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  1. Yeah Canucks have some nice up and coming center depth.
  2. Pretty surr he already committed to college for another year
  3. Go back some pages and ppl were suggesting he's likely a bottom 6 player Good to see him get some recognition. Love his game.
  4. It would be a massive f you to a ton of hockey ppl and fans. Hoping the same.
  5. This guy and Pettersson both guys coming up got me like That potential center depth...
  6. Just saw a few clips but man can this kid skate his a** off. Very smooth. This draft class has been awesome so far. Very early of course but I'm excited!
  7. Not yet. But offensively he'll be better than Tanev in the nhl imo. GB will be a good one.
  8. Luke Wilson is like 6'5. That's some random dude
  9. Nothing wrong with that (partying) if he can still maintain a healthy physique but if he doesn't then people will talk about his habits.
  10. GB isn't going to be a depth dman for Utica next year. More likely to be a top 4 dman and maybe even higher.
  11. Baertschi has looked quicker and more elusive out there since the concussion. He's been pretty impressive.
  12. It's plays like this that excite the fans and management as well. Let's hope he keeps it up!
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