other people's ancestors did to another group of humans. If we truly want to move forward, partisan groups like BLM, driven by biased social media is NOT the way to do it. The flaws in this platform should be obvious to all but the severely mentally handicapped. I just want to watch some politics free hockey while I work out of a hotel for 21 days a month in the middle of &^@#ing nowhere
  6. Eat it Vegas. Welcome back Toffoli. Pettersson near top of playoff scoring, Hughes top of defence scoring, Horvat number 1 goals and faceoff wins, edler and tanev # 2 and 3 blocked shots, Pettersson most points in franchise in first 12 playoff games... What a statement year.