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  1. Buffalo beat Montreal tonight... what a world we live in.

  2. To really date myself, my first ever hockey game watched was in the 2002 Olympics, and Henrik Zetterberg (still with Timra then) was the first hockey player name I knew. EDIT: I'm not that old lol, we watched the game in school.
  3. Good for Kravtsov to want out and for Lundkvist to be a blue-chipper, bottom line the current timing is not right (Miller is a valued contributor on our top line while Kravtsov wants out, and Lundkvist is a blue chipper who might not yet be ready for big minutes). I see the upside of your proposal, don't get me wrong, but just not for now while management here wants to win. Ok I'm done.
  4. Definitely worth a suspension, and not a good look for a captain and leader of a team.
  5. Pretty curious to see how their revamped defense and goalie look (wonder if they can recoup Martin Jones, and Ristolainen/ Ellis/ Provorov/ Yandle make for a pretty dangerous defensive group).
  6. And here I was getting ready to make a Macklemore reference ("Return of the Zack, get'em...")
  7. Fair enough, Benning does make it close to impossible to retain everyone without cap gymnastics, I'll give you that much. It still doesn't make sense to preemptively trade Miller ahead of time when the current season has just started, and he's a key cog on our top line. Of course I understand that it's just a phrase when you say "sitting on the couch", but many times actual sports commentators agree that those kinds of workouts don't equate to being in game shape. ALSO your rebuttal missed the fact that I was talking about him lacking character and demanding a trade -- the fact is Benning doesn't keep those guys around when they've spoken up. Now here's where you lost me. In what world do Horvat and Hoglander come close to $15 million? First of all, even as of next season the cap is slated to go UP, and even if Horvat passes the likes of Ryan O'Reilly ($7.5 million) and Patrice Bergeron ($6.875 million) and say gets almost $8 million, you think that Hoglander will command $7 million coming off his rookie contract? He's good, don't get me wrong, but guys like him don't make much more than $4 million (and he's certainly not Pettersson or Hughes). Lastly, our most recent top draft choice, Klimovich, will probably be ready by then if not even earlier so there's an ELC that can effectively contribute too. Lundkvist is also not a top-4 RHD at this time so it doesn't make sense to exaggerate that he is one, and likely won't be playing top-4 given the makeup of our team (Hughes and Ekman-Larsson are our two top-4 LHD, and both need defensive-minded partners with physicality -- Myers, Poolman. Lundkvist isn't that guy).
  8. Cap space is great. Young players on ELC's are great. The Rangers being on the hot seat to make the playoffs, MORE than the Canucks? I don't know about that, if anything Benning might lose his job and he'll want to load up to compete than fall short again and get laid off. Also, what makes you think that we'd want a holdout who's missed a couple months (since you mentioned that Kravtsov would be "sitting on the couch")? Miller's our top LW and our team's put emphasis on character guys time and time again. Re: the contracts, Pearson and Myers are coming off the books in the same 2024-25 offseason as Pete, just like Quinn Hughes and OEL both reach UFA status in 2026-27. What's more, with Miller and Horvat's UFA status in two seasons from now, the team still has $33 million in cap space according to Capfriendly for that year, with the only other major guy to retain being an RFA Hoglander. If you think that management won't line up contracts that expire at the right time to fit in their franchise pieces, I'd suggest you look at their cap situation again.
  9. Don't forget Ring of Honor, and a statue of the hit next to Roger Neilson's flag waving statue!
  10. The Rangers want a top-6 player... and so what does this do for Vancouver/ why are we quick to help them? Also, with the OEL trade Benning's basically gone all in for the near future. Until/ if we fall out of contention then maybe Miller gets moved and they won't be thinking about how to re-sign their core when the current season's just started Lastly, getting an ELC is overrated. He may be a shiny new toy but you're also neglecting how the roster is currently built, with puck-movers on the left (OEL/ Hughes/ Rathbone) and defensive guys on the right (Myers/ Poolman/ Schenn). Again, Lundkvist is not a defensive D but under 6' tall, so his pairing just might be a defensive liability. Again, no thanks.
  11. So Kravtsov wants out, and as a blue chip prospect we trade our top LW to get him? (I think Lundkvist for Woo and a pick would be fair so the first half becomes a swap of the forwards, but I'd also rather have a defensive oriented RD instead of another puck-mover like him). If we're trading JT I'd want at least Kravtsov, plus another cost-controlled, young roster regular or a 1st round pick, since Miller still has term now on a team-friendly deal.
  12. Wow, Morgan Geekie with the funny last name but legit snipe, high glove on Robin Lehner.  

    1. drummer4now


      I was just going to say what an iconic last name.. might be the only one that stands out in aNHL commentary. 

    2. -AJ-


      Sounds like a name from 40s or 50s hockey.

  13. 1- Who will be our BEST, most impactful, unexpected-contributor? Poolman; think he'll rebound and be a solid defensive D-man (Dickinson, if he plays as an elite 3rd/ 4th shutdown C, that's expected of him) 2- Who'll be our best AHL call-up(let's exclude Hamonic, as he wouldn't be there normally) Di Giuseppe (think he'll be a top-9 fill-in in a pinch given injury) or Lockwood (if we need PKers) 3- at TDL: Buyers, sellers, or stand pat? Hope we stand pat, hopefully all moves have been done last offseason 4- Will Travesty Green last season as HC? Ask me again in 10-15 games 5- Our final 82 gp team numbers: PP% & PK% ?? Van's final position in Pac Div? ~20% PP, ~81% PK; 3rd Pacific 6- Man games lost: upper 3rd of league / mid-range / lower 3rd(fairly healthy) upper 3rd 7- Abby 'Nucks finish? a- top 6 , b..6-12 c- mid-range, d- bad, miss PO's, e-brutal 8- Team MVP down on farm? Di Giuseppe, though I want to say Klimovich surprises
  14. Sutter suffering injury is like rain as part of Vancouver's weather: you don't know when it happens but when it does it's bad

    1. Coconuts


      I'm rooting for him, he's such a character guy but he just can't seem to dodge misfortune. 

    2. Chickenspear


      With how many players hit the covid list last season, there was bound to be a few with long-term symptoms. Really sucks for Sutter, he's had a tough few years here.

    3. VancouverHabitant
  15. This guy raises a good point, Florida redeemed other teams' failed prospects/ players (Bennett, Forsling, Montour, even Duclair) so hopefully Olli won't singlehandedly make this a win for them. I do like the sneaky playmaking ability and defensive ability that Juho brings and Juulsen is probably as much of a project as Olli so hopefully Vancouver can come out looking pretty good after this deal.
  16. Roster composition-wise, Hamonic was Hughes' partner. This season the role falls to Poolman, and since OEL and Myers look like they can be the shutdown duo, I think replacement by committee is the way to go (OEL-Myers takes the tough pairings, and Hughes/ Poolman can also handle tough minutes). In a sense it's addition by subtraction (Edler/ Schmidt weren't fitting well, so swap them out, get OEL who's still got some good years in him, also Poolman who can be a rebound candidate; in some perspectives Myers was our best defensive D-man last season so having him on the top pair should solidify it, and Hughes can also play minutes, though his focus should be on offense).
  17. @Canuck Clay where you at with the positive takes, brother??
  18. Virtanen I would hold against JB honestly, knowing that Nylander and Ehlers were still around and we picked an early bloomer who physically dominated other teens on the ice but his game wasn't necessarily going to translate as a power forward. Juolevi though is tougher to blame JB, since this pick came shortly after JV and the decision was to pick a defenseman. Of course in hindsight Sergachev would have been a slam dunk, but Juolevi for his winning pedigree also looked pretty much like a "can't miss" guy. It's hard to fault JB (unless he had foreknowledge) given Olli's injury history which would derail his development, but at the time of his selection he sounded very good:
  19. I don't think there's anything wrong with a powerplay specialist, since having someone chip in an extra goal vs. not having it could mean the difference between 0, 1 and 2 points on any given night. Of course it's great to have all round contributors but I'd take Neal on a hot streak over some other two-way winger who's nothing more than a crasher and banger but on whose stick the play comes to die more often than not (or at least dress him as 13th man).
  20. Probably if he's a RH center then for sure. Last spot is probably between him and Highmore IMO, PDG gets the other spot for his performance so far, whereas seeing how they've been trying Highmore at center, I wonder if they want to use him as a Swiss Army knife versatile forward.
  21. Gambrell would be a serviceable 4th liner ahead of Dowling IMO. Can score some points even on a crappy Sharks team, plus a RH center.
  22. 10-15 goals in a season for $750k would be a steal (5 goals in 29 games equates to around that). Even if he scores in bunches he could be a good source of offense.
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