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  1. I like what Arizona's doing, good low risk signing by Chayka. Burke screwed up Schenn's development by bringing him in too fast.
  2. Don't worry, he will make another account and hate on Benning's every move like the troll he is.
  3. He should go post on the board that follows Bob Sanguinetti.
  4. Knowing him he'll choose Edmonton after Messier butt dials him.
  5. No facts allowed on CDC. Just insult your team and move on, that's the rule...
  6. He heard from a friend of a cousin of Luca Sbisa's dads best friend that this is the case, how can we dispute.
  7. He's been in constant orgasm since the Oilers got Mcdavid.
  8. O'Neill literally had to say "I don't hate the Canucks" because it's that obvious with most of the panel. Funny how Dregers cousin would probably still have a job if he paid fair value for Luongo.
  9. It's over, move on kids.
  10. My name says it all.
  11. Yeah it's not like he turned a bottom 6 team into 2nd in the pacific within a year or anything.
  12. Oh Shiiii, there goes trader Jim again. Kesler for Sutter and a prospect was on the table once upon a time.
  13. Potatoes are a starchy vegetable, asparagus is a plant vegetable.
  14. fish is still meat.
  15. They don't love her, couldn't you tell. Da'Vonne said after the was evicted that the entire house is scared to put up Audrey because she's transgender. They think if they're the person who puts up Audrey that they'll receive backlash. Shelly put on a decent act of crying and saying she felt bad to cover it up.