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  1. Wasn't Krejci the one who injured Hamhuis in game 1 of the finals? He gave Hamhuis a hard cross check to the shoulder after the hip check on Lucic.
  2. of course! CDC wouldn't be the same without -VC-!
  3. there's a rumor that all the "sources" you hear about during trades/signings are just vintage on alt accounts. so -Vintage Shark- -Vintage Blackhawk- -Vintage Duck- etc..
  4. yes thanks vintage! but how dare you rip off my status update
  5. who's been more busy? Jim Benning or @-Vintage Canuck-?

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    2. Lil B From The Pack
    3. Phil_314


      Neither, it's gotta be the Buffalo Sabres goalie coac-- oh wait, they don't have any guys signed!  :frantic:

    4. Mufasa


      Vintage Canuck who?...:emot-parrot:

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