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  1. I like what Arizona's doing, good low risk signing by Chayka. Burke screwed up Schenn's development by bringing him in too fast.
  2. CDC rally for desi!!!!

    Don't worry, he will make another account and hate on Benning's every move like the troll he is.
  3. CDC rally for desi!!!!

    He should go post on the board that follows Bob Sanguinetti.
  4. [Report] Schultz will not be qualified

    Knowing him he'll choose Edmonton after Messier butt dials him.
  5. [Signing] Hurricanes re-sign Cam Ward

    No facts allowed on CDC. Just insult your team and move on, that's the rule...
  6. He heard from a friend of a cousin of Luca Sbisa's dads best friend that this is the case, how can we dispute.
  7. It's over, move on kids.
  8. Valeri Nichushkin vs Bo Horvat

    My name says it all.
  9. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    Yeah it's not like he turned a bottom 6 team into 2nd in the pacific within a year or anything.
  10. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    Oh Shiiii, there goes trader Jim again. Kesler for Sutter and a prospect was on the table once upon a time.
  11. Potatoes are a starchy vegetable, asparagus is a plant vegetable.
  12. fish is still meat.
  13. Brock Boeser | #6 | Right Wing

    Shinkaruk-Horvat-Virtanen Baertschi-McCann-Boeser Gaunce-Cassels-Vey Kenins-Friesen-Grenier
  14. Jake Virtanen | #18 | Right Wing

    Last October I remember a lot of CDC members wanting Horvat to go back to London for the season. Obviously they were wrong about that, don't judge too early on Virtanen.
  15. Alexandre Grenier Talk

    But he's worth a 3rd round pick and every 3rd round pick will turn out better than Higgins LOL