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  1. Playoff highlights. First goal is sick.
  2. Keep the current jerseys and bring in the '94 flying skate as the third.
  3. Only 2 options? I think Benning & Linden might take a look at Ritchie and Virtanen.
  4. Kesler should yield at the very minimum, an NHL player, a prospect on the brink of playing full-time in the show, and a 1st round pick. Anything less would be getting our lunch money stolen again. Gillis' negotiating will serve us well in this deal. Kesler is a huge bargain at $5 M.
  5. Here's a few players who dropped down CSS's rankings quite a bit from mid-term to final ranking: North American: Nikolay Goldobin - #24 (mid-rank: #14) Brycen Martin - #26 (mid-rank: #20) Roland McKeown - #27 (mid-rank: #15) Conner Bleackley - #35 (mid-rank: #31) Chase De Leo - #36 (mid-rank: #26) Jack Glover - #38 (mid-rank: #27) European: Adrian Kempe - #6 (mid-rank: #3) Anton Karlsson - #11 (mid-rank: #6) We've shown a tendency to take sliders in the past, with the same scouting staff, but different G.M.
  6. Well, most of them, anyways.
  7. Kenins highlights from last year in Switzerland.
  8. He had some bad injuries last year and it was really a lost season. He didn't look good at all when he came back from them. Last year he had 33 points in 42 AHL games and 9 in 31 NHL games. He was on the right track and got derailed this year. I feel both management and player may want to move in separate direction, but I would sign him to a 1-year, 2-way contract for the minimum (whatever that is), and let him compete for a job, but likely end-up centering one of the top two lines in Utica. I could see him and Shinkaruk having some nice chemistry in the AHL.
  9. I wouldn't say it's a concern, but it is an area of improvement for him to work on, just like his fitness and physicality. As long as Bo works hard and the Canucks develop him well with off-season training, etc, he should grow into a very strong all-around player for us. Brendan Gaunce on the other hand, his skating is a concern, imo. Big guy who doesn't move too quick, but very smart so he plays well positionally.
  10. He has been used by London as their #1 shutdown centre against the top players of the OHL, but he is also one of their best danglers, snipers, and playmakers. Bo can pretty much do it all and the sky is the limit for him. His areas of improvement are definitely his skating and his physicality. He has an NHL frame at over 6'0 and 200 lbs; he just needs to learn how to get quicker and use that strength in the show.
  11. AV wasn't the sole problem, but he was part of it for sure. He mismanaged players and failed to make adjustments in games and playoff series'. I don't believe you can say because Tortorella did one of the worst coaching jobs in league history that AV did a better job in hindsight. The only guy who wasn't better than Torts, and it's arguable, was Keenan.
  12. Here's where Goldobin is ranked: ISS - #26 Central Scouting - #24 I don't personally put much merit in Craig Button's rankings, but if anyone else wants to know, he has Goldobin at #28. If Shinkaruk, a Canadian, can slide almost 20 spots from the top of the 1st round, I think there is a point in discussing if Goldobin can slide from the end of the 1st round into the early 2nd round. Another Russian playing in the CHL, Valentin Zykov was ranked #7 last year and ended up getting picked #37.