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  1. man buluba whale is trying real hard these days
  2. Man I would love to join but starting new job this week sorry fam
  3. lol in what world would Doughty get McDavid? The trade value for McDavid is unbelievably high. For example, if Edmonton was trading with the Canucks it would be like: McDavid for Pettersson, Hughes, 2019 first round pick Now obviously the majority of Canucks fans (me included) would say no, but that's what it would take to trade for McDavid value wise
  4. The night is darkest before the dawn - Michael Scott Anywho, hope things get better for you soon MR.
  5. that's because hes not a real doctor. he's a chiropractor spewing sham as always.
  6. Can't believe we passed on Glass for this guy.
  7. Well many teams didnt even have the chance to pick Pettersson. I know NYR wanted Pettersson bad, but had to settle for Andersson. However, I'm sure quite a few teams feel that way about Brock
  8. Fire Benning. Fire Desjardins. Nuke this team from orbit. 

  9. Olly from Game of Thrones looks like Jared McCann