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  1. Couldn’t agree more. He has a shot, is quick, sees the ice, plays well off other skilled guys and can make lemons out of lemonade based on his time in Russia. The kid can play. I’d like to see him play some special team minutes even if his overall ice time is controlled. What a waste of potential thus far over less skilled talent.
  2. Disagree. He needs NHL minutes, not AHL minutes. He’s already got a pro game. He’s a leader and more than talented to be in the bigs. The fact that he wasn’t in the lineup tonight is coaching malfeasance.
  3. Again, with all due respect, stfu and let this die. If you’re in the right, you don’t need to qualify things. People who need to carry on usually could have done better.
  4. Those are fair points. However, Dowling over Podz in the lineup is an unforced error. Dicky has been good. No big complaints thus far.
  5. I haven’t said losing was all on Green ever. If you’re inferring that, then that’s your mistake. The team winning doesn’t appear to have been a result other than having Hughes back in the lineup and Demko standing on his head, again. How Green was ‘coaching’ that, towards a win is a reach of logic.
  6. Come on man. Let this passive aggressive $&!# go. Lucky is a friend. Let this $&!# die.
  7. The team is going to have to vibe off each other. Coaching seems to be to me something that doesn’t necessarily inspire them, and more importantly the fan base.
  8. He is probably mentally ‘peanut-sack hugging’ both Demko and Hughes. Both those guys are saving his job.
  9. Green taking a victory lap on 650 right now. I’m starting to get annoyed with him. He’s fortunate the team won.
  10. Which is fine. We’re not a top place team thus far. Maybe down the road, but right now, it’s about maximizing points and getting the lines solidified and finding that chemistry amongst them all to be able to on runs that could allow them to challenge the Division front runners.
  11. I wouldn’t say our best 60. The first period was ‘poopy’.
  12. He’s not an AHL’r in any sense. He’s already developed. He needs the ice time in the big show and opportunities to showcase his talent. That’s a bad take on him, over an actual tweener.
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