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  1. Yeah if Montreal or Dallas spoke up and requested to sit out the season also, I'm sure they would get their wish this time too and they would be much farther along when it comes to normalizing this in these circumstances. Alternatively maybe JT could be the start of a necessary movement to get games cancelled esp. if this wave gets worse. No reason why, if players could sit out in the bubble, that this time around they shouldn't be allowed to for their own safety.
  2. The kicker is that she's been on the force for 26 years. You don't work for a 3rd of your life and not develop the requisite muscle memory, unless she was simply negligent (which should at least be at worst, knowing how much power you have at your disposal). Agreed with the above comparison of the surgeon by another commenter, in that if a surgeon got a blade or scalpel handed to them by an experienced assistant instead of a suture, the assistant should be fired, and in this case so should the officer, if not charged for accidental homicide.
  3. They fired the Latin American cop (Gutierrez) and kept the Caucasian (Crocker). In this period of racial tensions, I'm sure that'll sit well.
  4. Agreed with this. To add to the conversation though, isn't development the coach's job? All Benning needs to do is pick the right guys to offer contracts to construct the lineup, work with scouts to decide who to sign/ draft/ trade for and manage cap. The development of individual players is due to coaching staff, so (just like it would be in Buffalo now) if potential is shown to be squandered then it's the coaching staff's fault and not his. (PS. in this context, re: "determining which players to retain" I think many people will still point to Gaudette as an example of his failure due to
  5. Wouldn't it be crazy if Demko goes God Mode for all the games he plays and wins like 15 games to carry us into the playoffs on a high? Then again, Mark Stone's face last year said it all whenever Thatcher comes to PLAY, so won't rule it out until we're done-done.
  6. Agreed with your premise that we'll have room e.g. ED, injuries, but don't forget Hughes and Pete also need to be re-signed. Think I'd be okay if we don't bring back Edler to make room for Quinn and Pete if he still wants big bucks (esp. if Juolevi is ready), but other than that we're fine. No need to dump a premium asset for 1 year.
  7. He's proven, if anything to be a floater. If you get outhustled for a playoff roster spot by an undrafted signee and then stop trying, it doesn't matter that you're a 1st round pick with league experience and had a breakout regular season (worse if you follow it up with the season he's having). In a league as cutthroat as the NHL, you're not going to make it in the long run based on "draft pedigree" alone if you aren't regularly contributing, or at best he'll be regularly changing teams instead of being a mainstay.
  8. Exactly. Virtanen should not be an automatic protect, he's proven nothing this season besides his inconsistency.
  9. Time to claim that 3rd/ 2nd pair LD spot Olli. No more excuses for why it doesn't work out for him with Benn gone, and hopefully he doesn't have to get sold for pennies on the dollar like the team has done if he doesn't pan out.
  10. As long as Benning wasn't like "2nd round pick? Only 25?! Time to win another trade with Chicago!"
  11. Hope he's not the latest installment of trading skill for not-so-skilled. He does have a small amount of intriguing highlights but hope he actually has more to bring to the table, esp. if a fan favorite like Gaudette is going.
  12. As the resident guru of all things Blackhawks, what exactly are we getting in Highmore? Heard he had some good moments in the playoffs against VGK? Is there potential for him to become another Tyler Motte?
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