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  1. If you're a defensive defenseman who's built like he is, you don't get put into a spin cycle like he did when Thompson scored for Buffalo, and he was Schenn's guy.
  2. Lol well, according to the Score, the average size for new defensemen from 2019-20 was 6-foot-1, 191 pounds; so yes, it's "good not great" .
  3. He costs $3 million and is a pending RFA. We're also out of cap space and at least 6 legit centers deep (Petey, Bo, Miller, Dickinson, Sutter/ Lammikko). Who comes out of the lineup or how do we make the room for him?
  4. I'm confused, why would Dallas trade Benn AND a first only to retain $4 million (essentially paying Miller at $5.25 + dead cap at $4 million * 4 years = Benn's salary) when in two years Miller may re-sign for say $7-$8 million (depending on the market at the time)? Conversely, why do we trade a "questionable" JT Miller (that's the only issue you listed about him) when he's been statistically productive, younger and cheaper, and why are we throwing picks at Dallas? This seems like an overpayment for us (and I doubt Dallas wants that much dead cap either).
  5. Re: OP He's productive (6 points in 5 GP), a key cog on the PP as the quarterback and on the Lotto Line, and can also fill in as 3rd line C. He might make some mistakes or have rougher games, but does that mean that we'll trade Hughes then? Also, cap space doesn't necessarily mean that we improve the team since the moves still have to be made, and (while I haven't seen him much) I doubt Trenin has the same upside as Miller.
  6. He's got good size (6'1", 187) and is a LHD, wonder if we should pick him up and drop Brad Hunt? While he's another puck mover I'd think he'd at least be better, since Hunt and Schenn haven't looked good (He went -3 against Buffalo).
  7. Fair, - Okposo's snipe was tough to save - for Girgensons, whoever was the net front D should've tied up his stick - yeah, Skinner's goal was a bad bounce off Hunt and Schenn didn't tie up Thompson
  8. Tough loss, though give credit to Okposo for his hot start, and Anderson's been standing on his head (2-0, 1.50 GAA, 0.954 sv%). Tough to win when he and Greiss have been standing on their heads in back-to-back games.
  9. They even lost/ won(?) the battle of the tanks this weekend between them and Buffalo *plays world's tiniest violin *
  10. "Midget" isn't at fault here, his elbow's stapled to his side and he just braced for Zadina as he reached for the puck. A decade ago, Datsyuk popped Shea Weber for getting to close and I bet the Wings fans loved it then, so you can't hate on Garland for the same kind of hit. Re: the game, full credit to Greiss for stealing the game, his anticipation and lateral acceleration are excellent. Garland had to roof the puck to put it by him, shows how tough he was to beat.
  11. Earlier I would've agreed, but Petan won me over despite being a smaller guy. He sure can play.
  12. Lol Sens would be smart to run the Leafs' starter
  13. Buffalo beat Montreal tonight... what a world we live in.

  14. To really date myself, my first ever hockey game watched was in the 2002 Olympics, and Henrik Zetterberg (still with Timra then) was the first hockey player name I knew. EDIT: I'm not that old lol, we watched the game in school.
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