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  1. Will the leafs game switch the the nucks game of it goes to OT?
  2. Is Toffoli hurt?? Haven’t seen him and ferland is skating on his line? He took a big hit in the first.
  3. Is Toffoli hurt?? Haven’t seen him and feel and is skating on his line? He took a big hit in the first.
  5. In before the lock!
  6. Demko is reminding Canucks fans what it’s like to have a good goaltender on a team that has a ton of defensive issues.... Markstrom makes the defence look good on a nightly basis because he’s an elite goaltender. Demko is facing impossible pressure with not much help up front... yes that second goal was horrific, but he stood his ground for the rest of the game and had an unlucky bounce in the third.
  7. Here’s the thing.. it will lower his chances of getting a huge deal because it kills his vezina chances so therefore easier to resign... however you just handed Demko an opportunity to prove he can be a starter thus not needing to resign marky if it goes well...
  8. There’s absolutely no way they're making that deal.
  9. Everyone calm way down, these guys just won 7 in a row... you all loved them and cheered for them and now you turn on them after one bad period??? This fanbase is a disgrace.
  10. Seems to be working out just fine...
  11. Man Brock has got to get it going... doesn’t even look at the net when he gets the pass...
  12. Lovin all the Island crew! Grew up in Nanaimo and now living in Victoria!!
  13. I absolutely disagree, great to see how far Canucks nation spreads. Quit sippin the haterade
  14. I’m sure with the Canucks luck we will have a hand full of injuries he can cover....
  15. They aren't going to cut the roster until the end of their back to back.