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(Proposal) Canucks-Capitals

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To Van

Marcus Johansson

Jason Chimera

Jeff Schutlz

1st round pick(this years)

To Wsh

Roberto Luongo

Mason Raymond

To all of you people who think the value of Luongo dropped drastically because of the SCF, you're wrong. It fell, but not that drastic. Bobby Lu has, good seasons, veteranship, experience, and is still an elite goaltender. Trading him to Washington should really erase all of Vancouvers murmurs that are stuck inside his head.

So with that said, I think Luongo covers Johansson, Jeff Schutlz and the 1st rounder.

Mayray covers Chimera.

I think this trade is pretty good and reasonable as both teams are getting things that will benefit and fill in holes in their rosters/organization. And here's why I think that.


(Luongo) Washington gets a good veteran elite goalie who will win his team games in the regular season and playoffs as Washington has had problems in the playoffs and with their goaltenders(esp in the playoffs)

(Raymond) Washington would love to have Mayray. They know he's all about offense and that is what Washington is, an offensive team. Play him in the right offensive situation with other good offensive players, and he will produce.


(Johansson) We get a good playmaker with a lot of potential who could play with Kes.

(Chimera) We get a good and pretty fast grity player that we have been looking for. He could play on the 3rd line with Higgins and Lappy which will build up a pretty good 3rd Checking line that could chip in offensively at times. He will for sure fill in that hole in our 3rd checking line as Mayray is all about speed and offense, which at times is good, just not good on the 3rd line when were trying to make it a checking line

(Schutlz) Good big 6th Defensive D-Man. Can kill penalties, go for the hits and can shut down guys.

(1st round pick) This years draft class is deep(according to many reports). Getting a 1st rounder in a deep draft class is always good, no matter what the pick is.

So? Any thoughts on my offer? Good or bad offer? Feedback? :)


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I would love it...

If Washington needed a goaltender, which they don't.

Value wise, I don't think they would give up Johansson. Chimera is better than Raymond IMO, they would rather have him, Schultz is a big part of there team, and isn't really a need for us. And even if they did agree to trading those players (which they wouldn't for the return) They wouldn't give us a 1st on top of it.

Overall the deal just isn't a good fit, there aren't really any needs being addressed for either side in this deal other than a 3rd line center for us.


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I agree with Smash, they won't trade Chimera and they don't need another goalie. However, Schultz isn't as good as he appears (disagreeing with him). There's a reason why he went from being a Top 4 guy with Mike Green in his insane season where he put up like +50 in his +/-, to being a #7 guy with Hamrlik and Alzner taking his role in the Top 4. He's not as physical as his size would suggest and so he lost his shutdown D-man role.

Now I'm not a fan of what I'm about to say but here's my two cents proposal: in terms of fit I think Booth (+ low pick?) for Johansson works well for both teams.

The 2nd line needs a passer and Marcus fits the speed-oriented style. Meanwhile, Washington could use another shooter to fill out their 2nd line (Ribeiro and Marcus both pass first with their 2nd line shooter as Jason Chimera who's more of a 3rd line guy).

Ovechkin - Backstrom - Brouwer

Chimera - Ribeiro - Booth

Twins - Burrows

Higgins - Kesler - Johansson (pretty quick, balanced line if you ask me)

Hansen - Lapierre - Kassian


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