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  1. When desperation rears its ugly head, thy name is Dell and Anderson.
  2. Anyone catch JB's presser for Free Agency?

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    2. Alflives


      It was good.  650 has it on their site.  Benning did an interview on 650 too.  Both are a good listen. 


    3. Mustard Tiger

      Mustard Tiger

      My god the ignorance from farhan and imac. They talk like they know more about hockey! Piss off you little weasels 

    4. Iron Fist

      Iron Fist

      Imac gotten stale for the new Canucks. He was above average before. but now he's gone the way of Cherry

  3. Something tells me Jimbo rewards him with a NTC... Hoping around $1 million.
  4. I mean Chicago does get a guy who's at least top-9 F in Johnson and a pick... but yeah this is getting ridiculous. They can just keep cycling their overpriced assets for space to retain their core group.
  5. If he was a RD then sure. We shouldn't be moving any of our young LD though, unless it's trading from a position of strength (e.g. Juolevi and Rathbone both broke out, then trade one to get a young, cost controlled, big minute RD). Til then we should hold onto them.
  6. First sign Petey, then Schenn (rumored to be wanting $700-$800k for 2 years). Getting Hamonic back as well for $2-$2.5 million would be gravy.
  7. Yes please to Luke Schenn. Could definitely do worse than a 6'2" RHD who's still youngish and rugged to pair with our mobile left defenders.
  8. I mean you COULD, but #1 we probably can trade him, #2 we still need a guy like him (RD who can play big minutes) and #3 if (surprisingly) no one takes him, we'd deflate his perceived value so much that he'd definitely ask out and we'd be paying to lose him instead of trading from a position of strength. Just look what happened to Baertschi.
  9. I'd say maybe, in that he could very well have become entitled as a result. Wouldn't be a first and wouldn't be the last to though, so I wouldn't hold it against him, some people just mature later than others.
  10. Just because he wants out doesn't mean he needs to go to any old place, he can still veto certain teams and cities. If Schmidt was the first choice, then I really hope that other teams value him as highly and would offer 2 x 2nd or 2nd and a defenseman.
  11. What makes you think that? He came to Vancouver after all.
  12. Why? We're so flush with veterans anyways, might as well pair him up with one so he can learn the ropes from them over the course of a full season, while also helping with our cap situation (while he's on ELC). He looked good while he was here last season too and played 15 minutes a night.
  13. Pass. Gudas is so error prone, he's not the type to hang back defensively but chases big hits. He and Hughes would be a dumpster fire. Also doubt Florida would move him to pick up another D-man with term when I they're still stuck with Stralman. I think Holtby to Philly with some retention could make sense if Elliott doesn't come back, though I wouldn't rule out the same for BOS/ CAR/ maybe COL. Not sure where I see Schmidt going honestly, maybe Boston? They don't have much LD depth behind Grzelcyk.
  14. Crazy to think, but Staal actually scored more points than Edler even though Staal is a "shutdown" guy. Coupled with Edler's footspeed deteriorating, definitely agreed that they're probably in the same category/ stage of career.
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