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Boredom at work has resulted in me posting this.

I really do think a 3-way deal for Lou wont work because the teams that are interested in him have assets that the Canucks can use. More to the point there isn't someone out there in reality that the Canucks would want, that works for a 3 way deal.

The three-way deal I am proposing is a pipe dream =)

So my proposals are:



McAruthur, Kadri, Komi, Ashton

4rd round pick


Loungo, Malholtra

3rd round pick (conditional pick)

- This gives Leafs an elite goaltender.

- Canucks get a playmaker in McAurthur that can fit within the top six forwards and play centre (or have Higgins play centre).

- Kadri is a low risk cast off that has offensive talent that could become a complementary player in a nucks prospect pool that lacks a lot high end skills.

- Komi can be serviceable bottom six D, but is a prime buyout but he compares to Manny who for his salary and injury, though a good defensive centre isnt someone the 'nucks need to keep around.

- Ashton is a projected 2 way hard nosed player who the canucks can use when the post-season rolls around. He may even have a chance to fit in with the twins.

- The conditional pick is based on McAurthur resigning here in Van (Believe he is UFA) and the Canucks get a 4th round pick to stock their prospect bucket.



Loungo, Edler

3th round pick


Vorachek, Coutourier, Akeson/Zolnierczyk, Leighton

1st round pick (conditional) or 2nd round pick.

- This trade is more suited towards the summer but can happen even now.

- Phi really loads up on an elite goalie (they can dump Breezy to TO, Islanders, Columbus?, KHL).

- Phi also gets a top 2 defenseman

- Vancouver get a strong 2 way player, a potential kesler type centre, a prospect and a back up that can play mid six lines and a high conditional pick if Edler signs long term with them.

- Canucks may need to add a prospect in the mix to make this deal happen. It would change both teams drastically.


- Most people would kill themselves if this happened =)


Loungo, Hansen


Hossa, Emery

- Chi has wingers in Kane, Frolik, Sharp (potentially), Stalberg and a whole host of decent prospects that can share the offensive load left by Hossa. Add Hansen to the mix they get a mid six forward that would help offset some of what Hossa brings to the table.

- Vancouver get a decent backup goalie (Chi could trade Crawford to TO if Nonis doesn't want Lou's contract) and a top six winger that can play with the Sedins or Kesler.


- God must really exist for this one


Jerome Iginla


Brayden Shenn



- CGY gets an number one centre they always wanted. While this puts them somewhat in rebuilding, between Tanguay, Cami, Hudler, etc, they are still a competitive team while they rebuild on the fly.

- Phi get's the goalie that puts them to the edge.

- Vancouver gets a top notch player that they seem to lack with this current core. Even if Iggy leaves (whether he has won a cup or not) Nucks dont have to pay Lou's salary.


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First is pretty good, second is alright, we won by a bit, Chicago says no, that 3-way trade won't happen either.


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2 posts since '08. That's all I've noticed. Can you say lurker?! lol


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