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  1. You made it clear on the other page no matter what the guy who rear ends you is 100% at fault, but that's not true especially if the car infront of you doesn't use their brake lights and purposely slows down, it's then 50/50, and if you don't think that's right then you obviously don't believe cars should have brake lights then, because you then believe the driver behind should automatically know when a driver is slowing down but just looking at it, that's why cars have brake lights to inform the driver behind them, hence why you will get a ticket if you're brake lights aren't working. Even if you're tailgating them, it's 50/50 if the person infront purposely slows down without using their brakes to cause an accident, you're both in the wrong then. But if that car brakes or has to slow down or come to a stop because of a situation, then yes the guy tailgating is 100% at fault.
  2. He's not an American..... But he has dual citizenship.... Wait what....
  3. Again if you're on the highway driving in the far left lane and not passing anyone when it's not heavy traffic and you don't like someone tailgating you, then move over simple as that.
  4. Going back to your original comment and you purposely slowing down to slow someone down by not braking, and if they rear end you and it's on camera and you did this without using your brake lights to inform the car behind you that you were slowing down, you're just as much at fault. This is why cars have brake lights, to let drivers know your slowing down so they don't rear end you, but in you mind people should just automatically know the vehicle infront of you is slowing down when not using you're brake lights, so in your mind cars don't need brake lights drivers should just guess when the car infront of them is slowing down.
  5. There we go that's the answer I was hoping for the first time . Look people aren't asking or wanting you to drive like an old lady or something, but just be more cautious and obviously aware of yes the signs, because at the end of the day speed does kill.
  6. That's the kicker, I didn't even know Scheer was American until after I thought he reminded me of Trump weeks ago.
  7. Yeah Singh said that I saw that, but it wasn't Trudeau who said that, which Scheer is saying which is Fake News. If Scheer wants to say someone said it then he should be saying Singh and not saying Trudeau, and lying like a Trump to get votes. Really even after the English debate they had, and I said Trudeau will say one thing and go against what he said so he also can't be trusted, but yeah you go ahead and judge me because you have a hard time with someone questioning someone you like.
  8. So you will continue to drive with excessive speed when all is said and done?
  9. List of vehicles I have own, 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser, 1984 Honda Accord, 1989 Honda Prelude(Manual), 1990 Toyota Celica(Manual), 1994 Chrysler Intrepid, 1995 Chevrolet Beretta. My favorite 1978 Toyota Landcruiser, this thing was a beast, and the best part the previous owner of it converted it into an automatic, all those Landcruisers back then were made as manuals, this guy put a Chevy 350 in it and man did it have power, but once gas prices starting going up it became to expensive unfortunately had to sell it. I also really liked my Honda Prelude that car was so smooth handled amazing imo, unfortunately some stupid driver smashed it when it was parked on the road and it became a write off.
  10. So why do cars need brake lights then? By that logic you're trying to say we don't need them to inform vehicles behind us that we're slowing down..... I used to drive a couple vehicles with manual and I could almost come to a complete stop without using my brakes, it's not that hard.
  11. Just go on Twitter if you want to know what he's saying
  12. The real question is have you learned anything from this?
  13. Manual cars can stop when in neutral if you're not aware, not all cars are automatic and move, lol They could also be in 1st gear and stall and come to a stop, if traffic is that slow, it's the down shifting of slowing down and not using the brakes, where if the driver is experienced enough he could almost stop the car by just downshifting and not using his brakes.
  14. I'll admit I never saw that part yet, I only saw a quick one on the news where they showed a clip of him talking about, Liberals and NDP joining and then Scheer saying something like Trudeau will do anything to join with them, when he literally hasn't said that yet but Scheer is putting those words out there like Trudeau said that when he didn't. That imo sounds like something Trump would say or do, to try and convince people that someone said something they haven't even said yet. So yeah Scheer imo is sounding like a Trump more imo.
  15. Just like a Trump telling them what they want to hear, doesn't mean he means it
  16. Things just aren't as black and white as they used to be, what you're saying is 100% correct don't get me wrong, you are to keep a distance, but unfortunately when you're in heavy traffic situation that just doesn't happen, and the driver behind you can't always see what's going on infront of the vehicle infront of them, so if they purposely slow down or stop without using their brakes and you accidently rear end them and have that on camera, you will be just as much at fault as the person who re-ended you, because you didn't warn the vehicle behind you that you were coming to a stop, the vehicle behind you can't see what's infront of you always.
  17. I don't think it's the worst to have it, but the way it's being run unfortunately is the worst way.
  18. Yeah, now don't get me wrong many N drivers have been causing more accidents or speeding insanely, but doesn't mean the system should target "every" young driver because of other people's actions, but that's what they're doing and why it cost so much for young new drivers, it's a bad system. I've been saying this since day 1 when I started driving and back then you could drive holding a cell phone and have a conversation, it wasn't because my hand was not on the wheel that made me distracted it was the conversation I was having that made me distracted, my eyes are on the road the whole time I'm not looking at my phone when I'm talking to the person. The mind needs to be concentrated on the road infront of them while driving, but when it's being distracted by a conversation that's what makes it a problem now, even though my eyes were on the road the whole time I drove through an intersection and as soon as I drove through I had no idea if the light was red or green just went on instinct, because my mind was distracted by the conversation I was having not because my other hand wasn't on the wheel. I then handed the phone to my buddy in the passenger seat and told him to talk to my gf because I wanted to pay attention to the road and not accidently do something wrong. Texting is a no no, you need to keep your eyes on the road, but here's the other thing like you mentioned with the screens now, but I drive older cars because I like to do my own work on them and tbh they don't have as many gadgets in them like cars do now that imo distracts drivers more, and they continue to put more of these things in the cars which just ends up distracting people more imo and taking their eyes off the road. When I got into and drove one of my parents newer vehicles, I couldn't believe how many buttons are all over the place now it's way to many imo, to be distracting drivers, so imo the cars who keep producing these things with all these new gadgets and buttons are helping create the distracted driving. Wait what you're last comment, people are being killed now if they accidentally kill someone in a car accident? That's news to me, if true then that just puts more fear into drivers and that's not safe at all....
  19. Yup just found this out the other day when I renewed my insurance, because basic insurance went up 6.3 or something percent and I now pay almost $200 more a year, I thought the whole point was the people who were getting the tickets were going to be paying more... So what's the point of driving safe? If it just goes up anyways..... I remember when I used to get insurance yearly and maybe around when I was only at 20% discount, the following year my insurance was cheaper, but for some reason the last 4-5 years as my discount rate went to 43% my insurance has gone up every year with having a higher discount, that crap just doesn't add up anymore especially when I'm not getting any tickets either, the system is a JOKE. And regarding new drivers and their costs I'll agree with you it's stupid, seeing how much my brother had to start paying when he turned 18 and got his own vehicle, was RIDICULOUS he was paying almost 5x more a month then me.
  20. It shouldn't be but if that car is going below the speed limit on purpose and now slowing down even more because they don't like the car that close and it's on dash cam now, who's really at fault? Now if you're going the speed limit and continue to go the speed limit but the car is tailgating you(city driving we're talking about) then they rear end you then 100% they're at fault, you don't need to use your brakes because your going the speed limit, but with dash cam video now a days and it's showing you slowing down on purpose now going below the speed limit without using your brakes, it's going to be 50/50 fault.
  21. Scheer is starting to sound more and more like Trump everytime I hear him, not good.
  22. It won't happen to me because I know the rules of the road and drive on the right side of the highway when I'm not passing anyone, hopefully one day you'll figure this common sense thing out.
  23. I haven't caused an accident yet or had an accident so how am I causing insurance rates to increase? I'm not scamming insurance companies for injuries I never received, so how am I causing insurance rates to increase? Keep trying!
  24. That's illegal also , if you're slowing down you're supposed to use your brakes so the car behind you knows this and doesn't hit you, that's why cars have brake lights to inform the driver behind you that you're slowing down. Just for the record in Coquitlam a police officer ticketed a buddy of mine from softball, when he was driving down a slope hill and not using his brakes, said he wasn't allowed to use his engine brakes he needed to brake, just saying.