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  1. you now have to click the 3 dots on the upper right side to find the edit button. hopefully they can relocate back to where it was, eventually.
  2. is it just me or does this look off-center a little bit? maybe it's just the new shape
  3. probably would look nicer for some stuff, i didn't mind the colors of the old cdc theme at all.
  4. [Proposal] Ban SNuck kidding aside, i think bold names are a bit hard to read too. Also not a big fan of so much gray.
  5. yeah i agree with this, it makes the posts too skinny. other than that it looks good, maybe a few coloring tweaks. personally i like square profile pictures but thats not a big deal
  6. yeah i think some stuff is a bit hard to read, but i think thats easily fixable. i dont mind this update at all, it seems to be keeping the good CDC features, but in a more modernized way.
  7. i wonder if that just won someone 100k from the safeway giveaway, if the jets have that too
  8. especially after they were trying to help horvat to the bench last game
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